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ἐξYhn (Jhn) 1 

Note: With the help of a companion website, these word pages enable you to click through all the way back to photographs of the original manuscripts that the Open English Translation New Testament is translated from. If you go to the Statistical Restoration Greek page (by clicking on the SR Bible reference above), from there you can click on the original manuscript numbers (e.g., 𝔓1, 01, 02, etc.) in the Witness column there, to see their transcription of the original Greek page. From there, you can click on the 🔍 magnifying glass icon to view a photograph of the actual leaf of the codex. This is all part of the commitment of the Open English Translation team to be transparent about all levels of the Bible translation process right back to the original manuscripts.

Showing the first 50 out of (234) uses of identical word form ἐξ (P-...) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘ἐξ’ (P-...) has 7 different glosses: ‘by’, ‘for’, ‘from’, ‘of’, ‘on’, ‘out_of’, ‘with’.

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V13">YHN (JHN) 1:13 ‘who neither of bloods nor of’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:13 word 3

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V32">YHN (JHN) 1:32 ‘coming_downhill as a dove out_of heaven and it remained’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:32 word 14

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C3.htm#C3V5">YHN (JHN) 3:5 ‘not anyone may_be born of water and of spirit’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 3:5 word 13

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V12">YHN (JHN) 4:12 ‘well and himself of it drank and’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:12 word 22

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C6.htm#C6V39">YHN (JHN) 6:39 ‘to me not I may lose of it but I will_be raising_up’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 6:39 word 19

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C6.htm#C6V50">YHN (JHN) 6:50 ‘coming_downhill in_order_that anyone of it may eat and’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 6:50 word 15

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C6.htm#C6V58">YHN (JHN) 6:58 ‘is the bread from heaven having come_downhill not’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 6:58 word 6

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C6.htm#C6V64">YHN (JHN) 6:64 ‘but there are of you_all some who’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 6:64 word 5

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C6.htm#C6V64">YHN (JHN) 6:64 ‘are believing had known for from the beginning Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) who_all’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 6:64 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C6.htm#C6V70">YHN (JHN) 6:70 ‘twelve chose and of you_all one a devil’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 6:70 word 20

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V19">YHN (JHN) 7:19 ‘law and no_one of you_all is practicing the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:19 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V44">YHN (JHN) 7:44 ‘some and were wanting of them to arrest him’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:44 word 5

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V50">YHN (JHN) 7:50 ‘earlier one being of them’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:50 word 16

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V46">YHN (JHN) 8:46 ‘which of you_all is rebuking me’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:46 word 2

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C10.htm#C10V20">YHN (JHN) 10:20 ‘were saying and many of them a demon he is having’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 10:20 word 6

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C11.htm#C11V37">YHN (JHN) 11:37 ‘some but of them said not’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 11:37 word 4

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C11.htm#C11V46">YHN (JHN) 11:46 ‘some but of them went_away to’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 11:46 word 3

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C11.htm#C11V49">YHN (JHN) 11:49 ‘one but a certain of them Kaiafas chief_priest’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 11:49 word 4

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C12.htm#C12V49">YHN (JHN) 12:49 ‘because I from myself not spoke’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 12:49 word 3

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C13.htm#C13V21">YHN (JHN) 13:21 ‘to you_all that one of you_all will_be giving_over me’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 13:21 word 21

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C16.htm#C16V4">YHN (JHN) 16:4 ‘these things but to you_all from the beginning not I said’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 16:4 word 22

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C16.htm#C16V5">YHN (JHN) 16:5 ‘me and no_one of you_all is asking me’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 16:5 word 11

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C17.htm#C17V12">YHN (JHN) 17:12 ‘I guarded them and no_one of them perished except’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 17:12 word 28

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C18.htm#C18V9">YHN (JHN) 18:9 ‘to me not I lost of them no_one’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 18:9 word 14

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C19.htm#C19V2">YHN (JHN) 19:2 ‘soldiers having twisted_together a crown of thorns they put_on it of him’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 19:2 word 6

MARK 1:25 ‘be silenced and come_out out_of him’ SR GNT Mark 1:25 word 12

MARK 1:26 ‘with a voice loud it came_out from him’ SR GNT Mark 1:26 word 23

MARK 5:30 ‘in himself the out_of him power having come_out’ SR GNT Mark 5:30 word 12

MARK 7:11 ‘is a gift whatever from me you may_be benefited’ SR GNT Mark 7:11 word 22

MARK 9:25 ‘am commanding to you come_out out_of him and no_longer’ SR GNT Mark 9:25 word 34

MARK 10:37 ‘the right and one on the left we may sit_down in’ SR GNT Mark 10:37 word 18

MARK 10:40 ‘the right of me or on the left not is’ SR GNT Mark 10:40 word 9

MARK 11:30 ‘the immersion of Yōannaʸs from heaven it was or’ SR GNT Mark 11:30 word 7

MARK 11:30 ‘heaven it was or from humans answer to me’ SR GNT Mark 11:30 word 13

MARK 11:31 ‘saying if we may say from heaven he will_be saying for_reason’ SR GNT Mark 11:31 word 14

MARK 11:32 ‘but we may say from humans they were fearing the’ SR GNT Mark 11:32 word 4

MARK 12:30 ‘the god of you with all the heart’ SR GNT Mark 12:30 word 7

MARK 12:30 ‘heart of you and with all the soul’ SR GNT Mark 12:30 word 13

MARK 12:30 ‘soul of you and with all the mind’ SR GNT Mark 12:30 word 20

MARK 12:30 ‘mind of you and with all the strength’ SR GNT Mark 12:30 word 27

MARK 12:33 ‘and to_be loving him with all the heart’ SR GNT Mark 12:33 word 5

MARK 12:33 ‘the heart and with all the intelligence’ SR GNT Mark 12:33 word 12

MARK 12:33 ‘the intelligence and with all the strength’ SR GNT Mark 12:33 word 18

MARK 14:18 ‘to you_all that one of you_all will_be giving_over me’ SR GNT Mark 14:18 word 16

MARK 14:23 ‘to them and drank of it all’ SR GNT Mark 14:23 word 12

MARK 14:69 ‘to the ones having stood_by he of them is’ SR GNT Mark 14:69 word 26

MARK 14:70 ‘were saying to Petros truly from them you are also’ SR GNT Mark 14:70 word 18

MARK 15:27 ‘the right and one on the left of him’ SR GNT Mark 15:27 word 16

MARK 15:39 ‘the centurion having stood_by from opposite of him that’ SR GNT Mark 15:39 word 9

MAT 1:16 ‘the husband of Maria/(Mirəyām) of whom was born Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa)’ SR GNT Mat 1:16 word 9

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘ek’ have 8 different glosses: ‘by’, ‘for’, ‘from’, ‘from things’, ‘of’, ‘on’, ‘out_of’, ‘with’.

Key: P=preposition