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ὑμεῖςYhn (Jhn) 1 

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Showing the first 50 out of (235) uses of identical word form ὑμεῖς (R-...2N.P) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘ὑμεῖς’ (R-...2N.P) has 4 different glosses: ‘of you_all’, ‘you_all’, ‘you_all are’, ‘you_all forgive’.

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C3.htm#C3V28">YHN (JHN) 3:28 ‘yourselves you_all to me are testifying that’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 3:28 word 2

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V20">YHN (JHN) 4:20 ‘this prostrated and you_all are saying that in’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:20 word 11

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V22">YHN (JHN) 4:22 ‘you_all are prostrating what not’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:22 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V32">YHN (JHN) 4:32 ‘am having to eat that you_all not have known’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:32 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V35">YHN (JHN) 4:35 ‘not you_all are saying still four_month’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:35 word 2

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V38">YHN (JHN) 4:38 ‘to_be reaping what not you_all have labored others have labored’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:38 word 8

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V38">YHN (JHN) 4:38 ‘others have labored and you_all into the labor’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:38 word 15

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V20">YHN (JHN) 5:20 ‘to him works in_order_that you_all may_be marvelling’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:20 word 28

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V33">YHN (JHN) 5:33 ‘you_all have sent_out to Yōannaʸs’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:33 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V34">YHN (JHN) 5:34 ‘these things I am saying in_order_that you_all may_be saved’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:34 word 15

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V35">YHN (JHN) 5:35 ‘being burned and shining you_all and willed to_be exulted’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:35 word 9

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V38">YHN (JHN) 5:38 ‘he sent_out that one in this one you_all not are believing’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:38 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V39">YHN (JHN) 5:39 ‘the scriptures because you_all are supposing in them’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:39 word 5

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V44">YHN (JHN) 5:44 ‘how are being_able you_all to believe glory from’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:44 word 3

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C5.htm#C5V45">YHN (JHN) 5:45 ‘Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh) in whom you_all have hoped’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 5:45 word 22

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C6.htm#C6V67">YHN (JHN) 6:67 ‘twelve not also you_all are wanting to_be going_away’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 6:67 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V8">YHN (JHN) 7:8 ‘you_all go_uphill to the’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:8 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V28">YHN (JHN) 7:28 ‘having sent me whom you_all not have known’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:28 word 38

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V34">YHN (JHN) 7:34 ‘where am I you_all not are being_able to come’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:34 word 11

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V36">YHN (JHN) 7:36 ‘where am I you_all not are being_able to come’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:36 word 22

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V47">YHN (JHN) 7:47 ‘Farisaios_\add party\add* not also you_all have_been deceived’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:47 word 8

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V14">YHN (JHN) 8:14 ‘and where I am going you_all but not have known’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:14 word 30

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V15">YHN (JHN) 8:15 ‘you_all according_to the flesh’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:15 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V21">YHN (JHN) 8:21 ‘where I am going you_all not are being_able to come’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:21 word 24

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V22">YHN (JHN) 8:22 ‘where I am going you_all not are being_able to come’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:22 word 16

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V23">YHN (JHN) 8:23 ‘and he was saying to them you_all from the things below’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:23 word 6

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V23">YHN (JHN) 8:23 ‘the things above am you_all of this world’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:23 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V31">YHN (JHN) 8:31 ‘in him Youdaiōns if you_all may remain in message’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:31 word 11

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V38">YHN (JHN) 8:38 ‘father I am speaking also you_all therefore what you_all heard’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:38 word 16

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V41">YHN (JHN) 8:41 ‘you_all are doing the works’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:41 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V44">YHN (JHN) 8:44 ‘you_all of the father’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:44 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V46">YHN (JHN) 8:46 ‘I am speaking for_reason why you_all not are believing in me’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:46 word 15

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V47">YHN (JHN) 8:47 ‘is hearing because_of this you_all not are hearing because’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:47 word 13

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V49">YHN (JHN) 8:49 ‘father of me and you_all are dishonouring me’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:49 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V54">YHN (JHN) 8:54 ‘glorifying me of whom you_all are saying god of us’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:54 word 21

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C9.htm#C9V19">YHN (JHN) 9:19 ‘son of you_all whom you_all are saying that blind’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 9:19 word 15

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C9.htm#C9V27">YHN (JHN) 9:27 ‘to_be hearing not also you_all are wanting of him apprentices/followers’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 9:27 word 21

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C9.htm#C9V30">YHN (JHN) 9:30 ‘a marvellous thing is that you_all not have known from_where’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 9:30 word 19

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C10.htm#C10V26">YHN (JHN) 10:26 ‘but you_all not are believing because’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 10:26 word 2

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C10.htm#C10V36">YHN (JHN) 10:36 ‘into the world you_all are saying you are slandering because’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 10:36 word 10

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C11.htm#C11V49">YHN (JHN) 11:49 ‘that said to them you_all not have known nothing’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 11:49 word 15

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C13.htm#C13V10">YHN (JHN) 13:10 ‘clean all and you_all clean are but’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 13:10 word 28

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C13.htm#C13V13">YHN (JHN) 13:13 ‘you_all are calling me Teacher’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 13:13 word 1

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C13.htm#C13V14">YHN (JHN) 13:14 ‘the Teacher also you_all are ought of one_another to_be washing’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 13:14 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C13.htm#C13V15">YHN (JHN) 13:15 ‘did to you_all also you_all may_be doing’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 13:15 word 12

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C13.htm#C13V33">YHN (JHN) 13:33 ‘where I am going you_all not are being_able to come’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 13:33 word 21

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C13.htm#C13V34">YHN (JHN) 13:34 ‘you_all that also you_all may_be loving one_another’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 13:34 word 15

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C14.htm#C14V3">YHN (JHN) 14:3 ‘am I also you_all may_be’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 14:3 word 25

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C14.htm#C14V17">YHN (JHN) 14:17 ‘him nor is knowing you_all are knowing him because’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 14:17 word 21

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C14.htm#C14V19">YHN (JHN) 14:19 ‘me no_longer is observing you_all but are observing me’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 14:19 word 9

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘su’ have 44 different glosses: ‘after you’, ‘against you’, ‘against you_all’, ‘before you_all’, ‘by you’, ‘by you_all’, ‘for you’, ‘for you_all’, ‘for you_all is’, ‘for you_all it_is’, ‘from you’, ‘from you_all’, ‘in you’, ‘in you_all’, ‘of you’, ‘of you are’, ‘of you be’, ‘of you is’, ‘of you_all’, ‘of you_all are’, ‘of you_all be’, ‘of you_all is’, ‘on you’, ‘on you_all’, ‘over you_all’, ‘to you’, ‘to you_all’, ‘unto you’, ‘unto you_all’, ‘upon you’, ‘with you’, ‘with you_all’, ‘you’, ‘you are’, ‘you is’, ‘you it_is’, ‘you want’, ‘you_all’, ‘you_all are’, ‘you_all be’, ‘you_all forgive’, ‘you_all is’, ‘you_all it_is’, ‘you_all ought’.

Key: R=pronoun ...2N.P=2nd person,nominative,plural