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δῶμενYhn 1

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Other uses (5) of identical word form δῶμεν (V-SAA1..P) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘δῶμεν’ (V-SAA1..P) is always and only glossed as ‘we may give’.

MARK 12:14 ‘to Kaisar or not we may give or not we may give’ SR GNT Mark 12:14 word 54

MARK 12:14 ‘we may give or not we may give’ SR GNT Mark 12:14 word 58

1COR 9:12 ‘not any hindrance we may give to the good_message of the’ SR GNT 1Cor 9:12 word 28

2TH 3:9 ‘in_order_that ourselves an example we may give to you_all in_order that’ SR GNT 2Th 3:9 word 10

REV 19:7 ‘and may_be exulting and we may give the glory to him’ SR GNT Rev 19:7 word 6

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘didōmi’ have 70 different glosses: ‘am giving’, ‘be giving’, ‘being given’, ‘had given’, ‘has given’, ‘has given them’, ‘has_been given’, ‘have given’, ‘having given’, ‘having given them’, ‘having_been given’, ‘is giving’, ‘is_being given’, ‘may give’, ‘may_be given’, ‘might give’, ‘to give’, ‘to give anything’, ‘to_be given’, ‘to_be given something’, ‘to_be giving’, ‘was given’, ‘were given’, ‘will_be giving’, ‘will_be_being given’, ‘I am giving’, ‘I have given’, ‘I may_be giving those’, ‘I will_be giving’, ‘I will_be giving it’, ‘I gave’, ‘he had given’, ‘he has given’, ‘he is giving’, ‘he may give’, ‘he will_be giving’, ‘he will_be giving it’, ‘he gave’, ‘he gave it’, ‘he gave them’, ‘him let give’, ‘it has_been given’, ‘it may give’, ‘it was given’, ‘it will_be_being given’, ‘it gave’, ‘they are giving’, ‘they may give’, ‘they were given’, ‘they were giving’, ‘they will_be giving’, ‘they gave’, ‘to giving’, ‘we may give’, ‘we will_be giving something’, ‘we gave’, ‘you have given’, ‘you may give’, ‘you will_be giving’, ‘you gave’, ‘you_all may give’, ‘you_all gave’, ‘you_all gave them’, ‘gave’, ‘gave it’, ‘gave to_be’, ‘give’, ‘give it’, ‘give something’, ‘giving’.

Greek words (82) other than δῶμεν (V-SAA1..P) with a gloss related to ‘give’

Have 82 other words with 1 lemma altogether (didōmi)

YHN 4:7δός (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘is saying to her Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) give to me to drink’ SR GNT John 4:7 word 14

YHN 4:10δός (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘is saying to you give to me to drink you’ SR GNT John 4:10 word 19

YHN 4:15δός (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘the woman Master give to me this water’ SR GNT John 4:15 word 7

YHN 6:34δὸς (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘him Master always give to us bread this’ SR GNT John 6:34 word 8

YHN 6:52δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘is able this one to us to give the flesh of him’ SR GNT John 6:52 word 16

YHN 9:24δὸς (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘and they said to him give glory to god we’ SR GNT John 9:24 word 17

YHN 13:29δῷ (dōi) V-SAA3..S ‘poor in_order_that something may give’ SR GNT John 13:29 word 33

YHN 15:16δῷ (dōi) V-SAA3..S ‘the name of me he may give to you_all’ SR GNT John 15:16 word 40

YHN 17:2δῷς (dōis) V-SAA2..S ‘which you have given to him you may give to him life eternal’ SR GNT John 17:2 word 15

MARK 6:25δῷς (dōis) V-SAA2..S ‘I am wanting that immediately you may give to me on a platter’ SR GNT Mark 6:25 word 21

MARK 6:37δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘answering said to them give something to them you_all to eat’ SR GNT Mark 6:37 word 9

MARK 10:21δὸς (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘you are having sell and give poor and you will_be having’ SR GNT Mark 10:21 word 27

MARK 10:37δὸς (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘and said to him give to us that one’ SR GNT Mark 10:37 word 7

MARK 10:40δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘not is mine to give but for whom it has_been prepared’ SR GNT Mark 10:40 word 15

MARK 10:45δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘but to serve and to give the life of him’ SR GNT Mark 10:45 word 13

MARK 12:14δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘of god you are teaching it is permitting to give a poll_tax to Kaisar or’ SR GNT Mark 12:14 word 47

MARK 14:11δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘they promised to him silver to give and he was seeking how’ SR GNT Mark 14:11 word 12

MAT 5:31δότω (dotō) V-MAA3..S ‘the wife of him him let give to her divorce’ SR GNT Mat 5:31 word 11

MAT 5:42δός (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘to the one requesting you give and to the one wanting’ SR GNT Mat 5:42 word 6

MAT 6:11δὸς (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘bread of us daily_needed give to us today’ SR GNT Mat 6:11 word 6

MAT 7:6δῶτε (dōte) V-SAA2..P ‘not you_all may give the holy thing to the’ SR GNT Mat 7:6 word 2

MAT 10:8δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘undeservedly you_all received undeservedly give’ SR GNT Mat 10:8 word 20

MAT 14:7δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘an oath he promised to her to give whatever she may request’ SR GNT Mat 14:7 word 6

MAT 14:8δός (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘the mother of her give to me she is saying here’ SR GNT Mat 14:8 word 9

MAT 14:16δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘need they are having to go_away give something to them you_all to eat’ SR GNT Mat 14:16 word 10

MAT 17:27δὸς (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘a stater that having taken give to them for me’ SR GNT Mat 17:27 word 29

MAT 19:7δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘therefore Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh) commanded to give a scroll of divorce and’ SR GNT Mat 19:7 word 8

MAT 19:21δὸς (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘the things possessing and give to the poor and you will_be having’ SR GNT Mat 19:21 word 17

MAT 20:14δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘but to this last to give as also to you’ SR GNT Mat 20:14 word 14

MAT 20:23δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘not is mine to give but for whom it has_been prepared’ SR GNT Mat 20:23 word 33

MAT 20:28δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘but to serve and to give the life of him’ SR GNT Mat 20:28 word 12

MAT 22:17δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘to you it is supposing it is permitting to give poll_tax to Kaisar or’ SR GNT Mat 22:17 word 9

MAT 24:45δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘the household of him to give to them the food’ SR GNT Mat 24:45 word 24

MAT 25:8δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘to the prudent said give to us of the’ SR GNT Mat 25:8 word 8

MAT 25:28δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘the talanton\add _of_silver\add* and give it to the one having the’ SR GNT Mat 25:28 word 8

MAT 26:15δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘what you_all are willing to me to give and_I to you_all will_be giving_over’ SR GNT Mat 26:15 word 8

LUKE 1:73δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘the father of us to give to us’ SR GNT Luke 1:73 word 10

LUKE 1:77δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘to give knowledge of salvation to the’ SR GNT Luke 1:77 word 2

LUKE 2:24δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘and to give a sacrifice according_to the message’ SR GNT Luke 2:24 word 3

LUKE 9:13δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘but to them give something to them you_all to eat’ SR GNT Luke 9:13 word 8

LUKE 11:7δοῦναί (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘not I am being_able having risen_up to give anything to you’ SR GNT Luke 11:7 word 40

LUKE 11:41δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘however the things being_within give as alms and see’ SR GNT Luke 11:41 word 4

LUKE 12:32δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘the father of you_all to give to you_all the kingdom’ SR GNT Luke 12:32 word 15

LUKE 12:33δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘possessing of you_all and give alms make to yourselves’ SR GNT Luke 12:33 word 6

LUKE 12:51δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘that peace I arrived to give on the earth’ SR GNT Luke 12:51 word 7

LUKE 12:58δὸς (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘in the way give effort to_have released from’ SR GNT Luke 12:58 word 16

LUKE 14:9δὸς (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘having invited he will_be saying to you give to this one your place and’ SR GNT Luke 14:9 word 10

LUKE 15:12δός (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘to the father father give to me the breaking_down’ SR GNT Luke 15:12 word 9

LUKE 15:22δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘dress_in him and give a ring for the’ SR GNT Luke 15:22 word 23

LUKE 17:18δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘not they were found having returned to give glory to god except’ SR GNT Luke 17:18 word 10

LUKE 19:24δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘the mna\add _of_silver\add* and give it to the one the ten’ SR GNT Luke 19:24 word 15

LUKE 20:22δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘for us to Kaisar tax to give or not’ SR GNT Luke 20:22 word 6

LUKE 22:5δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘they decided to him silver to give’ SR GNT Luke 22:5 word 8

ACTs 4:29δὸς (dos) V-MAA2..S ‘threats of them and give to the slaves of you’ SR GNT Acts 4:29 word 12

ACTs 5:31δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘by the right hand of him to give repentance to Israaʸl/(Yisərāʼēl) and’ SR GNT Acts 5:31 word 13

ACTs 7:5δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘of a foot but he promised to give to him for a possession’ SR GNT Acts 7:5 word 15

ACTs 7:38δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘received the oracles living to give to you_all’ SR GNT Acts 7:38 word 32

ACTs 8:19δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘saying give to also_me authority this’ SR GNT Acts 8:19 word 4

ACTs 19:31δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘him they were imploring him not to give himself into the’ SR GNT Acts 19:31 word 15

ACTs 20:32δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘being_able to build and to give the an inheritance among’ SR GNT Acts 20:32 word 23

ROM 12:19δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘avenging beloved but give place to severe_anger it has_been written’ SR GNT Rom 12:19 word 6

ROM 15:5δῴη (dōaʸ) V-OAA3..S ‘of endurance and exhortation might give to you_all the same’ SR GNT Rom 15:5 word 9

1COR 14:7δῷ (dōi) V-SAA3..S ‘to the sounds not may give how will_be_being known what is’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:7 word 17

1COR 14:8δῷ (dōi) V-SAA3..S ‘an uncertain a trumpet sound may give who will_be preparing himself for’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:8 word 8

1COR 14:9δῶτε (dōte) V-SAA2..P ‘not easily_recognized speech you_all may give how will_be_being known what is’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:9 word 11

EPH 1:17δῴη (dōaʸ) V-OAA3..S ‘the father of glory might give to you_all the spirit of wisdom’ SR GNT Eph 1:17 word 14

EPH 3:16δῷ (dōi) V-SAA3..S ‘in_order_that he may give to you_all according_to the’ SR GNT Eph 3:16 word 3

EPH 4:29δῷ (dōi) V-SAA3..S ‘of the need in_order_that it may give grace to the ones hearing’ SR GNT Eph 4:29 word 19

2TH 3:16δῴη (dōaʸ) V-OAA3..S ‘the master of peace might give to you_all peace through’ SR GNT 2Th 3:16 word 7

2TIM 1:16δῴη (dōaʸ) V-OAA3..S ‘might give mercy the master’ SR GNT 2Tim 1:16 word 1

2TIM 1:18δῴη (dōaʸ) V-OAA3..S ‘might give to him the master’ SR GNT 2Tim 1:18 word 1

2TIM 2:25δῴη (dōaʸ) V-OAA3..S ‘the ones opposing perhaps might give to them god repentance’ SR GNT 2Tim 2:25 word 10

YAC 2:16δῶτε (dōte) V-SAA2..P ‘and be satisfying not you_all may give but to them the’ SR GNT Jam 2:16 word 20

REV 10:9δοῦναί (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘messenger telling to him to give to me the little_scroll’ SR GNT Rev 10:9 word 9

REV 11:18δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘dead to_be judged and to give the reward to the’ SR GNT Rev 11:18 word 19

REV 13:15δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘and it was given to it to give spirit to the image’ SR GNT Rev 13:15 word 5

REV 13:16δῶσιν (dōsin) V-SAA3..P ‘the slaves that they may give to them a mark on’ SR GNT Rev 13:16 word 25

REV 14:7δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘the god and give to him glory because’ SR GNT Rev 14:7 word 12

REV 16:9δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘and not they repented to give to him glory’ SR GNT Rev 16:9 word 30

REV 16:19δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘was reminded before god to give to her the cup’ SR GNT Rev 16:19 word 30

REV 17:17δοῦναι (dounai) V-NAA.... ‘one opinion and to give the kingdom of them’ SR GNT Rev 17:17 word 20

REV 18:7δότε (dote) V-MAA2..P ‘and lived_sensuously so_much give to her torment and’ SR GNT Rev 18:7 word 8

Key: V=verb MAA2..P=imperative,aorist,active,2nd person plural MAA2..S=imperative,aorist,active,2nd person singular MAA3..S=imperative,aorist,active,3rd person singular NAA....=infinitive,aorist,active OAA3..S=optative,aorist,active,3rd person singular SAA1..P=subjunctive,aorist,active,1st person plural SAA2..P=subjunctive,aorist,active,2nd person plural SAA2..S=subjunctive,aorist,active,2nd person singular SAA3..P=subjunctive,aorist,active,3rd person plural SAA3..S=subjunctive,aorist,active,3rd person singular