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βαπτίζωYhn 1

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Other uses (2) of identical word form βαπτίζω (V-IPA1..S) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘βαπτίζω’ (V-IPA1..S) is always and only glossed as ‘am immersing’.

(In the VLT, the word form ‘βαπτίζω’ (V-IPA1..S) was always and only glossed as ‘am baptizing’).

MAT 3:11 ‘I on_one_hand you_all am immersing in water to’ SR GNT Mat 3:11 word 6

LUKE 3:16 ‘I on_one_hand in water am immersing you_all is coming on_the_other_hand’ SR GNT Luke 3:16 word 16

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘baptizō’ have 29 different glosses: ‘am immersing’, ‘am_being immersed’, ‘being immersed’, ‘having_been immersed’, ‘is immersing’, ‘let_be immersed’, ‘to_be immersed’, ‘to_be immersing’, ‘was immersing’, ‘were immersed’, ‘were_being immersed’, ‘will_be immersing’, ‘will_be_being immersed’, ‘I immersed’, ‘he was immersed’, ‘he was washed’, ‘he immersed’, ‘she was immersed’, ‘they are_being immersed’, ‘they may wash’, ‘they were immersed’, ‘they were_being immersed’, ‘we were immersed’, ‘you are immersing’, ‘you_all were immersed’, ‘you_all will_be_being immersed’, ‘immerse’, ‘immersed’, ‘immersing’.

Greek words (19) other than βαπτίζω (V-IPA1..S) with a gloss related to ‘immersing’

Have 19 other words (βαπτίζων, βαπτίζει, ἐβάπτιζεν, βαπτίζει, βαπτίσει, βαπτίζων, βαπτίσει, βαπτίζων, βαπτίζειν, βαπτίσει, βαπτίζων, βαπτίζων, βαπτίζειν, βαπτίζοντες, ἐβάπτιζεν, βαπτίζων, βαπτίζων, βαπτίζοντος, βαπτίζεις) with 1 lemma altogether (baptizō)

YHN 1:25βαπτίζεις (baptizeis) V-IPA2..S ‘to him why therefore you are immersing if you not’ SR GNT John 1:25 word 10

YHN 1:28βαπτίζων (baptizōn) V-PPA.NMS ‘where was Yōannaʸs immersing’ SR GNT John 1:28 word 15

YHN 1:31βαπτίζων (baptizōn) V-PPA.NMS ‘I in water immersing’ SR GNT John 1:31 word 18

YHN 1:33βαπτίζειν (baptizein) V-NPA.... ‘the one having sent me to_be immersing in water that one’ SR GNT John 1:33 word 11

YHN 1:33βαπτίζων (baptizōn) V-PPA.NMS ‘he is the one immersing in the spirit holy’ SR GNT John 1:33 word 36

YHN 3:22ἐβάπτιζεν (ebaptizen) V-IIA3..S ‘with them and was immersing’ SR GNT John 3:22 word 25

YHN 3:23βαπτίζων (baptizōn) V-PPA.NMS ‘and also Yōannaʸs immersing in Ainōn near’ SR GNT John 3:23 word 6

YHN 3:26βαπτίζει (baptizei) V-IPA3..S ‘have testified see this one is immersing and all are coming’ SR GNT John 3:26 word 27

YHN 4:1βαπτίζει (baptizei) V-IPA3..S ‘apprentices/followers is making and is immersing than Yōannaʸs’ SR GNT John 4:1 word 17

YHN 4:2ἐβάπτιζεν (ebaptizen) V-IIA3..S ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) himself not was immersing but the apprentices/followers’ SR GNT John 4:2 word 7

YHN 10:40βαπτίζων (baptizōn) V-PPA.NMS ‘was Yōannaʸs before immersing and he remained there’ SR GNT John 10:40 word 18

MARK 1:4βαπτίζων (baptizōn) V-PPA.NMS ‘became Yōannaʸs the one immersing in the wilderness’ SR GNT Mark 1:4 word 5

MARK 1:8βαπτίσει (baptisei) V-IFA3..S ‘in water he but will_be immersing you_all the spirit holy’ SR GNT Mark 1:8 word 11

MARK 6:14βαπτίζων (baptizōn) V-PPA.NMS ‘he was saying Yōannaʸs the one immersing has_been raised from the dead’ SR GNT Mark 6:14 word 21

MARK 6:24βαπτίζοντος (baptizontos) V-PPA.GMS ‘head of Yōannaʸs the one immersing’ SR GNT Mark 6:24 word 21

MAT 3:11βαπτίσει (baptisei) V-IFA3..S ‘to bear he you_all will_be immersing in the spirit holy’ SR GNT Mat 3:11 word 29

MAT 28:19βαπτίζοντες (baptizontes) V-PPA.NMP ‘all the nations immersing them in the’ SR GNT Mat 28:19 word 9

LUKE 3:16βαπτίσει (baptisei) V-IFA3..S ‘of him he you_all will_be immersing in the spirit holy’ SR GNT Luke 3:16 word 45

1COR 1:17βαπτίζειν (baptizein) V-NPA.... ‘sent_out me chosen_one/messiah to_be immersing but to_be good_message_preaching not’ SR GNT 1Cor 1:17 word 8

Key: V=verb IFA3..S=indicative,future,active,3rd person singular IIA3..S=indicative,imperfect,active,3rd person singular IPA1..S=indicative,present,active,1st person singular IPA2..S=indicative,present,active,2nd person singular IPA3..S=indicative,present,active,3rd person singular NPA....=infinitive,present,active PPA.GMS=participle,present,active,genitive,masculine,singular PPA.NMP=participle,present,active,nominative,masculine,plural PPA.NMS=participle,present,active,nominative,masculine,singular