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προφήτηςYhn 1

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Other uses (26) of identical word form προφήτης (N-NMS) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘προφήτης’ (N-NMS) has 3 different glosses: ‘a prophet’, ‘the prophet’, ‘prophet’.

YHN 1:21 ‘not I am the prophet are you and’ SR GNT John 1:21 word 23

YHN 1:23 ‘said Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet’ SR GNT John 1:23 word 21

YHN 4:19 ‘Master I am perceiving that a prophet are you’ SR GNT John 4:19 word 8

YHN 4:44 ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) testified that a prophet in his own’ SR GNT John 4:44 word 7

YHN 6:14 ‘is truly the prophet who coming into’ SR GNT John 6:14 word 19

YHN 7:40 ‘is truly the prophet’ SR GNT John 7:40 word 24

YHN 7:52 ‘that out_of Galilaia/(Gālīl) a prophet not is_being raised’ SR GNT John 7:52 word 27

YHN 9:17 ‘he and said a prophet he is’ SR GNT John 9:17 word 27

MARK 6:4 ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) not is a prophet dishonourable except in’ SR GNT Mark 6:4 word 10

MARK 6:15 ‘others and were saying a prophet like one of the’ SR GNT Mark 6:15 word 11

MARK 11:32 ‘Yōannaʸs really that a prophet he was’ SR GNT Mark 11:32 word 23

MAT 13:57 ‘to them not is a prophet dishonourable except in’ SR GNT Mat 13:57 word 13

MAT 21:11 ‘this is the prophet Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) the one from’ SR GNT Mat 21:11 word 11

LUKE 1:76 ‘you and little_child the prophet of the highest will_be_being called you will_be going_before’ SR GNT Luke 1:76 word 5

LUKE 4:24 ‘to you_all that not_one prophet acceptable is in’ SR GNT Luke 4:24 word 10

LUKE 7:16 ‘they were glorifying god saying a prophet great was raised among’ SR GNT Luke 7:16 word 12

LUKE 7:39 ‘this one if he was a prophet was knowing would who’ SR GNT Luke 7:39 word 19

LUKE 9:8 ‘by others and that prophet a certain of the ancients’ SR GNT Luke 9:8 word 12

LUKE 9:19 ‘others but that prophet a certain of the ancients’ SR GNT Luke 9:19 word 15

LUKE 24:19 ‘who became a man a prophet powerful in work’ SR GNT Luke 24:19 word 22

ACTs 2:30 ‘a prophet therefore being and’ SR GNT Acts 2:30 word 1

ACTs 7:48 ‘is dwelling as the prophet is saying’ SR GNT Acts 7:48 word 15

ACTs 8:34 ‘concerning whom the prophet is saying this concerning’ SR GNT Acts 8:34 word 13

ACTs 21:10 ‘a certain from Youdaia prophet by the name Agabos’ SR GNT Acts 21:10 word 12

1COR 14:37 ‘if anyone is supposing a prophet to_be or spiritual’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:37 word 4

TIT 1:12 ‘them an own of them prophet \add >ones\add*_from_Kraʸtaʸ always are liars’ SR GNT Tit 1:12 word 8

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘profētēs’ have 10 different glosses: ‘a prophet’, ‘the prophet’, ‘the prophets’, ‘from prophet’, ‘of a prophet’, ‘of prophets’, ‘to prophets’, ‘prophet’, ‘prophets’, ‘prophets were’.

Greek words (39) other than προφήτης (N-NMS) with a gloss related to ‘prophet’

Have 39 other words with 1 lemma altogether (profētēs)

YHN 12:38προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘message of Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet may_be fulfilled that he said’ SR GNT John 12:38 word 6

MARK 1:2προφήτῃ (profaʸtaʸ) N-DMS ‘in Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet see I am sending_out the’ SR GNT Mark 1:2 word 10

MAT 1:22προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘the master through the prophet saying’ SR GNT Mat 1:22 word 15

MAT 2:5προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘it has_been written through the prophet’ SR GNT Mat 2:5 word 15

MAT 2:15προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘the master through the prophet saying out_of of Aiguptos/(Miʦərayim)’ SR GNT Mat 2:15 word 17

MAT 2:17προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘through Yeremias/(Yirəməyāh) the prophet saying’ SR GNT Mat 2:17 word 10

MAT 3:3προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘through Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet saying the voice of a shouting one’ SR GNT Mat 3:3 word 10

MAT 4:14προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘by Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet saying’ SR GNT Mat 4:14 word 8

MAT 8:17προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘by Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet saying himself the’ SR GNT Mat 8:17 word 8

MAT 10:41προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘the one receiving a prophet in name of a prophet’ SR GNT Mat 10:41 word 3

MAT 10:41προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘a prophet in name of a prophet the reward of a prophet will_be receiving’ SR GNT Mat 10:41 word 6

MAT 10:41προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘name of a prophet the reward of a prophet will_be receiving and the one’ SR GNT Mat 10:41 word 8

MAT 11:9προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘but why you_all came_out a prophet to see yes I am saying’ SR GNT Mat 11:9 word 7

MAT 11:9προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘to you_all and more_important than a prophet’ SR GNT Mat 11:9 word 14

MAT 12:17προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘by Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet saying’ SR GNT Mat 12:17 word 9

MAT 12:39προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘sign of Yōnas/(Yōnāh) the prophet’ SR GNT Mat 12:39 word 24

MAT 13:35προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘having_been spoken by the prophet saying I will_be opening_up in’ SR GNT Mat 13:35 word 8

MAT 14:5προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘crowd because as a prophet him they were having’ SR GNT Mat 14:5 word 12

MAT 21:4προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘having_been spoken by the prophet saying’ SR GNT Mat 21:4 word 11

MAT 21:26προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘all for as a prophet are having Yōannaʸs’ SR GNT Mat 21:26 word 13

MAT 21:46προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘crowds because for a prophet him they were having’ SR GNT Mat 21:46 word 15

MAT 24:15προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘by Daniaʸl/(Dāniyyēʼl) the prophet having stood in the place’ SR GNT Mat 24:15 word 16

MAT 27:9προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘by Yeremias/(Yirəməyāh) the prophet saying and they took’ SR GNT Mat 27:9 word 9

LUKE 3:4προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘of the messages of Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet the voice shouting in’ SR GNT Luke 3:4 word 10

LUKE 4:17προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘to him the scroll of the prophet Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) and having opened_up’ SR GNT Luke 4:17 word 8

LUKE 4:27προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘during Elissaios/(ʼElīshāˊ) the prophet and no_one of them’ SR GNT Luke 4:27 word 11

LUKE 7:26προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘what you_all came_out to see a prophet yes I am saying to you_all’ SR GNT Luke 7:26 word 6

LUKE 7:26προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘to you_all and more_important than a prophet’ SR GNT Luke 7:26 word 12

LUKE 13:33προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘because not it is permitting a prophet to perish outside Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim)’ SR GNT Luke 13:33 word 18

LUKE 20:6προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘for he is Yōannaʸs a prophet to_be’ SR GNT Luke 20:6 word 25

ACTs 2:16προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘having_been spoken by the prophet Yōaʸl/(Yōʼēl)’ SR GNT Acts 2:16 word 8

ACTs 3:22προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh) indeed said a prophet to you_all will_be raising_up the master’ SR GNT Acts 3:22 word 11

ACTs 3:23προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘whoever not may hear from prophet that will_be_being wholly_destroyed from’ SR GNT Acts 3:23 word 11

ACTs 7:37προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘to the sons of Israaʸl/(Yisərāʼēl) a prophet to you_all will_be raising_up god’ SR GNT Acts 7:37 word 11

ACTs 8:28προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘and was reading the prophet Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh)’ SR GNT Acts 8:28 word 19

ACTs 8:30προφήτην (profaʸtaʸn) N-AMS ‘reading Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet and said then’ SR GNT Acts 8:30 word 11

ACTs 13:20προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘judges until Samouaʸl/(Shəmūʼēl) the prophet’ SR GNT Acts 13:20 word 18

ACTs 28:25προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘by Aʸsaias/(Yəshaˊəyāh) the prophet to the fathers’ SR GNT Acts 28:25 word 24

2PET 2:16προφήτου (profaʸtou) N-GMS ‘forbade the of the prophet insanity’ SR GNT 2Pet 2:16 word 16

Key: N=noun AMS=accusative,masculine,singular DMS=dative,masculine,singular GMS=genitive,masculine,singular NMS=nominative,masculine,singular