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πέμψασινYhn 1

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Only use of identical word form πέμψασιν (V-PAA.DMP) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘πέμψασιν’ (V-PAA.DMP) is always and only glossed as ‘having sent’.

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘pempō’ have 23 different glosses: ‘am sending’, ‘being sent’, ‘having sent’, ‘having_been sent’, ‘is sending’, ‘to send’, ‘to send them’, ‘to_be sending him’, ‘was sent’, ‘will_be sending’, ‘I may send’, ‘I will_be sending’, ‘I sent’, ‘I sent him’, ‘he sent’, ‘they will_be sending’, ‘we sent’, ‘you may send’, ‘you_all sent’, ‘send’, ‘sending’, ‘sent’, ‘sent them’.

Greek words (50) other than πέμψασιν (V-PAA.DMP) with a gloss related to ‘sent’

Have 50 other words with 1 lemma altogether (pempō)

YHN 1:33πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘him but the one having sent me to_be immersing in’ SR GNT John 1:33 word 9

YHN 4:34πέμψαντός (pempsantos) V-PAA.GMS ‘the will of the one having sent me and I may complete’ SR GNT John 4:34 word 14

YHN 5:23πέμψαντα (pempsanta) V-PAA.AMS ‘the father the one having sent him’ SR GNT John 5:23 word 20

YHN 5:24πέμψαντί (pempsanti) V-PAA.DMS ‘and believing in the one having sent me is having life’ SR GNT John 5:24 word 14

YHN 5:30πέμψαντός (pempsantos) V-PAA.GMS ‘the will of the one having sent me’ SR GNT John 5:30 word 35

YHN 5:37πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘and the having sent me father that one’ SR GNT John 5:37 word 3

YHN 6:38πέμψαντός (pempsantos) V-PAA.GMS ‘the will of the one having sent me’ SR GNT John 6:38 word 20

YHN 6:39πέμψαντός (pempsantos) V-PAA.GMS ‘the will of the one having sent me that everything’ SR GNT John 6:39 word 7

YHN 6:44πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘the father the one having sent me may draw him’ SR GNT John 6:44 word 13

YHN 7:16πέμψαντός (pempsantos) V-PAA.GMS ‘mine but of the one having sent me’ SR GNT John 7:16 word 16

YHN 7:18πέμψαντος (pempsantos) V-PAA.GMS ‘the glory of the one having sent him this one true’ SR GNT John 7:18 word 17

YHN 7:28πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘is true the one having sent me whom you_all’ SR GNT John 7:28 word 35

YHN 7:33πέμψαντά (pempsanta) V-PAA.AMS ‘I am going to the one having sent me’ SR GNT John 7:33 word 18

YHN 8:16πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘I and the having sent me father’ SR GNT John 8:16 word 23

YHN 8:18πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘about me the having sent me father’ SR GNT John 8:18 word 13

YHN 8:26πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘to_be judging but the one having sent me true is’ SR GNT John 8:26 word 12

YHN 8:29πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘and the one having sent me with me’ SR GNT John 8:29 word 3

YHN 9:4πέμψαντός (pempsantos) V-PAA.GMS ‘the works of the one having sent me until day’ SR GNT John 9:4 word 10

YHN 12:44πέμψαντά (pempsanta) V-PAA.AMS ‘but in the one having sent me’ SR GNT John 12:44 word 23

YHN 12:45πέμψαντά (pempsanta) V-PAA.AMS ‘me is observing the one having sent me’ SR GNT John 12:45 word 8

YHN 12:49πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘spoke but the having sent me father himself’ SR GNT John 12:49 word 10

YHN 13:16πέμψαντος (pempsantos) V-PAA.GMS ‘an ambassador greater than the one having sent him’ SR GNT John 13:16 word 18

YHN 13:20πέμψαντά (pempsanta) V-PAA.AMS ‘receiving is receiving the one having sent me’ SR GNT John 13:20 word 23

YHN 14:24πέμψαντός (pempsantos) V-PAA.GMS ‘mine but of the having sent me father’ SR GNT John 14:24 word 25

YHN 15:21πέμψαντά (pempsanta) V-PAA.AMS ‘not they have known the one having sent me’ SR GNT John 15:21 word 17

YHN 16:5πέμψαντά (pempsanta) V-PAA.AMS ‘I am going to the one having sent me and no_one’ SR GNT John 16:5 word 7

MAT 2:8πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘and having sent them to Baʸthleʼem/(Bēyt-leḩem)’ SR GNT Mat 2:8 word 2

MAT 11:2πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘works of the chosen_one/messiah having sent through of the apprentices/followers’ SR GNT Mat 11:2 word 13

MAT 14:10πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘and having sent he beheaded Yōannaʸs in’ SR GNT Mat 14:10 word 2

MAT 22:7πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘king was angered and having sent the armies of him’ SR GNT Mat 22:7 word 13

LUKE 4:26ἐπέμφθη (epemfthaʸ) V-IAP3..S ‘to no_one of them was sent Aʸlias/(ʼĒliyyāh) except to’ SR GNT Luke 4:26 word 5

LUKE 7:6ἔπεμψεν (epempsen) V-IAA3..S ‘from the house sent the centurion friends’ SR GNT Luke 7:6 word 23

LUKE 7:10πεμφθέντες (pemfthentes) V-PAP.NMP ‘the house the ones having_been sent found the slave’ SR GNT Luke 7:10 word 9

LUKE 7:19ἔπεμψεν (epempsen) V-IAA3..S ‘sent them to Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) saying’ SR GNT Luke 7:19 word 1

LUKE 15:15ἔπεμψεν (epempsen) V-IAA3..S ‘of country that and he sent him into the’ SR GNT Luke 15:15 word 11

ACTs 10:33ἔπεμψα (epempsa) V-IAA1..S ‘immediately therefore I sent to you you’ SR GNT Acts 10:33 word 4

ACTs 19:31πέμψαντες (pempsantes) V-PAA.NMP ‘being to him friends having sent to him they were imploring him’ SR GNT Acts 19:31 word 10

ACTs 20:17πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘from and Milaʸtos having sent to Efesos he summoned’ SR GNT Acts 20:17 word 5

ACTs 23:30ἔπεμψα (epempsa) V-IAA1..S ‘man going_to_be immediately I sent him to you having commanded’ SR GNT Acts 23:30 word 16

ROM 8:3πέμψας (pempsas) V-PAA.NMS ‘god of himself the son having sent in the likeness of flesh’ SR GNT Rom 8:3 word 18

1COR 4:17ἔπεμψα (epempsa) V-IAA1..S ‘because_of this I sent to you_all Timotheos who’ SR GNT 1Cor 4:17 word 4

2COR 9:3ἔπεμψα (epempsa) V-IAA1..S ‘I sent but the brothers’ SR GNT 2Cor 9:3 word 1

EPH 6:22ἔπεμψα (epempsa) V-IAA1..S ‘whom I sent to you_all for’ SR GNT Eph 6:22 word 2

PHP 2:28ἔπεμψα (epempsa) V-IAA1..S ‘more_earnestly therefore I sent him in_order_that having seen’ SR GNT Php 2:28 word 3

PHP 4:16ἐπέμψατε (epempsate) V-IAA2..P ‘the need to me you_all sent’ SR GNT Php 4:16 word 13

COL 4:8ἔπεμψα (epempsa) V-IAA1..S ‘whom I sent to you_all for’ SR GNT Col 4:8 word 2

1TH 3:2ἐπέμψαμεν (epempsamen) V-IAA1..P ‘and we sent Timotheos the brother’ SR GNT 1Th 3:2 word 2

1TH 3:5ἔπεμψα (epempsa) V-IAA1..S ‘also_I no_longer enduring I sent in_order that to know’ SR GNT 1Th 3:5 word 6

1PET 2:14πεμπομένοις (pempomenois) V-PPP.DMP ‘as by him being sent for vengeance to evildoers’ SR GNT 1Pet 2:14 word 6

REV 22:16ἔπεμψα (epempsa) V-IAA1..S ‘I Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) sent the messenger of me’ SR GNT Rev 22:16 word 3

Key: V=verb IAA1..P=indicative,aorist,active,1st person plural IAA1..S=indicative,aorist,active,1st person singular IAA2..P=indicative,aorist,active,2nd person plural IAA3..S=indicative,aorist,active,3rd person singular IAP3..S=indicative,aorist,passive,3rd person singular PAA.AMS=participle,aorist,active,accusative,masculine,singular PAA.DMP=participle,aorist,active,dative,masculine,plural PAA.DMS=participle,aorist,active,dative,masculine,singular PAA.GMS=participle,aorist,active,genitive,masculine,singular PAA.NMP=participle,aorist,active,nominative,masculine,plural PAA.NMS=participle,aorist,active,nominative,masculine,singular PAP.NMP=participle,aorist,passive,nominative,masculine,plural PPP.DMP=participle,present,passive,dative,masculine,plural