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ὁδὸνYhn 1

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Other uses (33) of identical word form ὁδὸν (N-AFS) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘ὁδὸν’ (N-AFS) has 6 different glosses: ‘a way’, ‘the journey’, ‘the way’, ‘journey’, ‘road’, ‘way’.

YHN 14:5 ‘how we are being_able the way to_have known’ SR GNT John 14:5 word 17

MARK 1:3 ‘wilderness prepare the way of the master straight be making’ SR GNT Mark 1:3 word 8

MARK 2:23 ‘apprentices/followers of him began way to_be making plucking the’ SR GNT Mark 2:23 word 25

MARK 4:15 ‘the ones along the road where is_being sown the’ SR GNT Mark 4:15 word 7

MARK 6:8 ‘nothing they may_be taking_away for journey except a staff only’ SR GNT Mark 6:8 word 10

MARK 10:17 ‘going_out of him on the journey having run_up one and’ SR GNT Mark 10:17 word 5

MARK 12:14 ‘with the truth the way of god you are teaching it is permitting’ SR GNT Mark 12:14 word 36

MAT 3:3 ‘wilderness prepare the way of the master straight be making’ SR GNT Mat 3:3 word 19

MAT 4:15 ‘and land of Nefthaleim/(Nafəttālī) way of the sea beyond the’ SR GNT Mat 4:15 word 6

MAT 10:5 ‘to them saying into the way of the pagans not you_all may go_away’ SR GNT Mat 10:5 word 13

MAT 10:10 ‘nor knapsack for the way nor two tunics’ SR GNT Mat 10:10 word 5

MAT 13:19 ‘the one by the road having_been sown’ SR GNT Mat 13:19 word 29

MAT 22:16 ‘you are and the way of god in truth’ SR GNT Mat 22:16 word 21

LUKE 1:79 ‘feet of us into the way of peace’ SR GNT Luke 1:79 word 16

LUKE 2:44 ‘caravan they came of a day the journey and they were seeking_out him’ SR GNT Luke 2:44 word 13

LUKE 3:4 ‘wilderness prepare the way of the master straight be making’ SR GNT Luke 3:4 word 19

LUKE 10:4 ‘no_one on the road you_all may greet’ SR GNT Luke 10:4 word 13

LUKE 18:35 ‘was sitting beside the road begging’ SR GNT Luke 18:35 word 16

LUKE 20:21 ‘in truth the way of god you are teaching’ SR GNT Luke 20:21 word 23

ACTs 8:26 ‘the south to the road coming_downhill from Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim)’ SR GNT Acts 8:26 word 17

ACTs 8:39 ‘he was going for the way of him rejoicing’ SR GNT Acts 8:39 word 30

ACTs 16:17 ‘who are proclaiming to you_all the way of salvation’ SR GNT Acts 16:17 word 27

ACTs 18:25 ‘was having_been instructed the way of the master and’ SR GNT Acts 18:25 word 10

ACTs 18:26 ‘to him they explained the way of god’ SR GNT Acts 18:26 word 26

ACTs 19:9 ‘were disbelieving speaking_evil of the way before the multitude’ SR GNT Acts 19:9 word 12

ACTs 26:13 ‘middle on the road I saw king from_heaven’ SR GNT Acts 26:13 word 5

ROM 3:17 ‘and the way of peace not they knew’ SR GNT Rom 3:17 word 2

1COR 12:31 ‘still by an excellent way to you_all I am showing’ SR GNT 1Cor 12:31 word 14

1TH 3:11 ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) might direct the way of us to you_all’ SR GNT 1Th 3:11 word 16

HEB 9:8 ‘the of the holy places way still of the first’ SR GNT Heb 9:8 word 14

HEB 10:20 ‘which he dedicated for us a way recent and living’ SR GNT Heb 10:20 word 4

2PET 2:15 ‘having left the straight way they were strayed having followed_after in the’ SR GNT 2Pet 2:15 word 4

2PET 2:21 ‘not to_have known the way of righteousness than having known it’ SR GNT 2Pet 2:21 word 11

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘hodos’ have 11 different glosses: ‘a journey’, ‘a way’, ‘the journey’, ‘the way’, ‘the ways’, ‘of the way’, ‘journey’, ‘road’, ‘roads’, ‘way’, ‘ways’.

Greek words (77) other than ὁδὸν (N-AFS) with a gloss related to ‘way’

Have 77 other words with 5 lemmas altogether (hodos, odos, plateia, tribos, troχia)

YHN 14:4ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘am going you_all have known the way’ SR GNT John 14:4 word 8

YHN 14:6ὁδὸς (hodos) N-NFS ‘I am the way and the truth’ SR GNT John 14:6 word 8

MARK 1:2ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘who will_be preparing the way of you’ SR GNT Mark 1:2 word 24

MARK 8:3ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘they will_be_being exhausted on the way and some of them’ SR GNT Mark 8:3 word 18

MARK 8:27ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘and on the way he was asking the apprentices/followers’ SR GNT Mark 8:27 word 19

MARK 9:33ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘what on the way you_all were reasoning’ SR GNT Mark 9:33 word 17

MARK 10:32ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘and on the way going_uphill to Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim)’ SR GNT Mark 10:32 word 5

MARK 10:52ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘after him on the way’ SR GNT Mark 10:52 word 24

MAT 2:12ὁδοῦ (hodou) N-GFS ‘Haʸrōdaʸs by another way they withdrew into the’ SR GNT Mat 2:12 word 11

MAT 5:25ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘him on the way lest you may give_over’ SR GNT Mat 5:25 word 14

MAT 7:13ὁδὸς (hodos) N-NFS ‘and broad is the way leading_away to destruction’ SR GNT Mat 7:13 word 14

MAT 7:14ὁδὸς (hodos) N-NFS ‘and having_been narrowed is the way leading_away to life’ SR GNT Mat 7:14 word 10

MAT 8:28ὁδοῦ (hodou) N-GFS ‘anyone to pass_by by way that’ SR GNT Mat 8:28 word 34

MAT 11:10ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘who will_be preparing the way of you before you’ SR GNT Mat 11:10 word 19

MAT 15:32ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘they may_be exhausted on the way’ SR GNT Mat 15:32 word 43

MAT 20:17ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘and on the way he said to them’ SR GNT Mat 20:17 word 19

MAT 21:32ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘to you_all in the way of righteousness and not’ SR GNT Mat 21:32 word 8

LUKE 7:27ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘who will_be preparing the way of you before you’ SR GNT Luke 7:27 word 18

LUKE 12:58ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘a ruler in the way give effort to_have released’ SR GNT Luke 12:58 word 14

ACTs 9:2ὁδοῦ (hodou) N-GFS ‘any he may find of the way being men both’ SR GNT Acts 9:2 word 19

ACTs 19:23ὁδοῦ (hodou) N-GFS ‘little concerning the way’ SR GNT Acts 19:23 word 12

ACTs 22:4Ὁδὸν (Hodon) N-AFS Lemma=odos ‘who this way I persecuted until death’ SR GNT Acts 22:4 word 5

ACTs 24:14Ὁδὸν (Hodon) N-AFS Lemma=odos ‘that according_to the way which they are calling a sect’ SR GNT Acts 24:14 word 8

ACTs 24:22Ὁδοῦ (Hodou) N-GFS Lemma=odos ‘the things concerning the way having said whenever Lusias’ SR GNT Acts 24:22 word 15

ACTs 25:3ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘him on the way’ SR GNT Acts 25:3 word 18

YAC 2:25ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘messengers and by another way having sent_forth’ SR GNT Jam 2:25 word 18

YAC 5:20ὁδοῦ (hodou) N-GFS ‘a sinner from the deception of the way of him will_be saving the soul’ SR GNT Jam 5:20 word 10

2PET 2:2ὁδὸς (hodos) N-NFS ‘because_of whom the way of the truth will_be_being slandered’ SR GNT 2Pet 2:2 word 12

2PET 2:15ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘they were strayed having followed_after in the way of Balaʼam/(Biləˊām) of Bosor/(Bəˊōr) who’ SR GNT 2Pet 2:15 word 8

YUD 1:11ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘to them because in the way of Kain/(Qayin) they were gone and’ SR GNT Jude 1:11 word 6

REV 16:12ὁδὸς (hodos) N-NFS ‘in_order_that may_be prepared the way of the kings of’ SR GNT Rev 16:12 word 25

LUKE 1:76ὁδοὺς (hodous) N-AFP ‘before the master to prepare the ways of him’ SR GNT Luke 1:76 word 16

LUKE 3:5ὁδοὺς (hodous) N-AFP ‘the rough into ways smooth’ SR GNT Luke 3:5 word 22

ACTs 2:28ὁδοὺς (hodous) N-AFP ‘you made_known to me the ways of life you will_be filling me’ SR GNT Acts 2:28 word 4

ACTs 13:10ὁδοὺς (hodous) N-AFP ‘you will_be ceasing perverting the ways of the master straight’ SR GNT Acts 13:10 word 20

ACTs 14:16ὁδοῖς (hodois) N-DFP ‘nations to_be going to the ways of them’ SR GNT Acts 14:16 word 14

ROM 3:16ὁδοῖς (hodois) N-DFP ‘misery in the ways of them’ SR GNT Rom 3:16 word 6

ROM 11:33ὁδοὶ (hodoi) N-NFP ‘and untraceable the ways of him’ SR GNT Rom 11:33 word 17

1COR 4:17ὁδούς (hodous) N-AFP ‘you_all will_be reminding of the ways of me in chosen_one/messiah’ SR GNT 1Cor 4:17 word 21

HEB 3:10ὁδούς (hodous) N-AFP ‘not knew the ways of me’ SR GNT Heb 3:10 word 24

YAC 1:8ὁδοῖς (hodois) N-DFP ‘in all the ways of him’ SR GNT Jam 1:8 word 7

REV 15:3ὁδοί (hodoi) N-NFP ‘and true are the ways of you king of the’ SR GNT Rev 15:3 word 33

MARK 1:3τρίβους (tribous) N-AFP Lemma=tribos ‘straight be making the paths of him’ SR GNT Mark 1:3 word 13

MAT 3:3τρίβους (tribous) N-AFP Lemma=tribos ‘straight be making the paths of him’ SR GNT Mat 3:3 word 24

LUKE 3:4τρίβους (tribous) N-AFP Lemma=tribos ‘straight be making the paths of him’ SR GNT Luke 3:4 word 25

HEB 12:13τροχιὰς (troⱪias) N-AFP Lemma=troχia ‘and paths straight be making for the’ SR GNT Heb 12:13 word 2

MARK 4:4ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘fell along the road and came the’ SR GNT Mark 4:4 word 13

MARK 9:34ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘they were discussing on the road who was greater’ SR GNT Mark 9:34 word 11

MARK 10:46ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘was sitting beside the road’ SR GNT Mark 10:46 word 31

MARK 11:8ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘spread on the road others and leafy_branches’ SR GNT Mark 11:8 word 14

MAT 13:4ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘fell along the road and came the’ SR GNT Mat 13:4 word 12

MAT 20:30ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘sitting beside the road having heard that Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa)’ SR GNT Mat 20:30 word 8

MAT 21:8ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘coats on the road others and were cutting_off’ SR GNT Mat 21:8 word 12

MAT 21:8ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘were spreading them on the road’ SR GNT Mat 21:8 word 25

MAT 21:19ὁδοῦ (hodou) N-GFS ‘one on the road he came to it’ SR GNT Mat 21:19 word 7

LUKE 8:5ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘fell along the road and it was trampled and’ SR GNT Luke 8:5 word 21

LUKE 8:12ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘and along the road are the ones having heard’ SR GNT Luke 8:12 word 5

LUKE 9:57ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘of them on the road said someone to’ SR GNT Luke 9:57 word 8

LUKE 10:31ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘certain was coming_downhill on road that and having seen’ SR GNT Luke 10:31 word 12

LUKE 19:36ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘of themselves on the road’ SR GNT Luke 19:36 word 11

LUKE 24:32ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘with us on the road as he was opening_up to us’ SR GNT Luke 24:32 word 25

LUKE 24:35ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘the things on the road and how he was known’ SR GNT Luke 24:35 word 8

ACTs 8:36ὁδόν (hodon) N-AFS ‘they were going along the road they came to some’ SR GNT Acts 8:36 word 6

ACTs 9:17ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘by you on the road in which you were coming so_that’ SR GNT Acts 9:17 word 31

ACTs 9:27ὁδῷ (hodōi) N-DFS ‘how on the road he saw the master’ SR GNT Acts 9:27 word 15

REV 11:8πλατείας (plateias) N-GFS Lemma=plateia ‘of them will_be on the road of the city great’ SR GNT Rev 11:8 word 9

REV 21:21πλατεῖα (plateia) N-NFS Lemma=plateia ‘pearl and the road of the city was gold’ SR GNT Rev 21:21 word 20

REV 22:2πλατείας (plateias) N-GFS Lemma=plateia ‘in the middle of the road of it and of the’ SR GNT Rev 22:2 word 4

MAT 6:5πλατειῶν (plateiōn) N-GFP Lemma=plateia ‘the corners of the roads having stood to_be praying so_that’ SR GNT Mat 6:5 word 23

MAT 12:19πλατείαις (plateiais) N-DFP Lemma=plateia ‘anyone in the roads the voice of him’ SR GNT Mat 12:19 word 11

MAT 22:9ὁδῶν (hodōn) N-GFP ‘the thoroughfares of the roads and as_many_as you_all may find’ SR GNT Mat 22:9 word 8

MAT 22:10ὁδοὺς (hodous) N-AFP ‘those into the roads they gathered_together all whom’ SR GNT Mat 22:10 word 9

LUKE 10:10πλατείας (plateias) N-AFP Lemma=plateia ‘having come_out into the roads of it say’ SR GNT Luke 10:10 word 17

LUKE 13:26πλατείαις (plateiais) N-DFP Lemma=plateia ‘and in the roads of us you taught’ SR GNT Luke 13:26 word 14

LUKE 14:21πλατείας (plateias) N-AFP Lemma=plateia ‘quickly into the roads and streets of the’ SR GNT Luke 14:21 word 27

LUKE 14:23ὁδοὺς (hodous) N-AFP ‘come_out into the roads and fences and’ SR GNT Luke 14:23 word 13

ACTs 5:15πλατείας (plateias) N-AFP Lemma=plateia ‘even on the roads to_be bringing_out the sick’ SR GNT Acts 5:15 word 6

Key: N=noun AFP=accusative,feminine,plural AFS=accusative,feminine,singular DFP=dative,feminine,plural DFS=dative,feminine,singular GFP=genitive,feminine,plural GFS=genitive,feminine,singular NFP=nominative,feminine,plural NFS=nominative,feminine,singular