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εἶYhn (Jhn) 1 

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Other uses (91) of identical word form εἶ (V-IPA2..S) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘εἶ’ (V-IPA2..S) has 2 different glosses: ‘you are’, ‘are’.

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V19">YHN (JHN) 1:19 ‘him you who are’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:19 word 30

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V21">YHN (JHN) 1:21 ‘therefore you Aʸlias/(ʼĒliyyāh) are and he is saying not’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:21 word 14

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V21">YHN (JHN) 1:21 ‘I am the prophet are you and he answered’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:21 word 24

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V22">YHN (JHN) 1:22 ‘therefore to him who you are in_order_that an answer we may give’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:22 word 7

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V42">YHN (JHN) 1:42 ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) said you are Simōn the son’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:42 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V49">YHN (JHN) 1:49 ‘Nathanaaʸl My_great_\add >one\add* you are the son of god’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:49 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C1.htm#C1V49">YHN (JHN) 1:49 ‘of god you king are of Israaʸl/(Yisərāʼēl)’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 1:49 word 21

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C3.htm#C3V10">YHN (JHN) 3:10 ‘said to him you are the teacher of Israaʸl/(Yisərāʼēl)’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 3:10 word 8

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V12">YHN (JHN) 4:12 ‘not you greater than are the father of us’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:12 word 5

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V19">YHN (JHN) 4:19 ‘I am perceiving that a prophet are you’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:19 word 9

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C6.htm#C6V69">YHN (JHN) 6:69 ‘we have known that you are the holy one of god’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 6:69 word 9

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V52">YHN (JHN) 7:52 ‘you from Galilaia/(Gālīl) are search and see’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:52 word 13

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V25">YHN (JHN) 8:25 ‘to him you who are said to them Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa)’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:25 word 8

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V48">YHN (JHN) 8:48 ‘we that a from_Samareia/(Shomərōn) are you and a demon’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:48 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V53">YHN (JHN) 8:53 ‘not you greater than are the father of us’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:53 word 4

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C9.htm#C9V28">YHN (JHN) 9:28 ‘said you a apprentice/follower are of that one we but’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 9:28 word 13

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C10.htm#C10V24">YHN (JHN) 10:24 ‘you are holding_in_suspense if you are the chosen_one/messiah tell’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 10:24 word 19

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C11.htm#C11V27">YHN (JHN) 11:27 ‘have believed that you are the chosen_one/messiah the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 11:27 word 13

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C18.htm#C18V17">YHN (JHN) 18:17 ‘of the apprentices/followers are of man this he is saying’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 18:17 word 20

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C18.htm#C18V25">YHN (JHN) 18:25 ‘the apprentices/followers of him are he disowned that one and’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 18:25 word 19

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C18.htm#C18V33">YHN (JHN) 18:33 ‘said to him you are the king of the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 18:33 word 19

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C18.htm#C18V37">YHN (JHN) 18:37 ‘Pilatos not_then a king are you answered Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa)’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 18:37 word 8

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C19.htm#C19V9">YHN (JHN) 19:9 ‘is saying to Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) from_where are you but Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa)’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 19:9 word 12

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C19.htm#C19V12">YHN (JHN) 19:12 ‘this man you may send_away not you are a friend of Kaisar everyone’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 19:12 word 23

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C21.htm#C21V12">YHN (JHN) 21:12 ‘him you who are having known that the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 21:12 word 17

MARK 1:11 ‘the heavens you are the son of me’ SR GNT Mark 1:11 word 10

MARK 1:24 ‘I have known you who are the holy one of god’ SR GNT Mark 1:24 word 19

MARK 3:11 ‘were crying_out saying you are the son of god’ SR GNT Mark 3:11 word 23

MARK 8:29 ‘is saying to him you are the chosen_one/messiah’ SR GNT Mark 8:29 word 22

MARK 12:14 ‘we have known that true you are and not is caring’ SR GNT Mark 12:14 word 19

MARK 12:34 ‘to him not far you are from the kingdom’ SR GNT Mark 12:34 word 14

MARK 14:61 ‘is saying to him you are the chosen_one/messiah the’ SR GNT Mark 14:61 word 29

MARK 14:70 ‘truly from them you are also for a Galilaios’ SR GNT Mark 14:70 word 20

MARK 14:70 ‘also for a Galilaios you are’ SR GNT Mark 14:70 word 24

MARK 15:2 ‘him Pilatos you are the king of the’ SR GNT Mark 15:2 word 8

MAT 2:6 ‘of Youda/(Yəhūdāh) by_no_means least are among the rulers’ SR GNT Mat 2:6 word 14

MAT 4:3 ‘to him if the son you are of god speak that’ SR GNT Mat 4:3 word 12

MAT 4:6 ‘to him if the son you are of god throw yourself’ SR GNT Mat 4:6 word 7

MAT 5:25 ‘quickly as_long_as which you are with him on’ SR GNT Mat 5:25 word 9

MAT 11:3 ‘said to him you are the one coming or’ SR GNT Mat 11:3 word 4

MAT 14:28 ‘master if you are command me to come’ SR GNT Mat 14:28 word 11

MAT 14:33 ‘truly of god the son you are’ SR GNT Mat 14:33 word 14

MAT 16:16 ‘Petros said you are the chosen_one/messiah the’ SR GNT Mat 16:16 word 8

MAT 16:17 ‘said to him blessed you are Simōn Barjonah because’ SR GNT Mat 16:17 word 9

MAT 16:18 ‘am saying that you are Petros but on’ SR GNT Mat 16:18 word 7

MAT 16:23 ‘me Satan/(Sāţān) a temptation you are of me because not’ SR GNT Mat 16:23 word 14

MAT 22:16 ‘we have known that true you are and the way’ SR GNT Mat 22:16 word 18

MAT 25:24 ‘you that a hard you are man reaping where’ SR GNT Mat 25:24 word 16

MAT 26:63 ‘you may tell if you are the chosen_one/messiah the’ SR GNT Mat 26:63 word 25

MAT 26:73 ‘you of them are even for the’ SR GNT Mat 26:73 word 15

MAT 27:11 ‘governor saying you are the king of the’ SR GNT Mat 27:11 word 16

MAT 27:40 ‘yourself if the son you are of god come_downhill from’ SR GNT Mat 27:40 word 17

LUKE 3:22 ‘heaven to become you are the son of me’ SR GNT Luke 3:22 word 24

LUKE 4:3 ‘devil if the son you are of god say to stone’ SR GNT Luke 4:3 word 9

LUKE 4:9 ‘to him if the son you are of god throw yourself’ SR GNT Luke 4:9 word 21

LUKE 4:34 ‘I have known you who are the holy one of god’ SR GNT Luke 4:34 word 19

LUKE 4:41 ‘and saying you are the son of god’ SR GNT Luke 4:41 word 15

LUKE 7:19 ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) saying you are the one coming or’ SR GNT Luke 7:19 word 12

LUKE 7:20 ‘you saying you are the one coming or’ SR GNT Luke 7:20 word 22

LUKE 15:31 ‘always with me are and all the things’ SR GNT Luke 15:31 word 10

LUKE 19:21 ‘because a man austere you are you are taking_up what not’ SR GNT Luke 19:21 word 10

LUKE 22:58 ‘you of them are but Petros was saying’ SR GNT Luke 22:58 word 16

LUKE 22:67 ‘saying if you are the chosen_one/messiah tell’ SR GNT Luke 22:67 word 4

LUKE 22:70 ‘all you therefore are the son of god’ SR GNT Luke 22:70 word 8

LUKE 23:3 ‘him saying you are the king of the’ SR GNT Luke 23:3 word 9

LUKE 23:37 ‘saying if you are the king of the’ SR GNT Luke 23:37 word 6

LUKE 23:39 ‘saying not you are the chosen_one/messiah save’ SR GNT Luke 23:39 word 12

LUKE 23:40 ‘the same judgment you are’ SR GNT Luke 23:40 word 22

ACTs 9:5 ‘he said and who you are master he and said’ SR GNT Acts 9:5 word 4

ACTs 13:33 ‘second son of me are you I today’ SR GNT Acts 13:33 word 36

ACTs 21:38 ‘not consequently you are the from_Aiguptos/(Miʦərayim) who’ SR GNT Acts 21:38 word 4

ACTs 22:8 ‘and answered who you are master he said and’ SR GNT Acts 22:8 word 7

ACTs 22:27 ‘to me you a Ɽōmaios are he and was saying’ SR GNT Acts 22:27 word 15

ACTs 26:15 ‘and said who you are master the and’ SR GNT Acts 26:15 word 6

ROM 2:1 ‘therefore inexcusable you are Oh person everyone’ SR GNT Rom 2:1 word 3

ROM 9:20 ‘indeed_rather you who are the one answering_back to god’ SR GNT Rom 9:20 word 8

ROM 14:4 ‘you who are the one judging anothers’ SR GNT Rom 14:4 word 3

GAL 4:7 ‘so_as no_longer you are a slave but a son’ SR GNT Gal 4:7 word 3

HEB 1:5 ‘messengers son of me are you I today’ SR GNT Heb 1:5 word 9

HEB 1:12 ‘but the same are and the years’ SR GNT Heb 1:12 word 16

HEB 5:5 ‘him son of me are you I today’ SR GNT Heb 5:5 word 18

YAC (JAM) 4:11 ‘the law you are judging not you are a doer of the law but’ SR GNT Yac (Jam) 4:11 word 27

YAC (JAM) 4:12 ‘you but who are the one judging your’ SR GNT Yac (Jam) 4:12 word 15

REV 2:9 ‘poverty but rich you are and the slander’ SR GNT Rev 2:9 word 14

REV 3:1 ‘you are living and_yet dead you are’ SR GNT Rev 3:1 word 35

REV 3:15 ‘that neither cool you are nor hot profit’ SR GNT Rev 3:15 word 8

REV 3:16 ‘thus because lukewarm you are and neither hot’ SR GNT Rev 3:16 word 5

REV 3:17 ‘you have known that you are miserable and pitiful’ SR GNT Rev 3:17 word 18

REV 4:11 ‘worthy you are master and god’ SR GNT Rev 4:11 word 2

REV 5:9 ‘new saying worthy you are to take the scroll’ SR GNT Rev 5:9 word 8

REV 16:5 ‘waters saying righteous you are the one being and’ SR GNT Rev 16:5 word 11

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘eimi’ have 75 different glosses: ‘were were’, ‘I am’, ‘I may_be’, ‘I was’, ‘I will_be’, ‘he is’, ‘he may_be’, ‘he might_be’, ‘he was’, ‘he will_be’, ‘him let_be’, ‘it is’, ‘it let_be’, ‘it may_be’, ‘it might_be’, ‘it was’, ‘it will_be’, ‘it will_be done’, ‘it will_be that’, ‘of being’, ‘she is’, ‘she may_be’, ‘she was’, ‘she will_be’, ‘them let_be’, ‘there are’, ‘there is’, ‘there may_be’, ‘there to_be’, ‘there was’, ‘there were’, ‘there will_be’, ‘they are’, ‘they may_be’, ‘they were’, ‘they will_be’, ‘those were’, ‘we are’, ‘we may_be’, ‘we were’, ‘we will_be’, ‘you may_be may_be’, ‘you are’, ‘you were’, ‘you will_be’, ‘you_all are’, ‘you_all may_be’, ‘you_all were’, ‘you_all will_be’, ‘am’, ‘am he’, ‘am here’, ‘are’, ‘are the_ones’, ‘are those’, ‘be’, ‘being’, ‘being here’, ‘going_to be’, ‘going_to_be’, ‘is’, ‘is also’, ‘is he’, ‘is it’, ‘is this’, ‘is true’, ‘let_be’, ‘may_be’, ‘might_be’, ‘to_be’, ‘was’, ‘was there’, ‘were’, ‘will_be’, ‘will_be done’.

Greek words (297) other than εἶ (V-IPA2..S) with a gloss related to ‘are’

Have 25 other words (εἰσιν, εἰσὶν, εἰσιν, εἰσιν, εἰσὶ, εἰσίν, ἐσμέν, ἐστε, ἐστε, εἰσιν, ἐστε, εἰσὶν, εἰσιν, ἐσμὲν, εἰσίν, ἐστε, εἰσὶν, ἐσμεν, ἐστὲ, ἐστέ, εἰσιν, ἐσμεν, εἰσὶν, ἐστε, εἰσὶν) with 1 lemma altogether (eimi)

YHN 4:35εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘fields because white they are toward harvest already’ SR GNT Yhn 4:35 word 27

YHN 5:39εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘to_be having and those are the ones testifying concerning’ SR GNT Yhn 5:39 word 17

YHN 6:64εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘but there are of you_all some’ SR GNT Yhn 6:64 word 2

YHN 6:64εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘the beginning Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) who_all are the ones not believing’ SR GNT Yhn 6:64 word 23

YHN 7:49εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘the law accursed are’ SR GNT Yhn 7:49 word 13

YHN 8:23ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘from the things below are I from the things’ SR GNT Yhn 8:23 word 10

YHN 8:23ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘of this world are I not am’ SR GNT Yhn 8:23 word 23

YHN 8:31ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘truly apprentices/followers of me you_all are’ SR GNT Yhn 8:31 word 23

YHN 8:33ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘him seed of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām) we are and to no_one we have served’ SR GNT Yhn 8:33 word 9

YHN 8:37ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘that seed of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām) you_all are but you_all are seeking me’ SR GNT Yhn 8:37 word 5

YHN 8:39ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘if children of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām) you_all are the works of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām)’ SR GNT Yhn 8:39 word 23

YHN 8:44ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘father the devil are and the desires’ SR GNT Yhn 8:44 word 7

YHN 8:47ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘of god not you_all are’ SR GNT Yhn 8:47 word 21

YHN 9:28ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘we but of Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh) are apprentices/followers’ SR GNT Yhn 9:28 word 21

YHN 9:40ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘also we blind are’ SR GNT Yhn 9:40 word 22

YHN 10:8εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘before me thieves are and robbers but’ SR GNT Yhn 10:8 word 8

YHN 10:26ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘are believing because not you_all are of sheep of my’ SR GNT Yhn 10:26 word 8

YHN 10:30ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘the father one are’ SR GNT Yhn 10:30 word 7

YHN 10:34ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘I said gods you_all are’ SR GNT Yhn 10:34 word 24

YHN 11:9εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘not twelve hours are of the day if’ SR GNT Yhn 11:9 word 9

YHN 13:10ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘and you_all clean are but not all’ SR GNT Yhn 13:10 word 30

YHN 13:11ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘not all clean you_all are’ SR GNT Yhn 13:11 word 14

YHN 13:17ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘these things you_all have known blessed you_all are if you_all may_be doing them’ SR GNT Yhn 13:17 word 5

YHN 13:35ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘that my apprentices/followers you_all are if love you_all may_be having’ SR GNT Yhn 13:35 word 10

YHN 14:2εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘of me dwellings many are if and not’ SR GNT Yhn 14:2 word 9

YHN 15:3ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘already you_all clean are because_of the message’ SR GNT Yhn 15:3 word 4

YHN 15:14ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all friends of me are if you_all may_be doing what’ SR GNT Yhn 15:14 word 5

YHN 15:19ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘the world not you_all are but I chose’ SR GNT Yhn 15:19 word 22

YHN 15:27ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘the beginning with me you_all are’ SR GNT Yhn 15:27 word 10

YHN 17:7εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘to me from you are’ SR GNT Yhn 17:7 word 16

YHN 17:9εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘to me because for you they are’ SR GNT Yhn 17:9 word 18

YHN 17:11εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘in the world are and_I to you’ SR GNT Yhn 17:11 word 16

YHN 17:14εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘them because not they are of the world’ SR GNT Yhn 17:14 word 19

YHN 17:16εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘the world not they are as I not’ SR GNT Yhn 17:16 word 6

MARK 4:15εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘these and are the ones along the’ SR GNT Mark 4:15 word 3

MARK 4:16εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘and these are likewise the ones on’ SR GNT Mark 4:16 word 5

MARK 4:17εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘themselves but temporary are thereafter having become tribulation’ SR GNT Mark 4:17 word 9

MARK 4:18εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘and others are the ones among the’ SR GNT Mark 4:18 word 4

MARK 4:18εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘thorns being sown these are the ones the message’ SR GNT Mark 4:18 word 13

MARK 4:20εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘and those are the ones on the’ SR GNT Mark 4:20 word 5

MARK 4:40ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘to them why fearful you_all are not_yet you_all are having faith’ SR GNT Mark 4:40 word 8

MARK 5:9ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘to me because many we are’ SR GNT Mark 5:9 word 25

MARK 6:3εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘Simōn and not are the sisters of him’ SR GNT Mark 6:3 word 29

MARK 7:18ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘also you_all unintelligent are not you_all are understanding that’ SR GNT Mark 7:18 word 8

MARK 9:1εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘I am saying to you_all that are some of the ones here’ SR GNT Mark 9:1 word 8

MARK 9:41ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘my name because of the chosen_one/messiah you_all are truly I am saying to you_all’ SR GNT Mark 9:41 word 18

MARK 10:8εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘one so_that no_longer they are two but one’ SR GNT Mark 10:8 word 11

MARK 12:25εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘nor are_being betrothed but they are like messengers in’ SR GNT Mark 12:25 word 17

MARK 13:11ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘be speaking not for are you_all the ones speaking’ SR GNT Mark 13:11 word 31

MAT 2:18εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘to_be comforted because not they are’ SR GNT Mat 2:18 word 23

MAT 5:11ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘blessed you_all are whenever they may deride you_all’ SR GNT Mat 5:11 word 2

MAT 5:13ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all are the salt of the’ SR GNT Mat 5:13 word 2

MAT 5:14ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all are the light of the’ SR GNT Mat 5:14 word 2

MAT 7:13εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘destruction and many are the ones coming_in through’ SR GNT Mat 7:13 word 22

MAT 7:14εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘life and few are the ones finding it’ SR GNT Mat 7:14 word 18

MAT 7:15εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘of sheep inside but they are wolves swindling’ SR GNT Mat 7:15 word 15

MAT 8:26ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘to them why fearful you_all are little_faith ones then having_been raised’ SR GNT Mat 8:26 word 6

MAT 10:20ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘not for you_all are the ones speaking but’ SR GNT Mat 10:20 word 4

MAT 10:30εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘head all having_been numbered are’ SR GNT Mat 10:30 word 12

MAT 12:5εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘are profaning and innocent they are’ SR GNT Mat 12:5 word 23

MAT 12:48εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘of me and who_all are the brothers of me’ SR GNT Mat 12:48 word 17

MAT 13:38εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘good seed these are the sons of the’ SR GNT Mat 13:38 word 12

MAT 13:38εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘the and darnels are the sons of the’ SR GNT Mat 13:38 word 20

MAT 13:39εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘and harvesters messengers are’ SR GNT Mat 13:39 word 22

MAT 13:56εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘all with us are from_where therefore to this man’ SR GNT Mat 13:56 word 9

MAT 15:14εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘leave them guides they are blind blind and’ SR GNT Mat 15:14 word 6

MAT 15:16ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘even you_all unintelligent are’ SR GNT Mat 15:16 word 9

MAT 16:28εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘I am saying to you_all that are some of the ones here’ SR GNT Mat 16:28 word 5

MAT 17:26εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘consequently surely the free ones are the sons’ SR GNT Mat 17:26 word 23

MAT 18:20εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘where for are two or three’ SR GNT Mat 18:20 word 6

MAT 19:6εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘so_that no_longer they are two but flesh’ SR GNT Mat 19:6 word 3

MAT 19:12εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘there are for eunuchs who’ SR GNT Mat 19:12 word 1

MAT 19:12εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘were born thus and there are eunuchs who were castrated’ SR GNT Mat 19:12 word 11

MAT 19:12εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘by people and there are eunuchs who castrated’ SR GNT Mat 19:12 word 19

MAT 22:14εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘many for are called few but’ SR GNT Mat 22:14 word 3

MAT 22:30εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘messengers in heaven they are’ SR GNT Mat 22:30 word 19

MAT 23:8ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘and you_all brothers are’ SR GNT Mat 23:8 word 20

MAT 23:28ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘righteous inside on_the_other_hand you_all are full of hypocrisy and’ SR GNT Mat 23:28 word 12

MAT 23:31ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘to yourselves that sons you_all are of the ones having murdered the’ SR GNT Mat 23:31 word 6

LUKE 6:22ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘blessed you_all are whenever may hate you_all’ SR GNT Luke 6:22 word 2

LUKE 7:25εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘in the palaces are’ SR GNT Luke 7:25 word 23

LUKE 7:31εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘this and to what they are similar’ SR GNT Luke 7:31 word 16

LUKE 7:32εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘similar they are to little_children in the marketplace’ SR GNT Luke 7:32 word 2

LUKE 8:12εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘along the road are the ones having heard thereafter’ SR GNT Luke 8:12 word 6

LUKE 8:14εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘thorns having fallen these are the ones having heard and’ SR GNT Luke 8:14 word 8

LUKE 8:15εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘good soil these are the_ones who in a heart’ SR GNT Luke 8:15 word 12

LUKE 8:21εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘the brothers of me these are the ones the message’ SR GNT Luke 8:21 word 17

LUKE 9:12ἐσμέν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘in a desolate place we are’ SR GNT Luke 9:12 word 39

LUKE 9:13εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘but said not are to us more than’ SR GNT Luke 9:13 word 18

LUKE 9:27εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘but to you_all truly are some of the ones here’ SR GNT Luke 9:27 word 7

LUKE 11:7εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘in the bed are not I am being_able having risen_up’ SR GNT Luke 11:7 word 33

LUKE 11:44ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘woe to you_all because you_all are as tombs unseen’ SR GNT Luke 11:44 word 8

LUKE 12:38εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘may find them thus blessed are those’ SR GNT Luke 12:38 word 30

LUKE 13:14εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘because six days are in which it is fitting’ SR GNT Luke 13:14 word 22

LUKE 13:25ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘I have known you_all from_where you_all are’ SR GNT Luke 13:25 word 35

LUKE 13:27ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘not I have known from_where you_all are withdraw from me’ SR GNT Luke 13:27 word 12

LUKE 13:30εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘and see there are last ones who will_be’ SR GNT Luke 13:30 word 3

LUKE 13:30εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘will_be first ones and there are first ones who will_be’ SR GNT Luke 13:30 word 10

LUKE 16:8εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘the generation of themselves are’ SR GNT Luke 16:8 word 34

LUKE 16:15ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘he said to them you_all are the ones justifying yourselves’ SR GNT Luke 16:15 word 5

LUKE 17:10ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘be saying slaves useless we are what we were ought to do’ SR GNT Luke 17:10 word 18

LUKE 18:9εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘in themselves that they are righteous and scorning’ SR GNT Luke 18:9 word 11

LUKE 20:36εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘they are being_able messenger-like for/because they are and sons they are’ SR GNT Luke 20:36 word 10

LUKE 20:36εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘they are and sons they are of god of the resurrection’ SR GNT Luke 20:36 word 14

LUKE 21:22εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘days of vengeance these are to_be fulfilled all the things’ SR GNT Luke 21:22 word 5

LUKE 22:28ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all and are the ones having continued with’ SR GNT Luke 22:28 word 4

LUKE 24:38ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘to them why having_been disturbed you_all are and for_reason why’ SR GNT Luke 24:38 word 8

ACTs 2:7εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘see all these are who are speaking Galilaios’ SR GNT Acts 2:7 word 16

ACTs 2:13εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘were saying of sweet_wine having_been filled they are’ SR GNT Acts 2:13 word 12

ACTs 2:32ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘of which all we are witnesses’ SR GNT Acts 2:32 word 12

ACTs 3:15ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘of which we witnesses are’ SR GNT Acts 3:15 word 17

ACTs 3:25ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all are the sons of the’ SR GNT Acts 3:25 word 2

ACTs 4:13εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘that men illiterate they are and ordinary they were marvelling’ SR GNT Acts 4:13 word 14

ACTs 5:25εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘in the prison are in the temple’ SR GNT Acts 5:25 word 16

ACTs 5:32ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘and we are witnesses of messages these’ SR GNT Acts 5:32 word 3

ACTs 7:26ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘having said men brothers you_all are for_reason why you_all are injuring’ SR GNT Acts 7:26 word 26

ACTs 13:31εἰσὶ (eisi) V-IPA3..P ‘Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) who now are witnesses of him to’ SR GNT Acts 13:31 word 22

ACTs 14:15ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘also we like_natured are with you_all humans evangelizing’ SR GNT Acts 14:15 word 12

ACTs 16:17εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘of god the highest are who are proclaiming to you_all’ SR GNT Acts 16:17 word 21

ACTs 16:28ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘harm all for we are here’ SR GNT Acts 16:28 word 17

ACTs 16:38εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘having heard that Ɽōmaios they are’ SR GNT Acts 16:38 word 28

ACTs 17:28ἐσμέν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘and are_being moved and are as also some’ SR GNT Acts 17:28 word 9

ACTs 17:28ἐσμέν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘for also descent we are’ SR GNT Acts 17:28 word 29

ACTs 19:15ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all but who_all are’ SR GNT Acts 19:15 word 22

ACTs 19:26εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘saying that not they are gods the ones by’ SR GNT Acts 19:26 word 33

ACTs 19:38εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘are_being brought and proconsuls there are them let_be indicting against one_another’ SR GNT Acts 19:38 word 23

ACTs 21:20εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘brother how_many tens_of_thousands are among the Youdaiōns’ SR GNT Acts 21:20 word 18

ACTs 21:23εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘what to you we are saying are with us men four’ SR GNT Acts 21:23 word 7

ACTs 22:3ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘as all you_all are today’ SR GNT Acts 22:3 word 41

ACTs 23:15ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘to near him ready are to kill him’ SR GNT Acts 23:15 word 43

ACTs 23:21εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘him and now they are ready waiting_for the’ SR GNT Acts 23:21 word 29

ACTs 24:11εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘that not more there are to me days twelve’ SR GNT Acts 24:11 word 8

ROM 1:6ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘among whom are also you_all called ones’ SR GNT Rom 1:6 word 3

ROM 1:32εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘doing worthy of death are not only them’ SR GNT Rom 1:32 word 15

ROM 2:14εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘not having to themselves are a law’ SR GNT Rom 2:14 word 19

ROM 6:14ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘will_be mastering not for you_all are under law but’ SR GNT Rom 6:14 word 9

ROM 6:15ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘we may sin because not we are under law but’ SR GNT Rom 6:15 word 7

ROM 6:16ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘for obedience slaves you_all are to whom you_all are submitting whether’ SR GNT Rom 6:16 word 11

ROM 8:9ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all and not are in flesh but’ SR GNT Rom 8:9 word 4

ROM 8:12ἐσμέν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘therefore brothers debtors we are not to the flesh’ SR GNT Rom 8:12 word 5

ROM 8:14εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘these the sons of god are’ SR GNT Rom 8:14 word 11

ROM 8:16ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘spirit of us that we are children of god’ SR GNT Rom 8:16 word 9

ROM 9:4εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘who are \add >ones\add*_from_Israaʸl/(Yisərāʼēl) of whose is the’ SR GNT Rom 9:4 word 2

ROM 9:7εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘nor because they are seed of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām) all’ SR GNT Rom 9:7 word 4

ROM 12:5ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘many one body we are in chosen_one/messiah and’ SR GNT Rom 12:5 word 6

ROM 13:1εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘by god having_been appointed they are’ SR GNT Rom 13:1 word 25

ROM 13:3εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘for rulers not are a fear to good work’ SR GNT Rom 13:3 word 5

ROM 13:6εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘ministers for of god they are for same thing this’ SR GNT Rom 13:6 word 10

ROM 14:8ἐσμέν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘we may_be dying_off of the master we are’ SR GNT Rom 14:8 word 27

ROM 15:14ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘also yourselves full are of goodness having_been filled with all’ SR GNT Rom 15:14 word 15

ROM 15:27εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘for and debtors they are of them if for’ SR GNT Rom 15:27 word 8

ROM 16:7εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘fellow-prisoners of me who are notable among the’ SR GNT Rom 16:7 word 14

1COR 1:11εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘quarrels among you_all are’ SR GNT 1Cor 1:11 word 16

1COR 1:30ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘him but you_all are in chosen_one/messiah Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa)’ SR GNT 1Cor 1:30 word 5

1COR 3:3ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘still for/because fleshly you_all are where for/because among’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:3 word 4

1COR 3:3ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘strife not fleshly you_all are and according_to human_origin’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:3 word 19

1COR 3:4ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘of Apollōs not humans you_all are’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:4 word 18

1COR 3:8εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘the one giving_to_drink one are each but his’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:8 word 8

1COR 3:9ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘of god for we are fellow-workers of god the field’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:9 word 3

1COR 3:9ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘the field of god the building you_all are’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:9 word 9

1COR 3:16ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘that temple of god you_all are and the spirit’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:16 word 6

1COR 3:17ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘holy is which are you_all’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:17 word 21

1COR 3:20εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘of the wise that they are useless’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:20 word 11

1COR 4:8ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘already having_been satiated you_all are already you_all became_rich apart_from’ SR GNT 1Cor 4:8 word 3

1COR 5:2ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘and you_all having_been arrogant are and not rather’ SR GNT 1Cor 5:2 word 4

1COR 5:7ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘a new lump as you_all are unleavened also for’ SR GNT 1Cor 5:7 word 11

1COR 6:2ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘the world unworthy you_all are of the courts of the least’ SR GNT 1Cor 6:2 word 18

1COR 6:19ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘god and not you_all are of yourselves’ SR GNT 1Cor 6:19 word 24

1COR 8:5εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘even for if_indeed there are being called gods whether’ SR GNT 1Cor 8:5 word 4

1COR 8:5εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘on earth as there are gods many and’ SR GNT 1Cor 8:5 word 16

1COR 9:1ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘work of me you_all are in the master’ SR GNT 1Cor 9:1 word 21

1COR 9:2ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘of the commission you_all are in the master’ SR GNT 1Cor 9:2 word 18

1COR 10:17ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘body the many we are for all of’ SR GNT 1Cor 10:17 word 8

1COR 10:18εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘partners in the altar are’ SR GNT 1Cor 10:18 word 15

1COR 10:22ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘not stronger than he we are’ SR GNT 1Cor 10:22 word 8

1COR 12:4εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘divisions and of gifts there are the but same’ SR GNT 1Cor 12:4 word 4

1COR 12:5εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘and divisions of service there are but the same’ SR GNT 1Cor 12:5 word 4

1COR 12:6εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘and divisions of actions there are but the same’ SR GNT 1Cor 12:6 word 4

1COR 12:27ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all and are the body of chosen_one/messiah and’ SR GNT 1Cor 12:27 word 3

1COR 14:10εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘it might happen kinds of languages are in the world and’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:10 word 7

1COR 14:12ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all because zealous you_all are of spirits for the’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:12 word 6

1COR 14:22εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘tongues for a sign are not to the ones believing’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:22 word 6

1COR 15:17ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘of you_all and still you_all are in the sins’ SR GNT 1Cor 15:17 word 14

1COR 15:19ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘in chosen_one/messiah having hoped we are only more_pitiful than all’ SR GNT 1Cor 15:19 word 11

1COR 15:19ἐσμέν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘more_pitiful than all people we are’ SR GNT 1Cor 15:19 word 16

2COR 1:7ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘that as partners you_all are of the sufferings thus’ SR GNT 2Cor 1:7 word 22

2COR 1:14ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘that the boast of you_all we are just_as also you_all are’ SR GNT 2Cor 1:14 word 12

2COR 1:24ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘faith but fellow-workers we are of the joy with you_all’ SR GNT 2Cor 1:24 word 9

2COR 2:9ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘to all things obedient you_all are’ SR GNT 2Cor 2:9 word 15

2COR 2:15ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘because of chosen_one/messiah a sweet_fragrance we are to god in the ones’ SR GNT 2Cor 2:15 word 4

2COR 2:17ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘not for we are like the many’ SR GNT 2Cor 2:17 word 3

2COR 3:2ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘letter of us you_all are having_been inscribed in the’ SR GNT 2Cor 3:2 word 5

2COR 3:3ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘being revealed that you_all are a letter of chosen_one/messiah having_been served’ SR GNT 2Cor 3:3 word 3

2COR 3:5ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘from ourselves worthy we are to count anything as’ SR GNT 2Cor 3:5 word 6

2COR 6:16ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘for the temple of god are the living as said’ SR GNT 2Cor 6:16 word 15

2COR 7:3ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘the hearts of us you_all are in_order that to die_together’ SR GNT 2Cor 7:3 word 15

2COR 10:11ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘such one that such_as we are in message by letters’ SR GNT 2Cor 10:11 word 7

2COR 11:22εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘Hebraios they are also_I \add >ones\add*_from_Israaʸl/(Yisərāʼēl) they are’ SR GNT 2Cor 11:22 word 2

2COR 11:22εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘they are also_I \add >ones\add*_from_Israaʸl/(Yisərāʼēl) they are also_I descendants of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām)’ SR GNT 2Cor 11:22 word 6

2COR 11:22εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘also_I descendants of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām) they are also_I’ SR GNT 2Cor 11:22 word 10

2COR 11:23εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘servants of chosen_one/messiah they are being_insane I am speaking above them’ SR GNT 2Cor 11:23 word 3

2COR 13:5ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘yourselves be testing whether you_all are in the faith’ SR GNT 2Cor 13:5 word 4

2COR 13:5ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘if surely_not unqualified you_all are’ SR GNT 2Cor 13:5 word 24

2COR 13:6ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘that we not are unqualified’ SR GNT 2Cor 13:6 word 8

GAL 1:7εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘another one except some are who disturbing you_all’ SR GNT Gal 1:7 word 8

GAL 3:3ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘thus foolish you_all are having begun in the spirit now’ SR GNT Gal 3:3 word 3

GAL 3:7εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘faith these the sons are of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām)’ SR GNT Gal 3:7 word 11

GAL 3:10εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘of the works of law are under a curse are’ SR GNT Gal 3:10 word 6

GAL 3:10εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘are under a curse are it has_been written for cursed is’ SR GNT Gal 3:10 word 9

GAL 3:25ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘no_longer under a tutor we are’ SR GNT Gal 3:25 word 8

GAL 3:26ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘for sons of god you_all are through faith in’ SR GNT Gal 3:26 word 6

GAL 3:28ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘for you_all one are in chosen_one/messiah Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa)’ SR GNT Gal 3:28 word 24

GAL 3:29ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘consequently of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām) the seed you_all are according_to the promise heirs’ SR GNT Gal 3:29 word 10

GAL 4:6ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘because and you_all are sons sent_away god’ SR GNT Gal 4:6 word 3

GAL 4:24εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘being allegorized these for are two covenants one’ SR GNT Gal 4:24 word 6

GAL 4:28ἐστέ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘Isaʼak/(Yiʦəḩāq) of promise children are’ SR GNT Gal 4:28 word 10

GAL 4:31ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘therefore brothers not we are of the servant_girl children but’ SR GNT Gal 4:31 word 7

GAL 5:18ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘by the spirit you_all are_being led not you_all are under the law’ SR GNT Gal 5:18 word 7

EPH 2:5ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘with the chosen_one/messiah by grace you_all are having_been saved’ SR GNT Eph 2:5 word 17

EPH 2:8ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘for by grace you_all are having_been saved through faith’ SR GNT Eph 2:8 word 4

EPH 2:10ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘of him for we are the workmanship having_been created in’ SR GNT Eph 2:10 word 4

EPH 2:19ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘consequently therefore no_longer you_all are strangers and sojourners’ SR GNT Eph 2:19 word 4

EPH 2:19ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘and sojourners but you_all are fellow-citizens of the holy ones’ SR GNT Eph 2:19 word 9

EPH 4:25ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘near him because we are of one_another members’ SR GNT Eph 4:25 word 17

EPH 5:16εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘the days evil are’ SR GNT Eph 5:16 word 8

EPH 5:30ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘because members we are of the body of him’ SR GNT Eph 5:30 word 3

PHP 3:3ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘we for are the circumcision the ones’ SR GNT Php 3:3 word 3

COL 2:3εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘in whom are all the treasures’ SR GNT Col 2:3 word 3

COL 2:10ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘and you_all are in him having_been fulfilled’ SR GNT Col 2:10 word 2

1TH 2:20ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all for are the glory of us’ SR GNT 1Th 2:20 word 3

1TH 4:9ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘for you_all god-taught are in_order that to_be loving’ SR GNT 1Th 4:9 word 15

1TH 5:4ἐστὲ (este) V-IPA2..P ‘but brothers not are in darkness in_order_that’ SR GNT 1Th 5:4 word 5

1TH 5:5ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all sons of light are and sons of day’ SR GNT 1Th 5:5 word 6

1TH 5:5ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘sons of day neither we are of night nor of darkness’ SR GNT 1Th 5:5 word 11

1TIM 5:24εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘the sins quite_evident are going_before them to judgment’ SR GNT 1Tim 5:24 word 6

1TIM 6:1εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘as_many_as are under a yoke slaves’ SR GNT 1Tim 6:1 word 2

1TIM 6:2εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘them let_be despising because brothers they are but rather them let_be serving’ SR GNT 1Tim 6:2 word 11

1TIM 6:2εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘them let_be serving because believing they are and beloved who are’ SR GNT 1Tim 6:2 word 17

2TIM 3:6εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘out_of these for are the ones slipping_in into’ SR GNT 2Tim 3:6 word 4

TIT 1:10εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘are for many insubordinate’ SR GNT Tit 1:10 word 1

TIT 3:9εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘quarrels legal be avoiding they are for unprofitable and’ SR GNT Tit 3:9 word 13

HEB 1:10εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘of the hands of you are the heavens’ SR GNT Heb 1:10 word 14

HEB 1:14εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘not all they are ministering spirits for’ SR GNT Heb 1:14 word 3

HEB 3:6ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘of him whose house are we if our’ SR GNT Heb 3:6 word 13

HEB 4:2ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘also for we are having_been good_message_preached to_us just_as also_those’ SR GNT Heb 4:2 word 4

HEB 7:20εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘for without an oath are priests having become’ SR GNT Heb 7:20 word 14

HEB 7:23εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘the ones on_one_hand more are having become priests because_of’ SR GNT Heb 7:23 word 5

HEB 10:10ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘that will having_been sanctified we are through the offering’ SR GNT Heb 10:10 word 5

HEB 10:39ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘we but not are of shrinking_back to destruction’ SR GNT Heb 10:39 word 4

HEB 11:13εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘strangers and aliens they are on the earth’ SR GNT Heb 11:13 word 27

HEB 12:8ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘if but without you_all are discipline of which partakers’ SR GNT Heb 12:8 word 4

HEB 12:8ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘and not sons you_all are’ SR GNT Heb 12:8 word 17

YAC 4:14ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘of you_all a vapour for you_all are for a little time appearing’ SR GNT Yac 4:14 word 15

2PET 2:17εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘these are springs waterless and’ SR GNT 2Pet 2:17 word 2

2PET 3:7εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘same message having_been stored_up are for fire being kept to’ SR GNT 2Pet 3:7 word 13

1YHN 2:5ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘that in him we are’ SR GNT 1Yhn 2:5 word 22

1YHN 2:14ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘young_men because strong ones you_all are and the message’ SR GNT 1Yhn 2:14 word 23

1YHN 2:19εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘they may_be revealed that not they are all of us’ SR GNT 1Yhn 2:19 word 25

1YHN 3:1ἐσμέν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘of god we may_be called and we are because_of this the’ SR GNT 1Yhn 3:1 word 15

1YHN 3:2ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘now children of god we are and not_yet was revealed’ SR GNT 1Yhn 3:2 word 5

1YHN 3:19ἐσμέν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘of the truth we are and before him’ SR GNT 1Yhn 3:19 word 10

1YHN 4:4ἐστε (este) V-IPA2..P ‘you_all of god are little_children and you_all have overcome’ SR GNT 1Yhn 4:4 word 5

1YHN 4:5εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘of the world are because_of this from’ SR GNT 1Yhn 4:5 word 5

1YHN 4:6ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘we of god are the one knowing god’ SR GNT 1Yhn 4:6 word 5

1YHN 4:17ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘is also we are in world this’ SR GNT 1Yhn 4:17 word 26

1YHN 5:3εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘of him heavy not are’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:3 word 19

1YHN 5:7εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘because three are the ones testifying’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:7 word 4

1YHN 5:8εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘three in one there are’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:8 word 23

1YHN 5:19ἐσμεν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘that of god we are and the world’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:19 word 6

1YHN 5:20ἐσμὲν (esmen) V-IPA1..P ‘the true one and we are in the true one’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:20 word 24

YUD 1:12εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘these are the ones in the’ SR GNT Yud 1:12 word 2

YUD 1:16εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘these are grumblings complaining according_to’ SR GNT Yud 1:16 word 2

YUD 1:19εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘these are the ones dividing soulish’ SR GNT Yud 1:19 word 2

REV 1:19εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘you saw and what things they are and what things is going’ SR GNT Rev 1:19 word 7

REV 1:20εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘of the seven assemblies are and the lampstands’ SR GNT Rev 1:20 word 29

REV 1:20εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘seven the seven assemblies are’ SR GNT Rev 1:20 word 40

REV 2:2εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘ambassadors and not they are and you found them’ SR GNT Rev 2:2 word 31

REV 2:9εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘themselves and not they are but are a synagogue of Satan/(Sāţān)’ SR GNT Rev 2:9 word 28

REV 3:4εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘white garments because worthy they are’ SR GNT Rev 3:4 word 26

REV 3:9εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘to_be and not they are but they are lying see’ SR GNT Rev 3:9 word 17

REV 5:6εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘eyes seven which are the seven spirits’ SR GNT Rev 5:6 word 33

REV 5:8εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘being_full of incenses which are the prayers of the’ SR GNT Rev 5:8 word 32

REV 7:13εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘robes white who_all they are and from_where they came’ SR GNT Rev 7:13 word 18

REV 7:14εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘he said to me these are the ones coming out_of’ SR GNT Rev 7:14 word 14

REV 7:15εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘because_of this they are before the throne’ SR GNT Rev 7:15 word 3

REV 11:4εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘these are the two olive_trees’ SR GNT Rev 11:4 word 2

REV 14:4εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘these are those who with women’ SR GNT Rev 14:4 word 2

REV 14:4εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘were defiled virgins for they are these are the ones following’ SR GNT Rev 14:4 word 11

REV 14:5εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘a falsehood blameless for they are’ SR GNT Rev 14:5 word 14

REV 16:6εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘have given to drink worthy they are’ SR GNT Rev 16:6 word 20

REV 16:14εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘they are for/because spirits of demons’ SR GNT Rev 16:14 word 1

REV 17:9εἰσίν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘heads seven mountains are where the woman’ SR GNT Rev 17:9 word 12

REV 17:9εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘and kings seven are’ SR GNT Rev 17:9 word 24

REV 17:12εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘you saw ten kings are who a kingdom thus’ SR GNT Rev 17:12 word 9

REV 17:15εἰσὶν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘peoples and crowds are and nations and’ SR GNT Rev 17:15 word 19

REV 19:9εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘words true of god are’ SR GNT Rev 19:9 word 27

REV 21:5εἰσιν (eisin) V-IPA3..P ‘faithful and true are’ SR GNT Rev 21:5 word 30

Key: V=verb IPA1..P=indicative,present,active,1st person plural IPA2..P=indicative,present,active,2nd person plural IPA2..S=indicative,present,active,2nd person singular IPA3..P=indicative,present,active,3rd person plural