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εἰYhn (Jhn) 1 

Note: With the help of a companion website, these word pages enable you to click through all the way back to photographs of the original manuscripts that the Open English Translation New Testament is translated from. If you go to the Statistical Restoration Greek page (by clicking on the SR Bible reference above), from there you can click on the original manuscript numbers (e.g., 𝔓1, 01, 02, etc.) in the Witness column there, to see their transcription of the original Greek page. From there, you can click on the 🔍 magnifying glass icon to view a photograph of the actual leaf of the codex. This is all part of the commitment of the Open English Translation team to be transparent about all levels of the Bible translation process right back to the original manuscripts.

Showing the first 50 out of (323) uses of identical word form εἰ (C-...) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘εἰ’ (C-...) has 3 different glosses: ‘if’, ‘if it_is’, ‘whether’.

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C3.htm#C3V12">YHN (JHN) 3:12 ‘if the earthly things I told’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 3:12 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V10">YHN (JHN) 4:10 ‘and said to her if you had known the gift’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:10 word 7

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V46">YHN (JHN) 5:46 ‘if for you_all were believing in Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh)’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:46 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V47">YHN (JHN) 5:47 ‘if but in the of that one’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:47 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V4">YHN (JHN) 7:4 ‘in public to_be if these things you are doing reveal’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:4 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V23">YHN (JHN) 7:23 ‘if circumcision is receiving a man’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:23 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V19">YHN (JHN) 8:19 ‘the father of me if me you_all had known also’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:19 word 24

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V39">YHN (JHN) 8:39 ‘is saying to them Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) if children of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām) you_all are’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:39 word 18

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V42">YHN (JHN) 8:42 ‘said to them Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) if god the father of you_all’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:42 word 6

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V46">YHN (JHN) 8:46 ‘me concerning sin if the truth I am speaking for_reason’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:46 word 9

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C9.htm#C9V25">YHN (JHN) 9:25 ‘answered therefore that one whether a sinner is not’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 9:25 word 6

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C9.htm#C9V41">YHN (JHN) 9:41 ‘said to them Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) if blind you_all were not’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 9:41 word 7

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C10.htm#C10V24">YHN (JHN) 10:24 ‘soul of us you are holding_in_suspense if you are the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 10:24 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C10.htm#C10V35">YHN (JHN) 10:35 ‘if those he called gods’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 10:35 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C10.htm#C10V37">YHN (JHN) 10:37 ‘if not I am doing the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 10:37 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C10.htm#C10V38">YHN (JHN) 10:38 ‘if but I am doing even_if’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 10:38 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C11.htm#C11V12">YHN (JHN) 11:12 ‘apprentices/followers to him master if he has_been fallen_asleep he will_be_being healed’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 11:12 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C11.htm#C11V21">YHN (JHN) 11:21 ‘to Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) master if you were here not’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 11:21 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C11.htm#C11V32">YHN (JHN) 11:32 ‘saying to him master if you were here not’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 11:32 word 26

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C13.htm#C13V14">YHN (JHN) 13:14 ‘if therefore I washed’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 13:14 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C13.htm#C13V17">YHN (JHN) 13:17 ‘if these things you_all have known blessed’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 13:17 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C14.htm#C14V2">YHN (JHN) 14:2 ‘dwellings many are if and not I told’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 14:2 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C14.htm#C14V7">YHN (JHN) 14:7 ‘if you_all had known me also’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 14:7 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C14.htm#C14V11">YHN (JHN) 14:11 ‘father in me if but not because_of’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 14:11 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C14.htm#C14V28">YHN (JHN) 14:28 ‘I am coming to you_all if you_all were loving me you_all were elated’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 14:28 word 11

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C15.htm#C15V18">YHN (JHN) 15:18 ‘if the world you_all’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 15:18 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C15.htm#C15V19">YHN (JHN) 15:19 ‘if of the world’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 15:19 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C15.htm#C15V20">YHN (JHN) 15:20 ‘the master of him if me they persecuted also’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 15:20 word 23

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C15.htm#C15V20">YHN (JHN) 15:20 ‘also you_all they will_be persecuting if the message of me’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 15:20 word 29

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C15.htm#C15V24">YHN (JHN) 15:24 ‘if the works not’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 15:24 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C18.htm#C18V8">YHN (JHN) 18:8 ‘that I am he if therefore me you_all are seeking’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 18:8 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C18.htm#C18V23">YHN (JHN) 18:23 ‘answered to him Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) if wrongly I spoke testify’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 18:23 word 8

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C18.htm#C18V23">YHN (JHN) 18:23 ‘concerning the evil if but rightly why’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 18:23 word 16

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C18.htm#C18V36">YHN (JHN) 18:36 ‘of world this if of world this’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 18:36 word 15

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C20.htm#C20V15">YHN (JHN) 20:15 ‘is saying to him Master if you bore him’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 20:15 word 20

MARK 2:21 ‘on a garment old if and not is tearing_away’ SR GNT Mark 2:21 word 15

MARK 2:22 ‘into wineskins old if and not will_be bursting’ SR GNT Mark 2:22 word 13

MARK 3:2 ‘and they were watching_closely him whether on the days_of_rest he will_be healing’ SR GNT Mark 3:2 word 5

MARK 3:26 ‘and if Satan/(Sāţān) rose_up against’ SR GNT Mark 3:26 word 2

MARK 9:23 ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) said to him if you are being_able all things possible’ SR GNT Mark 9:23 word 8

MARK 9:42 ‘it is for him rather if is hung_around a grinding_stone heavy’ SR GNT Mark 9:42 word 22

MARK 11:13 ‘having leaves he came if perhaps anything he will_be finding’ SR GNT Mark 11:13 word 13

MARK 13:22 ‘for that to_be wandering_away if possible the chosen ones’ SR GNT Mark 13:22 word 18

MARK 14:21 ‘better it was for him if not was born man’ SR GNT Mark 14:21 word 30

MARK 14:29 ‘Petros was saying to him if even all will_be_being stumbled’ SR GNT Mark 14:29 word 9

MARK 14:35 ‘and he was praying that if possible it is may pass_by’ SR GNT Mark 14:35 word 17

MARK 15:36 ‘saying leave it we may see if is coming Aʸlias/(ʼĒliyyāh) to take_down’ SR GNT Mark 15:36 word 22

MARK 15:44 ‘and Pilatos wondered if already he has died and’ SR GNT Mark 15:44 word 6

MARK 15:44 ‘centurion he asked him whether already he died_off’ SR GNT Mark 15:44 word 17

MAT 4:3 ‘tempting said to him if the son you are of god’ SR GNT Mat 4:3 word 10

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘ei’ have 6 different glosses: ‘except’, ‘if’, ‘if it_is’, ‘never’, ‘whether’, ‘¬if’.

Key: C=conjunction