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ἐνYhn (Jhn) 1 

Note: With the help of a companion website, these word pages enable you to click through all the way back to photographs of the original manuscripts that the Open English Translation New Testament is translated from. If you go to the Statistical Restoration Greek page (by clicking on the SR Bible reference above), from there you can click on the original manuscript numbers (e.g., 𝔓1, 01, 02, etc.) in the Witness column there, to see their transcription of the original Greek page. From there, you can click on the 🔍 magnifying glass icon to view a photograph of the actual leaf of the codex. This is all part of the commitment of the Open English Translation team to be transparent about all levels of the Bible translation process right back to the original manuscripts.

Showing the first 50 out of (2,721) uses of identical word form ἐν (P-...) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘ἐν’ (P-...) has 10 different glosses: ‘among’, ‘among those’, ‘at’, ‘by’, ‘in’, ‘in those’, ‘into’, ‘on’, ‘to’, ‘with’.

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V1">YHN (JHN) 1:1 ‘in the beginning was the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:1 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V2">YHN (JHN) 1:2 ‘this one was in the beginning with god’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:2 word 3

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V4">YHN (JHN) 1:4 ‘in him life was’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:4 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V5">YHN (JHN) 1:5 ‘and the light in the darkness is shining’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:5 word 4

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V10">YHN (JHN) 1:10 ‘in the world he was’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:10 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V14">YHN (JHN) 1:14 ‘became and sheltered among us and we saw’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:14 word 8

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V26">YHN (JHN) 1:26 ‘saying I am immersing in water in the midst of you_all’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:26 word 9

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V28">YHN (JHN) 1:28 ‘these things in Baʸthania became beyond’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:28 word 3

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V31">YHN (JHN) 1:31 ‘this came I in water immersing’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:31 word 15

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V33">YHN (JHN) 1:33 ‘having sent me to_be immersing in water that one to me’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:33 word 12

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V33">YHN (JHN) 1:33 ‘is the one immersing in the spirit holy’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:33 word 37

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V45">YHN (JHN) 1:45 ‘whom wrote Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh) in the law and’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:45 word 11

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V47">YHN (JHN) 1:47 ‘see truly an Israelite in whom deceit not’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:47 word 21

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C2.htm#C2V1">YHN (JHN) 2:1 ‘third a wedding became in Kana of Galilaia/(Gālīl) and’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 2:1 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C2.htm#C2V11">YHN (JHN) 2:11 ‘of the signs Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) in Kana of Galilaia/(Gālīl) and’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 2:11 word 11

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C2.htm#C2V14">YHN (JHN) 2:14 ‘and he found in the temple the ones’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 2:14 word 3

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C2.htm#C2V19">YHN (JHN) 2:19 ‘temple this and in three days I will_be raising’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 2:19 word 12

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C2.htm#C2V20">YHN (JHN) 2:20 ‘this and you in three days will_be raising’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 2:20 word 19

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C2.htm#C2V23">YHN (JHN) 2:23 ‘when and he was in Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) at the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 2:23 word 4

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C2.htm#C2V23">YHN (JHN) 2:23 ‘he was in Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) at the passover_\add feast\add* at’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 2:23 word 7

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C2.htm#C2V23">YHN (JHN) 2:23 ‘at the passover_\add feast\add* at the feast many’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 2:23 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C2.htm#C2V25">YHN (JHN) 2:25 ‘was knowing what was in the person’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 2:25 word 19

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C3.htm#C3V14">YHN (JHN) 3:14 ‘exalted the serpent in the wilderness thus’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 3:14 word 7

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C3.htm#C3V15">YHN (JHN) 3:15 ‘in_order_that everyone believing in him may_be having life’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 3:15 word 6

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C3.htm#C3V21">YHN (JHN) 3:21 ‘the works that in god it is having_been worked’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 3:21 word 16

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C3.htm#C3V23">YHN (JHN) 3:23 ‘also Yōannaʸs immersing in Ainōn near Saleim’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 3:23 word 7

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C3.htm#C3V35">YHN (JHN) 3:35 ‘and all things has given in the hand of him’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 3:35 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V14">YHN (JHN) 4:14 ‘I will_be giving to him will_be becoming in him a spring of water’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:14 word 32

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V20">YHN (JHN) 4:20 ‘the fathers of us on mountain this prostrated’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:20 word 4

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V20">YHN (JHN) 4:20 ‘you_all are saying that in Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) is the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:20 word 14

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V21">YHN (JHN) 4:21 ‘an hour when neither on mountain this nor’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:21 word 16

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V21">YHN (JHN) 4:21 ‘mountain this nor in Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) you_all will_be worshipping before the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:21 word 24

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V23">YHN (JHN) 4:23 ‘will_be worshipping before the father in spirit and truth’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:23 word 14

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V24">YHN (JHN) 4:24 ‘the ones prostrating before him in spirit and truth’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:24 word 9

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V31">YHN (JHN) 4:31 ‘in the time meanwhile were asking’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:31 word 2

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V37">YHN (JHN) 4:37 ‘in for this the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:37 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V44">YHN (JHN) 4:44 ‘testified that a prophet in his own hometown’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:44 word 8

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V45">YHN (JHN) 4:45 ‘having seen as_much_as he did in Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) at the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:45 word 19

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V45">YHN (JHN) 4:45 ‘he did in Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) at the feast also’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:45 word 23

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V46">YHN (JHN) 4:46 ‘of whose son was ailing in Kafarnaʼoum’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:46 word 32

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V52">YHN (JHN) 4:52 ‘hour from them in which better he had’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:52 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V53">YHN (JHN) 4:53 ‘that was at the hour at which said to him’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:53 word 11

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V2">YHN (JHN) 5:2 ‘there is and in Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) at the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:2 word 3

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V3">YHN (JHN) 5:3 ‘in these was lying a multitude’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:3 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V5">YHN (JHN) 5:5 ‘eight years being in the sicknesses of him’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:5 word 14

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V7">YHN (JHN) 5:7 ‘into the pool in which but am coming’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:7 word 23

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V9">YHN (JHN) 5:9 ‘it was and the day_of_rest on that day’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:9 word 24

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V13">YHN (JHN) 5:13 ‘bowed_out a crowd being in the place’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:13 word 18

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V14">YHN (JHN) 5:14 ‘is finding him Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) in the temple and’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:14 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V16">YHN (JHN) 5:16 ‘because these things he was doing on a day_of_rest’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:16 word 21

Key: P=preposition