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σεαυτοῦYhn 1

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Other uses (4) of identical word form σεαυτοῦ (R-...2GMS) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘σεαυτοῦ’ (R-...2GMS) is always and only glossed as ‘yourself’.

YHN 8:13 ‘Farisaios_\add party\add* you about yourself are testifying the testimony’ SR GNT John 8:13 word 8

YHN 18:34 ‘answered Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) of yourself you this are saying’ SR GNT John 18:34 word 8

ACTs 26:1 ‘it is_being permitted to you concerning yourself to_be speaking then Paulos’ SR GNT Acts 26:1 word 11

2TIM 4:11 ‘having taken_up be bringing him with yourself he is for to me’ SR GNT 2Tim 4:11 word 11

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘seautou’ have 3 different glosses: ‘for yourself’, ‘to yourself’, ‘yourself’.

Greek words (42) other than σεαυτοῦ (R-...2GMS) with a gloss related to ‘yourself’

Have 42 other words with 2 lemmas altogether (autos, seautou)

YHN 7:4σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘these things you are doing reveal yourself to the world’ SR GNT John 7:4 word 21

YHN 8:53σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘prophets died_off whom yourself you are making’ SR GNT John 8:53 word 18

YHN 10:33σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘a human being are making yourself god’ SR GNT John 10:33 word 22

YHN 14:22σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘to us you are going to_be manifesting yourself and not to the’ SR GNT John 14:22 word 24

YHN 17:5σεαυτῷ (seautōi) R-...2DMS ‘you father with yourself with the glory which’ SR GNT John 17:5 word 9

YHN 21:18σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘you were younger you were girding yourself and you were walking where’ SR GNT John 21:18 word 10

MARK 1:44σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘you may speak but be going yourself show to the priest’ SR GNT Mark 1:44 word 10

MARK 12:31σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘neighbor of you as yourself greater than these another’ SR GNT Mark 12:31 word 15

MARK 15:30σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘save yourself having come_down from the’ SR GNT Mark 15:30 word 2

MAT 4:6σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘you are of god throw yourself down it has_been written for’ SR GNT Mat 4:6 word 11

MAT 8:4σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘you may tell but be going yourself show to the priest’ SR GNT Mat 8:4 word 12

MAT 19:19σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘neighbor of you as yourself’ SR GNT Mat 19:19 word 14

MAT 22:39σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘neighbor of you as yourself’ SR GNT Mat 22:39 word 12

MAT 27:40σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘days building it save yourself if the son you are’ SR GNT Mat 27:40 word 14

LUKE 2:35αὐτῆς (autaʸs) R-...3GFS Lemma=autos ‘also of you of yourself the soul will_be passing_through’ SR GNT Luke 2:35 word 4

LUKE 4:9σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘you are of god throw yourself from_here down’ SR GNT Luke 4:9 word 26

LUKE 4:23σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘this doctor heal yourself as_much_as we heard having become’ SR GNT Luke 4:23 word 13

LUKE 5:14σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘but having gone_away show yourself to the priest and’ SR GNT Luke 5:14 word 13

LUKE 6:42αὐτὸς (autos) R-...2NMS Lemma=autos ‘the eye of you yourself the in the’ SR GNT Luke 6:42 word 26

LUKE 10:27σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘neighbor of you as yourself’ SR GNT Luke 10:27 word 55

LUKE 23:37σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘of the Youdaiōns save yourself’ SR GNT Luke 23:37 word 17

LUKE 23:39σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘the chosen_one/messiah save yourself and us’ SR GNT Luke 23:39 word 18

ACTs 9:34σεαυτῷ (seautōi) R-...2DMS ‘rise_up and make_the_bed for yourself and immediately he rose_up’ SR GNT Acts 9:34 word 17

ACTs 16:28σεαυτῷ (seautōi) R-...2DMS ‘saying nothing you may do to yourself harm all for’ SR GNT Acts 16:28 word 12

ACTs 21:24αὐτὸς (autos) R-...2NMS Lemma=autos ‘but you are aligning also yourself keeping the law’ SR GNT Acts 21:24 word 38

ACTs 24:8αὐτὸς (autos) R-...2NMS Lemma=autos ‘from whom you will_be able yourself having examined him concerning all’ SR GNT Acts 24:8 word 11

ROM 2:1σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘you are judging the other yourself you are condemning the for’ SR GNT Rom 2:1 word 17

ROM 2:5σεαυτῷ (seautōi) R-...2DMS ‘unrepentant heart you are storing_up for yourself severe_anger in the day’ SR GNT Rom 2:5 word 10

ROM 2:19σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘you have persuaded and yourself a guide to_be of the blind’ SR GNT Rom 2:19 word 3

ROM 2:21σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘therefore teaching another yourself not are teaching you’ SR GNT Rom 2:21 word 5

ROM 13:9σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘neighbor of you as yourself’ SR GNT Rom 13:9 word 33

ROM 14:22σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘which are having to yourself be having before god’ SR GNT Rom 14:22 word 6

GAL 5:14σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘neighbor of you as yourself’ SR GNT Gal 5:14 word 18

GAL 6:1σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘a spirit of gentleness looking_out yourself lest also you’ SR GNT Gal 6:1 word 20

1TIM 4:7σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘be refusing be training and yourself to devoutness’ SR GNT 1Tim 4:7 word 11

1TIM 4:16σεαυτῷ (seautōi) R-...2DMS ‘be holding_on to yourself and to the teaching’ SR GNT 1Tim 4:16 word 2

1TIM 4:16σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘for doing both yourself you will_be saving and the ones’ SR GNT 1Tim 4:16 word 12

1TIM 5:22σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘be sharing in the sins anothers yourself pure be keeping’ SR GNT 1Tim 5:22 word 9

2TIM 2:15σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘be_earnest yourself approved to present to god’ SR GNT 2Tim 2:15 word 2

TIT 2:7σεαυτὸν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘about all things yourself bringing_about an example of good’ SR GNT Tit 2:7 word 3

PHM 1:19σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘to you that even yourself to me are additionally_owing’ SR GNT Phm 1:19 word 15

YAC 2:8σεαυτόν (seauton) R-...2AMS ‘neighbor of you as yourself well you_all are doing’ SR GNT Jam 2:8 word 15

Key: R=pronoun ...2AMS=2nd person,accusative,masculine,singular ...2DMS=2nd person,dative,masculine,singular ...2GMS=2nd person,genitive,masculine,singular ...2NMS=2nd person,nominative,masculine,singular ...3GFS=3rd person,genitive,feminine,singular