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οἴδατεYhn (Jhn) 1 

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Other uses (62) of identical word form οἴδατε (V-IEA2..P) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘οἴδατε’ (V-IEA2..P) has 3 different glosses: ‘have known’, ‘you_all have known’, ‘you_all have known how’.

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V22">YHN (JHN) 4:22 ‘are prostrating what not you_all have known we are prostrating what’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:22 word 5

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C4.htm#C4V32">YHN (JHN) 4:32 ‘that you_all not have known’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 4:32 word 12

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V28">YHN (JHN) 7:28 ‘and saying also_me you_all have known and you_all have known from_where’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:28 word 20

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V28">YHN (JHN) 7:28 ‘also_me you_all have known and you_all have known from_where I am and’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:28 word 22

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C7.htm#C7V28">YHN (JHN) 7:28 ‘whom you_all not have known’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 7:28 word 40

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V14">YHN (JHN) 8:14 ‘you_all but not have known from_where I am coming or’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:14 word 33

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C8.htm#C8V19">YHN (JHN) 8:19 ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) neither me you_all have known nor the father’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 8:19 word 18

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C9.htm#C9V30">YHN (JHN) 9:30 ‘that you_all not have known from_where he is and_yet’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 9:30 word 21

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C11.htm#C11V49">YHN (JHN) 11:49 ‘to them you_all not have known nothing’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 11:49 word 17

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C13.htm#C13V17">YHN (JHN) 13:17 ‘if these things you_all have known blessed you_all are if’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 13:17 word 3

YHN (JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JHN_C14.htm#C14V4">YHN (JHN) 14:4 ‘where I am going you_all have known the way’ SR GNT Yhn (Jhn) 14:4 word 5

MARK 4:13 ‘he is saying to them not you_all have known parable this and’ SR GNT Mark 4:13 word 5

MARK 10:38 ‘said to them not you_all have known what you_all are requesting you_all are being_able’ SR GNT Mark 10:38 word 9

MARK 10:42 ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) is saying to them you_all have known that the ones supposing’ SR GNT Mark 10:42 word 11

MARK 13:33 ‘and be praying not you_all have known for when the’ SR GNT Mark 13:33 word 8

MARK 13:35 ‘be watching therefore not you_all have known for when the’ SR GNT Mark 13:35 word 4

MAT 7:11 ‘you_all evil being have known gifts good to_be giving’ SR GNT Mat 7:11 word 6

MAT 20:22 ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) said not you_all have known what you_all are requesting you_all are being_able’ SR GNT Mat 20:22 word 8

MAT 20:25 ‘having called_to them said you_all have known that the rulers’ SR GNT Mat 20:25 word 8

MAT 24:42 ‘therefore because not you_all have known on what day the’ SR GNT Mat 24:42 word 5

MAT 25:13 ‘therefore because neither you_all have known the day nor’ SR GNT Mat 25:13 word 5

MAT 26:2 ‘you_all have known that after two’ SR GNT Mat 26:2 word 1

MAT 27:65 ‘be going secure it as you_all have known’ SR GNT Mat 27:65 word 13

LUKE 11:13 ‘you_all evil being have known gifts good to_be giving’ SR GNT Luke 11:13 word 7

LUKE 12:56 ‘and of the sky you_all have known how to_be approving time but’ SR GNT Luke 12:56 word 14

LUKE 12:56 ‘this how not you_all have known to_be scrutinizing’ SR GNT Luke 12:56 word 24

ACTs 2:22 ‘of you_all as yourselves you_all have known’ SR GNT Acts 2:22 word 39

ACTs 3:16 ‘whom you_all are observing and you_all have known strengthened the name’ SR GNT Acts 3:16 word 12

ACTs 10:37 ‘you_all have known the having become message’ SR GNT Acts 10:37 word 2

ROM 6:16 ‘not you_all have known that to whom you_all are presenting’ SR GNT Rom 6:16 word 2

ROM 11:2 ‘he foreknew or not you_all have known in Aʸlias/(ʼĒliyyāh) what’ SR GNT Rom 11:2 word 12

1COR 3:16 ‘not you_all have known that temple of god’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:16 word 2

1COR 5:6 ‘boast of you_all not you_all have known that a little leaven’ SR GNT 1Cor 5:6 word 7

1COR 6:2 ‘or not you_all have known that the holy ones’ SR GNT 1Cor 6:2 word 3

1COR 6:3 ‘not you_all have known that messengers we will_be judging’ SR GNT 1Cor 6:3 word 2

1COR 6:9 ‘or not you_all have known that the unrighteous of god’ SR GNT 1Cor 6:9 word 3

1COR 6:15 ‘not you_all have known that the bodies’ SR GNT 1Cor 6:15 word 2

1COR 6:16 ‘or not you_all have known that the one being joined_together’ SR GNT 1Cor 6:16 word 3

1COR 6:19 ‘or not you_all have known that the body’ SR GNT 1Cor 6:19 word 3

1COR 9:13 ‘not you_all have known that the ones in the’ SR GNT 1Cor 9:13 word 2

1COR 9:24 ‘not you_all have known that the ones in’ SR GNT 1Cor 9:24 word 2

1COR 12:2 ‘you_all have known that when pagans’ SR GNT 1Cor 12:2 word 1

1COR 16:15 ‘and you_all brothers you_all have known the house of Stefanas’ SR GNT 1Cor 16:15 word 5

GAL 4:13 ‘you_all have known but that because_of’ SR GNT Gal 4:13 word 1

PHP 4:15 ‘have known but also you_all’ SR GNT Php 4:15 word 1

1TH 1:5 ‘full_assurance much as you_all have known such_as we were become you_all’ SR GNT 1Th 1:5 word 28

1TH 2:1 ‘yourselves for you_all have known brothers the entrance’ SR GNT 1Th 2:1 word 3

1TH 2:2 ‘and having_been mistreated as you_all have known in Filippou we spoke_boldly’ SR GNT 1Th 2:2 word 7

1TH 2:5 ‘of flattery we were become as you_all have known nor with a under_pretense’ SR GNT 1Th 2:5 word 9

1TH 2:11 ‘just_as you_all have known how one each’ SR GNT 1Th 2:11 word 2

1TH 3:3 ‘these yourselves for you_all have known that for this’ SR GNT 1Th 3:3 word 11

1TH 3:4 ‘also it became and you_all have known’ SR GNT 1Th 3:4 word 16

1TH 4:2 ‘you_all have known for what_all charges’ SR GNT 1Th 4:2 word 1

1TH 5:2 ‘yourselves for exactly you_all have known that the day of the master’ SR GNT 1Th 5:2 word 4

2TH 2:6 ‘now the thing restraining you_all have known in_order that to_be revealed’ SR GNT 2Th 2:6 word 5

2TH 3:7 ‘yourselves for you_all have known how it is fitting to_be imitating’ SR GNT 2Th 3:7 word 3

YAC (JAM) 4:4 ‘adultresses not you_all have known that friendship with the’ SR GNT Yac (Jam) 4:4 word 5

YHN (1JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JN1_C2.htm#C2V20">1YHN (1JHN) 2:20 ‘the holy one and you_all have known all’ SR GNT 1Yhn (1Yohan or 1Jhn) 2:20 word 9

YHN (1JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JN1_C2.htm#C2V21">1YHN (1JHN) 2:21 ‘to you_all because not you_all have known the truth but’ SR GNT 1Yhn (1Yohan or 1Jhn) 2:21 word 6

YHN (1JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JN1_C2.htm#C2V21">1YHN (1JHN) 2:21 ‘truth but because you_all have known it and because’ SR GNT 1Yhn (1Yohan or 1Jhn) 2:21 word 11

YHN (1JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JN1_C3.htm#C3V5">1YHN (1JHN) 3:5 ‘and you_all have known that that one was revealed’ SR GNT 1Yhn (1Yohan or 1Jhn) 3:5 word 2

YHN (1JHN) text" href="../../OET/byC/JN1_C3.htm#C3V15">1YHN (1JHN) 3:15 ‘a murderer is and you_all have known that any murderer’ SR GNT 1Yhn (1Yohan or 1Jhn) 3:15 word 11

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘eidō’ have 29 different glosses: ‘be_having known’, ‘had known’, ‘has known’, ‘has known I_do’, ‘have known’, ‘having known’, ‘having perceived’, ‘having perceived them’, ‘may_have known’, ‘to_have known’, ‘will_have_been knowing’, ‘I had known’, ‘I have known’, ‘I may_have known’, ‘he had known’, ‘he has known’, ‘they had known’, ‘they have known’, ‘they have known it’, ‘to having known one’, ‘we have known’, ‘we may_have known’, ‘you had known’, ‘you have known’, ‘you may_have known’, ‘you_all had known’, ‘you_all have known’, ‘you_all have known how’, ‘you_all may_have known’.

Greek words (326) other than οἴδατε (V-IEA2..P) with a gloss related to ‘known’

Have 77 other words with 4 lemmas altogether (eidō, epiginōskō, ginōskō, gnōstos)

YHN 1:31ᾔδειν (aʸdein) V-ILA1..S ‘and_I not had known him but in_order_that’ SR GNT Yhn 1:31 word 3

YHN 1:33ᾔδειν (aʸdein) V-ILA1..S ‘and_I not had known him but the one’ SR GNT Yhn 1:33 word 5

YHN 2:9ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘having_been become and not had known from_where is the’ SR GNT Yhn 2:9 word 12

YHN 2:9ᾔδεισαν (aʸdeisan) V-ILA3..P ‘the but servants had known the ones having drawn the’ SR GNT Yhn 2:9 word 19

YHN 3:2οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘said to him My_great_\add >one\add* we have known that from god’ SR GNT Yhn 3:2 word 13

YHN 3:8οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘you are hearing but not you have known from_where it is coming and’ SR GNT Yhn 3:8 word 13

YHN 3:11οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘to you that what we have known we are speaking and what’ SR GNT Yhn 3:11 word 7

YHN 4:10ᾔδεις (aʸdeis) V-ILA2..S ‘said to her if you had known the gift of god’ SR GNT Yhn 4:10 word 8

YHN 4:22οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we are prostrating what we have known because salvation of’ SR GNT Yhn 4:22 word 9

YHN 4:25οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘to him the woman I have known that the chosen_one/messiah is coming’ SR GNT Yhn 4:25 word 5

YHN 4:42οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘for we have heard and we have known that this is’ SR GNT Yhn 4:42 word 26

YHN 5:6γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) lying_down and having known that much already’ SR GNT Yhn 5:6 word 9

YHN 5:13ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘but having_been healed not had known who he is for’ SR GNT Yhn 5:13 word 6

YHN 5:32οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘concerning me and I have known that true is’ SR GNT Yhn 5:32 word 8

YHN 5:42ἔγνωκα (egnōka) V-IEA1..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘but I have known you_all that the’ SR GNT Yhn 5:42 word 2

YHN 6:6ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘him he for/because had known what he was going to_be doing’ SR GNT Yhn 6:6 word 10

YHN 6:15γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) therefore having known that they are going to_be coming’ SR GNT Yhn 6:15 word 3

YHN 6:42οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘of Yōsaʸf/(Yōşēf) of whose we have known father and mother’ SR GNT Yhn 6:42 word 16

YHN 6:61εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘having known but Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) in’ SR GNT Yhn 6:61 word 1

YHN 6:64ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘who not are believing had known for from the beginning’ SR GNT Yhn 6:64 word 14

YHN 6:69ἐγνώκαμεν (egnōkamen) V-IEA1..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘we have believed and we have known that you are’ SR GNT Yhn 6:69 word 5

YHN 7:15οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘how this one letters has known not having learned’ SR GNT Yhn 7:15 word 10

YHN 7:27οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘but this one we have known from_where he is the’ SR GNT Yhn 7:27 word 3

YHN 7:29οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known him because from’ SR GNT Yhn 7:29 word 3

YHN 8:14οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘testimony of me because I have known from_where I came and’ SR GNT Yhn 8:14 word 24

YHN 8:19ᾔδειτε (aʸdeite) V-ILA2..P ‘of me if me you_all had known also the father’ SR GNT Yhn 8:19 word 26

YHN 8:19ᾔδειτε (aʸdeite) V-ILA2..P ‘father of me would you_all had known’ SR GNT Yhn 8:19 word 32

YHN 8:37οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known that seed of Abraʼam/(ʼAvərāhām)’ SR GNT Yhn 8:37 word 1

YHN 8:52ἐγνώκαμεν (egnōkamen) V-IEA1..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘the Youdaiōns now we have known that a demon you are having’ SR GNT Yhn 8:52 word 8

YHN 8:55ἐγνώκατε (egnōkate) V-IEA2..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘and not you_all have known him I but’ SR GNT Yhn 8:55 word 3

YHN 8:55οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘him I but have known him and_if I may say’ SR GNT Yhn 8:55 word 7

YHN 8:55οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I may say that not I have known him I will_be similar’ SR GNT Yhn 8:55 word 16

YHN 8:55οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘to you_all a liar but I have known him and the’ SR GNT Yhn 8:55 word 26

YHN 9:12οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘that one he is saying not I have known’ SR GNT Yhn 9:12 word 12

YHN 9:20οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘of him and said we have known that this is’ SR GNT Yhn 9:20 word 11

YHN 9:21οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘now he is seeing not we have known or who opened_up’ SR GNT Yhn 9:21 word 6

YHN 9:21οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘eyes we not have known he age he is having’ SR GNT Yhn 9:21 word 17

YHN 9:24οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘glory to god we have known that this man’ SR GNT Yhn 9:24 word 22

YHN 9:25οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘a sinner is not I have known one thing I have known that’ SR GNT Yhn 9:25 word 10

YHN 9:25οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘not I have known one thing I have known that blind being’ SR GNT Yhn 9:25 word 13

YHN 9:29οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known that to Mōsaʸs/(Mosheh) has spoken’ SR GNT Yhn 9:29 word 3

YHN 9:29οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘this man but not we have known from_where he is’ SR GNT Yhn 9:29 word 19

YHN 9:31οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known that from sinners god’ SR GNT Yhn 9:31 word 1

YHN 10:4οἴδασιν (oidasin) V-IEA3..P ‘after him is following because they have known the voice of him’ SR GNT Yhn 10:4 word 18

YHN 10:5οἴδασι (oidasi) V-IEA3..P ‘him because not they have known of strangers the voice’ SR GNT Yhn 10:5 word 13

YHN 11:22οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘also now I have known that as_much_as you may request’ SR GNT Yhn 11:22 word 4

YHN 11:24οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘is saying to him Martha I have known that he will_be rising_up in’ SR GNT Yhn 11:24 word 5

YHN 11:42ᾔδειν (aʸdein) V-ILA1..S ‘I and had known that always from me’ SR GNT Yhn 11:42 word 3

YHN 12:35οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘the darkness not has known where he is going’ SR GNT Yhn 12:35 word 38

YHN 12:50οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘and I have known that the command’ SR GNT Yhn 12:50 word 2

YHN 13:1εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘feast of the passover_\add feast\add* having known Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) that came’ SR GNT Yhn 13:1 word 7

YHN 13:3εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘having known that all things has given’ SR GNT Yhn 13:3 word 1

YHN 13:7οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘am doing you not you have known now you will_be knowing but’ SR GNT Yhn 13:7 word 13

YHN 13:11ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘he had known for the one giving_over’ SR GNT Yhn 13:11 word 1

YHN 13:18οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘of you_all I am speaking I have known whom_all I chose but’ SR GNT Yhn 13:18 word 8

YHN 14:5οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘Thōmas master not we have known where you are going how’ SR GNT Yhn 14:5 word 9

YHN 14:5εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘we are being_able the way to_have known’ SR GNT Yhn 14:5 word 18

YHN 14:7ἐγνώκειτέ (egnōkeite) V-ILA2..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘if you_all had known me also the’ SR GNT Yhn 14:7 word 3

YHN 14:9ἔγνωκάς (egnōkas) V-IEA2..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘I am and not you have known me Filippos the one’ SR GNT Yhn 14:9 word 14

YHN 15:15οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘the slave not has known what is doing of him’ SR GNT Yhn 15:15 word 10

YHN 15:21οἴδασιν (oidasin) V-IEA3..P ‘of me because not they have known the one having sent me’ SR GNT Yhn 15:21 word 15

YHN 16:18οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘he is saying a little time not we have known what he is speaking’ SR GNT Yhn 16:18 word 13

YHN 16:30οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘now we have known that you have known all things’ SR GNT Yhn 16:30 word 2

YHN 16:30οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘now we have known that you have known all things and not’ SR GNT Yhn 16:30 word 4

YHN 17:7ἔγνωκαν (egnōkan) V-IEA3..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘now they have known that all things as_much_as’ SR GNT Yhn 17:7 word 2

YHN 18:2ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘had known and also Youdas/(Yəhūdāh)’ SR GNT Yhn 18:2 word 1

YHN 18:4εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) therefore having known all the things coming’ SR GNT Yhn 18:4 word 4

YHN 18:15γνωστὸς (gnōstos) S-NMS Lemma=gnōstos ‘apprentice/follower that was known to the chief_priest and’ SR GNT Yhn 18:15 word 18

YHN 18:16γνωστὸς (gnōstos) S-NMS Lemma=gnōstos ‘other which was known of the chief_priest and’ SR GNT Yhn 18:16 word 19

YHN 18:21οἴδασιν (oidasin) V-IEA3..P ‘to them see these have known what said I’ SR GNT Yhn 18:21 word 14

YHN 19:10οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘not you are speaking not you have known that authority I am having’ SR GNT Yhn 19:10 word 10

YHN 19:28εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘after this having known Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) that now’ SR GNT Yhn 19:28 word 3

YHN 19:35οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘testimony and that one has known that true he is speaking’ SR GNT Yhn 19:35 word 16

YHN 20:2οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘tomb and not we have known where they laid him’ SR GNT Yhn 20:2 word 29

YHN 20:9ᾔδεισαν (aʸdeisan) V-ILA3..P ‘not_yet for/because they had known the scripture that’ SR GNT Yhn 20:9 word 3

YHN 20:13οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘of me and not I have known where they laid him’ SR GNT Yhn 20:13 word 20

YHN 20:14ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘having stood and not had known that Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) it is’ SR GNT Yhn 20:14 word 16

YHN 21:4ᾔδεισαν (aʸdeisan) V-ILA3..P ‘shore not however had known the apprentices/followers that’ SR GNT Yhn 21:4 word 16

YHN 21:12εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘you who are having known that the master’ SR GNT Yhn 21:12 word 18

YHN 21:15οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘yes master you have known that I am loving you’ SR GNT Yhn 21:15 word 26

YHN 21:16οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘yes master you have known that I am loving you’ SR GNT Yhn 21:16 word 20

YHN 21:17οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘master all things you have known you are knowing that’ SR GNT Yhn 21:17 word 31

YHN 21:24οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘having written these things and we have known that true of him’ SR GNT Yhn 21:24 word 16

MARK 1:24οἶδά (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘you came to destroy us I have known you who are’ SR GNT Mark 1:24 word 15

MARK 1:34ᾔδεισαν (aʸdeisan) V-ILA3..P ‘demons to_be speaking because they had known him chosen_one/messiah to_be’ SR GNT Mark 1:34 word 43

MARK 2:8ἐπιγνοὺς (epignous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=epiginōskō ‘and immediately having known Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) in the spirit’ SR GNT Mark 2:8 word 4

MARK 2:10εἰδῆτε (eidaʸte) V-IEA2..P ‘in_order_that but you_all may_have known that authority is having’ SR GNT Mark 2:10 word 3

MARK 4:27οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘may_be growing how not has known he’ SR GNT Mark 4:27 word 21

MARK 5:30ἐπιγνοὺς (epignous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=epiginōskō ‘and immediately Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) having known in himself the’ SR GNT Mark 5:30 word 8

MARK 5:33εἰδυῖα (eiduia) V-PEA.NFS ‘having_been afraid and trembling having known what has become to her’ SR GNT Mark 5:33 word 11

MARK 6:20εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘Haʸrōdaʸs was fearing Yōannaʸs having known him as a man righteous’ SR GNT Mark 6:20 word 7

MARK 6:38γνόντες (gnontes) V-PAA.NMP Lemma=ginōskō ‘be going see and having known they are saying five and’ SR GNT Mark 6:38 word 17

MARK 8:17γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘and having known it Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) is saying to them’ SR GNT Mark 8:17 word 2

MARK 9:6ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘not for he had known what he may answer terrified’ SR GNT Mark 9:6 word 3

MARK 10:19οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘the commands you have known not you may murder not’ SR GNT Mark 10:19 word 3

MARK 11:33οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘to Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) they are saying not we have known and Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) is saying’ SR GNT Mark 11:33 word 8

MARK 12:14οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘they are saying to him Teacher we have known that true you are’ SR GNT Mark 12:14 word 16

MARK 12:15εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘he and having known of them the hypocrisy’ SR GNT Mark 12:15 word 5

MARK 12:24εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘this you_all are_being strayed not having known the scriptures nor’ SR GNT Mark 12:24 word 16

MARK 13:32οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘or hour no_one has known not_even the messengers’ SR GNT Mark 13:32 word 11

MARK 14:40ᾔδεισαν (aʸdeisan) V-ILA3..P ‘being weighed_down and not they had known what they may_be answer to him’ SR GNT Mark 14:40 word 21

MARK 14:68οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘disowned it saying neither I have known nor I am understanding you’ SR GNT Mark 14:68 word 7

MARK 14:71οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘and to_be swearing not I have known man this whom’ SR GNT Mark 14:71 word 11

MARK 15:45γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘and having known from the centurion’ SR GNT Mark 15:45 word 2

MAT 6:8οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘therefore you_all may_be likened to them has known for the god’ SR GNT Mat 6:8 word 5

MAT 6:32οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘the pagans are seeking_after has known for the father’ SR GNT Mat 6:32 word 10

MAT 9:6εἰδῆτε (eidaʸte) V-IEA2..P ‘in_order_that but you_all may_have known that authority is having’ SR GNT Mat 9:6 word 4

MAT 10:26γνωσθήσεται (gnōsthaʸsetai) V-IFP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘hidden which not will_be_being known’ SR GNT Mat 10:26 word 16

MAT 12:7ἐγνώκειτε (egnōkeite) V-ILA2..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘if but you_all had known what is this mercy’ SR GNT Mat 12:7 word 3

MAT 12:15γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘but Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) having known withdrew from_there and’ SR GNT Mat 12:15 word 4

MAT 12:25εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘having known and the thoughts’ SR GNT Mat 12:25 word 2

MAT 12:33γινώσκεται (ginōsketai) V-IPP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘fruit the tree is_being known’ SR GNT Mat 12:33 word 32

MAT 15:12οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘apprentices/followers are saying to him you have known that the Farisaios_\add party\add*’ SR GNT Mat 15:12 word 10

MAT 16:8γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘having known but Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) said’ SR GNT Mat 16:8 word 1

MAT 21:27οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘to Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) they said not we have known was saying to them also’ SR GNT Mat 21:27 word 8

MAT 22:16οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘supporters_of_Haʸrōdaʸs saying Teacher we have known that true you are’ SR GNT Mat 22:16 word 15

MAT 22:18γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘having known but Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) the’ SR GNT Mat 22:18 word 1

MAT 22:29εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘to them you_all are_being strayed not having known the scriptures nor’ SR GNT Mat 22:29 word 10

MAT 24:36οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘and hour no_one has known not_even the messengers’ SR GNT Mat 24:36 word 10

MAT 24:43ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘you_all are knowing that if had known the home_owner in what’ SR GNT Mat 24:43 word 8

MAT 25:12οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I am saying to you_all not I have known you_all’ SR GNT Mat 25:12 word 9

MAT 25:26ᾔδεις (aʸdeis) V-ILA2..S ‘slave and reluctant you had known that I am reaping where’ SR GNT Mat 25:26 word 13

MAT 26:10γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘having known but Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) said’ SR GNT Mat 26:10 word 1

MAT 26:70οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘all saying not I have known what you are saying’ SR GNT Mat 26:70 word 10

MAT 26:72οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘with an oath not I have known the man’ SR GNT Mat 26:72 word 9

MAT 26:74οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘and to_be swearing not I have known the man and’ SR GNT Mat 26:74 word 9

MAT 27:18ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘he had known for that because_of’ SR GNT Mat 27:18 word 1

MAT 28:5οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘not be fearing you_all I have known for that Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa)’ SR GNT Mat 28:5 word 12

LUKE 2:49ᾔδειτε (aʸdeite) V-ILA2..P ‘you_all were seeking me not you_all had known that in the house’ SR GNT Luke 2:49 word 11

LUKE 4:34οἶδά (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘you came to destroy us I have known you who are’ SR GNT Luke 4:34 word 16

LUKE 4:41ᾔδεισαν (aʸdeisan) V-ILA3..P ‘them to_be speaking because they had known the chosen_one/messiah him’ SR GNT Luke 4:41 word 33

LUKE 5:22ἐπιγνοὺς (epignous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=epiginōskō ‘having known but Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) the’ SR GNT Luke 5:22 word 1

LUKE 5:24εἰδῆτε (eidaʸte) V-IEA2..P ‘in_order_that but you_all may_have known that the son’ SR GNT Luke 5:24 word 4

LUKE 6:8ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘he but he had known the speculations of them’ SR GNT Luke 6:8 word 4

LUKE 6:44γινώσκεται (ginōsketai) V-IPP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘its own fruit is_being known not for from’ SR GNT Luke 6:44 word 11

LUKE 7:37ἐπιγνοῦσα (epignousa) V-PAA.NFS Lemma=epiginōskō ‘city a sinner and having known that he is reclining in’ SR GNT Luke 7:37 word 14

LUKE 8:17γνωσθῇ (gnōsthaʸ) V-SAP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘which not not may_be known and to manifest’ SR GNT Luke 8:17 word 18

LUKE 8:53εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘and they were ridiculing of him having known that she died_off’ SR GNT Luke 8:53 word 5

LUKE 9:11γνόντες (gnontes) V-PAA.NMP Lemma=ginōskō ‘the but crowds having known followed after him and’ SR GNT Luke 9:11 word 4

LUKE 9:33εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘one for Aʸlias/(ʼĒliyyāh) not having known what he is saying’ SR GNT Luke 9:33 word 45

LUKE 9:47εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘but Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) having known the speculation of the’ SR GNT Luke 9:47 word 4

LUKE 11:17εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘he but having known of them the thoughts’ SR GNT Luke 11:17 word 3

LUKE 11:44οἴδασιν (oidasin) V-IEA3..P ‘walking over not they have known it’ SR GNT Luke 11:44 word 24

LUKE 12:2γνωσθήσεται (gnōsthaʸsetai) V-IFP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘hidden which not will_be_being known’ SR GNT Luke 12:2 word 16

LUKE 12:30οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘but the father has known that you_all are needing of these things’ SR GNT Luke 12:30 word 18

LUKE 12:39ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘be knowing that if had known the home_owner in what’ SR GNT Luke 12:39 word 8

LUKE 12:47γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘that and slave having known the will of the’ SR GNT Luke 12:47 word 6

LUKE 12:48γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘the one but not having known having done but worthy things’ SR GNT Luke 12:48 word 4

LUKE 13:25οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘he will_be saying to you_all not I have known you_all from_where you_all are’ SR GNT Luke 13:25 word 32

LUKE 13:27οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘saying to you_all not I have known from_where you_all are withdraw’ SR GNT Luke 13:27 word 8

LUKE 18:20οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘the commands you have known not you may commit_adultery not’ SR GNT Luke 18:20 word 3

LUKE 19:22ᾔδεις (aʸdeis) V-ILA2..S ‘you evil slave you had known that I a man’ SR GNT Luke 19:22 word 14

LUKE 20:7εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘and they answered not to_have known from_where’ SR GNT Luke 20:7 word 4

LUKE 20:21οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘him saying Teacher we have known that correctly you are saying’ SR GNT Luke 20:21 word 7

LUKE 22:34εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘three-times me you will_be renouncing to_have known’ SR GNT Luke 22:34 word 21

LUKE 22:57οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘disowned him saying not I have known him woman’ SR GNT Luke 22:57 word 8

LUKE 22:60οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘Petros man not I have known what you are saying and’ SR GNT Luke 22:60 word 7

LUKE 23:7ἐπιγνοὺς (epignous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=epiginōskō ‘and having known that from the’ SR GNT Luke 23:7 word 2

LUKE 24:35ἐγνώσθη (egnōsthaʸ) V-IAP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘road and how he was known to them in the’ SR GNT Luke 24:35 word 12

ACTs 1:19γνωστὸν (gnōston) S-NNS Lemma=gnōstos ‘and known it became to all the ones’ SR GNT Acts 1:19 word 4

ACTs 2:14γνωστὸν (gnōston) S-NNS Lemma=gnōstos ‘all this to you_all known let_be and give_ear’ SR GNT Acts 2:14 word 33

ACTs 2:30εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘therefore being and having known that with an oath swore’ SR GNT Acts 2:30 word 6

ACTs 3:17οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘and now brothers I have known that in ignorance’ SR GNT Acts 3:17 word 6

ACTs 4:10γνωστὸν (gnōston) S-NNS Lemma=gnōstos ‘known it let_be to all you_all’ SR GNT Acts 4:10 word 2

ACTs 4:16γνωστὸν (gnōston) A-NNS Lemma=gnōstos ‘that indeed for a known sign has become through’ SR GNT Acts 4:16 word 11

ACTs 5:7εἰδυῖα (eiduia) V-PEA.NFS ‘wife of him not having known the thing having become came_in’ SR GNT Acts 5:7 word 13

ACTs 7:18ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘Aiguptos/(Miʦərayim) who not had known Yōsaʸf/(Yōşēf)’ SR GNT Acts 7:18 word 11

ACTs 7:40οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘the land of Aiguptos/(Miʦərayim) not we have known what became to him’ SR GNT Acts 7:40 word 24

ACTs 9:24ἐγνώσθη (egnōsthaʸ) V-IAP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘was known but to Saulos/(Shāʼūl) the’ SR GNT Acts 9:24 word 1

ACTs 9:30ἐπιγνόντες (epignontes) V-PAA.NMP Lemma=epiginōskō ‘having known it but the brothers’ SR GNT Acts 9:30 word 1

ACTs 9:42γνωστὸν (gnōston) S-NNS Lemma=gnōstos ‘known and it became throughout’ SR GNT Acts 9:42 word 1

ACTs 12:9ᾔδει (aʸdei) V-ILA3..S ‘he was following and not he had known that true is’ SR GNT Acts 12:9 word 7

ACTs 12:11οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘having become said now I have known truly that sent_away’ SR GNT Acts 12:11 word 11

ACTs 13:38γνωστὸν (gnōston) S-NNS Lemma=gnōstos ‘known therefore it let_be to you_all’ SR GNT Acts 13:38 word 1

ACTs 15:18γνωστὰ (gnōsta) S-ANP Lemma=gnōstos ‘known from eternity’ SR GNT Acts 15:18 word 1

ACTs 16:3ᾔδεισαν (aʸdeisan) V-ILA3..P ‘in places those had known for all that’ SR GNT Acts 16:3 word 24

ACTs 19:17γνωστὸν (gnōston) S-NNS Lemma=gnōstos ‘this and became known to all to Youdaiōns both’ SR GNT Acts 19:17 word 4

ACTs 19:32ᾔδεισαν (aʸdeisan) V-ILA3..P ‘the more not had known for what on_account they had come_together’ SR GNT Acts 19:32 word 19

ACTs 20:22εἰδώς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘going_to_be meeting with me not having known’ SR GNT Acts 20:22 word 23

ACTs 20:25οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘now see I have known that no_longer will_be seeing’ SR GNT Acts 20:25 word 5

ACTs 20:29οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known that will_be coming_in after’ SR GNT Acts 20:29 word 4

ACTs 23:5ᾔδειν (aʸdein) V-ILA1..S ‘and Paulos not I had known brothers that he is’ SR GNT Acts 23:5 word 6

ACTs 23:6γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘having known but Paulos that’ SR GNT Acts 23:6 word 1

ACTs 24:22εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘them Faʸlix more_exactly having known the things concerning the’ SR GNT Acts 24:22 word 11

ACTs 26:4ἴσασι (isasi) V-IEA3..P ‘in and Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) have known all Youdaiōns’ SR GNT Acts 26:4 word 20

ACTs 26:27οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘Agrippas in the prophets I have known that you are believing’ SR GNT Acts 26:27 word 7

ACTs 28:22γνωστὸν (gnōston) S-NNS Lemma=gnōstos ‘for sect this known to us it is that’ SR GNT Acts 28:22 word 15

ACTs 28:28γνωστὸν (gnōston) S-NNS Lemma=gnōstos ‘known therefore it let_be to you_all’ SR GNT Acts 28:28 word 1

ROM 1:19γνωστὸν (gnōston) S-NNS Lemma=gnōstos ‘because the known thing of god manifest is’ SR GNT Rom 1:19 word 3

ROM 1:21γνόντες (gnontes) V-PAA.NMP Lemma=ginōskō ‘because having known god not as’ SR GNT Rom 1:21 word 2

ROM 1:32ἐπιγνόντες (epignontes) V-PAA.NMP Lemma=epiginōskō ‘the just_act of god having known that the ones such things’ SR GNT Rom 1:32 word 6

ROM 2:2οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known but that the’ SR GNT Rom 2:2 word 1

ROM 3:19οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known and that as_much_as’ SR GNT Rom 3:19 word 1

ROM 5:3εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘in our tribulations having known that tribulation endurance’ SR GNT Rom 5:3 word 12

ROM 6:9εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘having known that chosen_one/messiah having_been raised’ SR GNT Rom 6:9 word 1

ROM 7:7ᾔδειν (aʸdein) V-ILA1..S ‘for covetousness not I had known except the law’ SR GNT Rom 7:7 word 24

ROM 7:14οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known for that the’ SR GNT Rom 7:14 word 1

ROM 7:18οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known for that not’ SR GNT Rom 7:18 word 1

ROM 8:22οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known for that all’ SR GNT Rom 8:22 word 1

ROM 8:26οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘as it is fitting not we have known but itself the’ SR GNT Rom 8:26 word 20

ROM 8:27οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘searching our hearts has known what is the mindset’ SR GNT Rom 8:27 word 6

ROM 8:28οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known and that to the ones’ SR GNT Rom 8:28 word 1

ROM 13:11εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘and this having known the time that’ SR GNT Rom 13:11 word 4

ROM 14:14οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known and I have_been persuaded in’ SR GNT Rom 14:14 word 1

ROM 15:29οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known and that coming’ SR GNT Rom 15:29 word 1

1COR 1:16οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘household furthermore not I have known whether any other’ SR GNT 1Cor 1:16 word 9

1COR 2:2εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘for I judged anything to_have known among you_all except’ SR GNT 1Cor 2:2 word 6

1COR 2:8ἔγνωκεν (egnōken) V-IEA3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘rulers of age this has known if for they knew’ SR GNT 1Cor 2:8 word 8

1COR 2:11οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘who for has known among people the things of the’ SR GNT 1Cor 2:11 word 3

1COR 2:11ἔγνωκεν (egnōken) V-IEA3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘the things of god no_one has known except the spirit’ SR GNT 1Cor 2:11 word 23

1COR 2:12εἰδῶμεν (eidōmen) V-SEA1..P ‘from god in_order_that we may_have known the things by god’ SR GNT 1Cor 2:12 word 18

1COR 7:16οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘how for you have known wife whether the’ SR GNT 1Cor 7:16 word 4

1COR 7:16οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘you will_be saving or how you have known husband the wife’ SR GNT 1Cor 7:16 word 13

1COR 8:1οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘and the idol_sacrificed things we have known that all knowledge’ SR GNT 1Cor 8:1 word 5

1COR 8:2ἐγνωκέναι (egnōkenai) V-NEA.... Lemma=ginōskō ‘if anyone is supposing to_have known anything not_yet knew’ SR GNT 1Cor 8:2 word 5

1COR 8:3ἔγνωσται (egnōstai) V-IEP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘is loving god this one has_been known by him’ SR GNT 1Cor 8:3 word 8

1COR 8:4οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘therefore of the idol_sacrificed things we have known that nothing is an idol’ SR GNT 1Cor 8:4 word 7

1COR 11:3εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘I am wanting but you_all to_have known that of every man’ SR GNT 1Cor 11:3 word 4

1COR 13:2εἰδῶ (eidō) V-SEA1..S ‘I may_be having prophecy and I may_have known the mysteries all’ SR GNT 1Cor 13:2 word 7

1COR 14:7γνωσθήσεται (gnōsthaʸsetai) V-IFP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘not may give how will_be_being known what is being playing_the_flute or’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:7 word 19

1COR 14:9γνωσθήσεται (gnōsthaʸsetai) V-IFP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘speech you_all may give how will_be_being known what is being spoken you_all will_be’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:9 word 13

1COR 14:11εἰδῶ (eidō) V-SEA1..S ‘if therefore not I may_have known the power of the’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:11 word 4

1COR 14:16οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘what you are saying not he has known’ SR GNT 1Cor 14:16 word 27

1COR 15:58εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘of the master always having known that the labor’ SR GNT 1Cor 15:58 word 17

2COR 1:7εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘confirmed for you_all having known that as partners’ SR GNT 2Cor 1:7 word 17

2COR 3:2γινωσκομένη (ginōskomenaʸ) V-PPP.NFS Lemma=ginōskō ‘the hearts of us being known and being read by’ SR GNT 2Cor 3:2 word 12

2COR 4:14εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘having known that the one having raised’ SR GNT 2Cor 4:14 word 1

2COR 5:1οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known for that if’ SR GNT 2Cor 5:1 word 1

2COR 5:6εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘therefore always and having known that being_at_home in’ SR GNT 2Cor 5:6 word 5

2COR 5:11εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘having known therefore the fear’ SR GNT 2Cor 5:11 word 1

2COR 5:16οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘the time now no_one have known according_to flesh if’ SR GNT 2Cor 5:16 word 7

2COR 5:16ἐγνώκαμεν (egnōkamen) V-IEA1..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘flesh if even we have known according_to flesh chosen_one/messiah’ SR GNT 2Cor 5:16 word 13

2COR 5:21γνόντα (gnonta) V-PAA.AMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘the one not having known sin for us’ SR GNT 2Cor 5:21 word 4

2COR 9:2οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known for the readiness’ SR GNT 2Cor 9:2 word 2

2COR 11:11οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘I am loving you_all god has known I_do’ SR GNT 2Cor 11:11 word 9

2COR 11:31οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘of the master Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) has known the one being blessed’ SR GNT 2Cor 11:31 word 10

2COR 12:2οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known a man in chosen_one/messiah’ SR GNT 2Cor 12:2 word 1

2COR 12:2οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘in the body not I have known or outside the’ SR GNT 2Cor 12:2 word 12

2COR 12:2οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘the body not I have known god has known having_been snatched’ SR GNT 2Cor 12:2 word 18

2COR 12:2οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘not I have known god has known having_been snatched such to’ SR GNT 2Cor 12:2 word 21

2COR 12:3οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘and I have known such a man whether’ SR GNT 2Cor 12:3 word 2

2COR 12:3οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘the body not I have known god has known’ SR GNT 2Cor 12:3 word 15

2COR 12:3οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘not I have known god has known’ SR GNT 2Cor 12:3 word 18

GAL 2:9γνόντες (gnontes) V-PAA.NMP Lemma=ginōskō ‘and having known the grace having_been given’ SR GNT Gal 2:9 word 2

GAL 2:16εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘having known but that not’ SR GNT Gal 2:16 word 1

GAL 4:8εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘then on_one_hand not having known god you_all served for the ones’ SR GNT Gal 4:8 word 5

GAL 4:9γνόντες (gnontes) V-PAA.NMP Lemma=ginōskō ‘now on_the_other_hand having known god rather and’ SR GNT Gal 4:9 word 3

GAL 4:9γνωσθέντες (gnōsthentes) V-PAP.NMP Lemma=ginōskō ‘god rather and having_been known by god how’ SR GNT Gal 4:9 word 7

EPH 1:18εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘of you_all in_order that to_have known you_all what is’ SR GNT Eph 1:18 word 10

EPH 5:5ἴστε (iste) V-MEA2..P ‘this for be_having known knowing that any’ SR GNT Eph 5:5 word 3

EPH 6:8εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘having known that may do each’ SR GNT Eph 6:8 word 1

EPH 6:9εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘giving_up the threat having known that both of them’ SR GNT Eph 6:9 word 12

EPH 6:21εἰδῆτε (eidaʸte) V-IEA2..P ‘in_order_that but may_have known also you_all the things’ SR GNT Eph 6:21 word 3

PHP 1:17εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘indeed from love having known that for defense’ SR GNT Php 1:17 word 6

PHP 1:19οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known for that this’ SR GNT Php 1:19 word 1

PHP 1:25οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘and this having persuaded I have known that I will_be remaining and’ SR GNT Php 1:25 word 4

PHP 2:19γνοὺς (gnous) V-PAA.NMS Lemma=ginōskō ‘in_order_that also_I may_be encouraging having known the things concerning you_all’ SR GNT Php 2:19 word 15

PHP 4:5γνωσθήτω (gnōsthaʸtō) V-MAP3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘the gentle of you_all let_be known to all people the’ SR GNT Php 4:5 word 4

PHP 4:12οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known both to_be_being humbled I have known’ SR GNT Php 4:12 word 1

PHP 4:12οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known both to_be_being humbled I have known and to_be being_plentiful in’ SR GNT Php 4:12 word 5

COL 2:1εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘I am wanting for you_all to_have known how_much a struggle I am having’ SR GNT Col 2:1 word 4

COL 3:24εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘having known that from the master’ SR GNT Col 3:24 word 1

COL 4:1εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘to your slaves be bringing_about having known that also you_all’ SR GNT Col 4:1 word 12

COL 4:6εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘grace let_be with salt having_been seasoned to_have known how it is fitting you_all’ SR GNT Col 4:6 word 9

1TH 1:4εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘having known brothers having_been loved by’ SR GNT 1Th 1:4 word 1

1TH 4:4εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘to_have known each of you_all the’ SR GNT 1Th 4:4 word 1

1TH 4:5εἰδότα (eidota) V-PEA.NNP ‘the pagans not having known god’ SR GNT 1Th 4:5 word 11

1TH 5:12εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘but you_all brothers to_have known the ones laboring among’ SR GNT 1Th 5:12 word 5

2TH 1:8εἰδόσι (eidosi) V-PEA.DMP ‘vengeance on the ones not having known god and on the ones’ SR GNT 2Th 1:8 word 10

1TIM 1:8οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known but that good is’ SR GNT 1Tim 1:8 word 1

1TIM 1:9εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘having known this that for the righteous’ SR GNT 1Tim 1:9 word 1

1TIM 3:5οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘house to lead not has known how of the assembly of god’ SR GNT 1Tim 3:5 word 9

1TIM 3:15εἰδῇς (eidaʸs) V-SEA2..S ‘but I may_be slowing in_order_that you may_have known how it is fitting in’ SR GNT 1Tim 3:15 word 5

1TIM 4:3ἐπεγνωκόσι (epegnōkosi) V-PEA.DMP Lemma=epiginōskō ‘by the faithful ones and having known the truth’ SR GNT 1Tim 4:3 word 16

2TIM 1:12οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘but not I am being_ashamed I have known for in whom I have believed’ SR GNT 2Tim 1:12 word 10

2TIM 1:15οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘you have known this that were turned_away’ SR GNT 2Tim 1:15 word 1

2TIM 2:23εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘uneducated debates be refusing having known that they are bearing quarrels’ SR GNT 2Tim 2:23 word 8

2TIM 3:14εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘you learned and you were convinced_of having known from whom_all you learned them’ SR GNT 2Tim 3:14 word 9

2TIM 3:15οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘the the sacred writings you have known being_able you to make_wise’ SR GNT 2Tim 3:15 word 8

TIT 1:16εἰδέναι (eidenai) V-NEA.... ‘god they are confessing to_have known by their but works’ SR GNT Tit 1:16 word 3

TIT 3:11εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘having known that has_been perverted such person’ SR GNT Tit 3:11 word 1

PHM 1:21εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘of you I wrote to you having known that even above’ SR GNT Phm 1:21 word 7

HEB 10:30οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known for the one having said’ SR GNT Heb 10:30 word 1

HEB 12:17ἴστε (iste) V-IEA2..P ‘you_all have known for/because that also’ SR GNT Heb 12:17 word 1

YAC 1:19ἴστε (iste) V-MEA2..P ‘be_having known brothers of me beloved’ SR GNT Yac 1:19 word 1

YAC 3:1εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘be becoming brothers of me having known that greater judgment’ SR GNT Yac 3:1 word 7

YAC 4:17εἰδότι (eidoti) V-PEA.DMS ‘to having known one therefore good to_be doing’ SR GNT Yac 4:17 word 1

1PET 1:18εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘having known that not by perishable things’ SR GNT 1Pet 1:18 word 1

1PET 5:9εἰδότες (eidotes) V-PEA.NMP ‘solid in the in faith having known the same things of the’ SR GNT 1Pet 5:9 word 7

2PET 1:14εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘having known that imminent is’ SR GNT 2Pet 1:14 word 1

2PET 2:9οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘has known the master the devout ones out_of’ SR GNT 2Pet 2:9 word 1

2PET 2:21ἐπεγνωκέναι (epegnōkenai) V-NEA.... Lemma=epiginōskō ‘it was for them not to_have known the way of righteousness’ SR GNT 2Pet 2:21 word 9

2PET 2:21ἐπιγνοῦσιν (epignousin) V-PAA.DMP Lemma=epiginōskō ‘way of righteousness than having known it to turn_away from the’ SR GNT 2Pet 2:21 word 15

1YHN 2:3ἐγνώκαμεν (egnōkamen) V-IEA1..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘this we are knowing that we have known him if the’ SR GNT 1Yhn 2:3 word 7

1YHN 2:4ἔγνωκα (egnōka) V-IEA1..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘the one saying I have known him and the’ SR GNT 1Yhn 2:4 word 4

1YHN 2:11οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘is walking and not has known where he is going because’ SR GNT 1Yhn 2:11 word 18

1YHN 2:13ἐγνώκατε (egnōkate) V-IEA2..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘to you_all fathers because you_all have known the one from the beginning’ SR GNT 1Yhn 2:13 word 5

1YHN 2:14ἐγνώκατε (egnōkate) V-IEA2..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘to you_all little_children because you_all have known the father I wrote’ SR GNT 1Yhn 2:14 word 6

1YHN 2:14ἐγνώκατε (egnōkate) V-IEA2..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘to you_all fathers because you_all have known the one from the beginning’ SR GNT 1Yhn 2:14 word 13

1YHN 2:29εἰδῆτε (eidaʸte) V-IEA2..P ‘if you_all may_have known that righteous he is’ SR GNT 1Yhn 2:29 word 3

1YHN 3:2οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘was revealed what we will_be we have known that if he may_be revealed’ SR GNT 1Yhn 3:2 word 11

1YHN 3:6ἔγνωκεν (egnōken) V-IEA3..S Lemma=ginōskō ‘has seen him nor has known him’ SR GNT 1Yhn 3:6 word 15

1YHN 3:14οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known that we have departed from’ SR GNT 1Yhn 3:14 word 2

1YHN 3:16ἐγνώκαμεν (egnōkamen) V-IEA1..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘by this we have known love because that one’ SR GNT 1Yhn 3:16 word 3

1YHN 4:16ἐγνώκαμεν (egnōkamen) V-IEA1..P Lemma=ginōskō ‘and we have known and have believed the’ SR GNT 1Yhn 4:16 word 3

1YHN 5:13εἰδῆτε (eidaʸte) V-IEA2..P ‘I wrote to you_all in_order_that you_all may_have known that life you_all are having’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:13 word 5

1YHN 5:15οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘and if we have known that he is hearing from us’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:15 word 4

1YHN 5:15οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘from us whatever we may_be requesting we have known that we are having the’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:15 word 12

1YHN 5:18οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known that everyone having_been born’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:18 word 1

1YHN 5:19οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known that of god’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:19 word 1

1YHN 5:20οἴδαμεν (oidamen) V-IEA1..P ‘we have known and that the’ SR GNT 1Yhn 5:20 word 2

2YHN 1:1ἐγνωκότες (egnōkotes) V-PEA.NMP Lemma=ginōskō ‘also all the ones having known the truth’ SR GNT 2Yhn 1:1 word 23

3YHN 1:12οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘and are testifying and you have known that the testimony’ SR GNT 3Yhn 1:12 word 19

YUD 1:10οἴδασιν (oidasin) V-IEA3..P ‘as_much_as on_one_hand not they have known they are slandering as_much_as on_the_other_hand’ SR GNT Yud 1:10 word 6

REV 2:2οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known the works of you’ SR GNT Rev 2:2 word 1

REV 2:9οἶδά (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known of you the tribulation’ SR GNT Rev 2:9 word 1

REV 2:13οἶδα (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known where you are dwelling where’ SR GNT Rev 2:13 word 1

REV 2:17οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘having_been written which no_one has known except the one receiving it’ SR GNT Rev 2:17 word 37

REV 2:19οἶδά (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known of you the works’ SR GNT Rev 2:19 word 1

REV 3:1οἶδά (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘the seven stars I have known of you the works’ SR GNT Rev 3:1 word 23

REV 3:8οἶδά (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known of you the works’ SR GNT Rev 3:8 word 1

REV 3:15οἶδά (oida) V-IEA1..S ‘I have known of you the works’ SR GNT Rev 3:15 word 1

REV 3:17οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘I am having and not you have known that you are’ SR GNT Rev 3:17 word 15

REV 7:14οἶδας (oidas) V-IEA2..S ‘master of me you you have known and he said to me’ SR GNT Rev 7:14 word 9

REV 12:12εἰδὼς (eidōs) V-PEA.NMS ‘having rage great having known that a little time’ SR GNT Rev 12:12 word 36

REV 19:12οἶδεν (oiden) V-IEA3..S ‘having_been written which no_one has known except he’ SR GNT Rev 19:12 word 24

Key: A=adjective S=substantive adjective V=verb ANP=accusative,neuter,plural IAP3..S=indicative,aorist,passive,3rd person singular IEA1..P=indicative,perfect,active,1st person plural IEA1..S=indicative,perfect,active,1st person singular IEA2..P=indicative,perfect,active,2nd person plural IEA2..S=indicative,perfect,active,2nd person singular IEA3..P=indicative,perfect,active,3rd person plural IEA3..S=indicative,perfect,active,3rd person singular IEP3..S=indicative,perfect,passive,3rd person singular IFP3..S=indicative,future,passive,3rd person singular ILA1..S=indicative,pluperfect,active,1st person singular ILA2..P=indicative,pluperfect,active,2nd person plural ILA2..S=indicative,pluperfect,active,2nd person singular ILA3..P=indicative,pluperfect,active,3rd person plural ILA3..S=indicative,pluperfect,active,3rd person singular IPP3..S=indicative,present,passive,3rd person singular MAP3..S=imperative,aorist,passive,3rd person singular MEA2..P=imperative,perfect,active,2nd person plural NEA....=infinitive,perfect,active NMS=nominative,masculine,singular NNS=nominative,neuter,singular PAA.AMS=participle,aorist,active,accusative,masculine,singular PAA.DMP=participle,aorist,active,dative,masculine,plural PAA.NFS=participle,aorist,active,nominative,feminine,singular PAA.NMP=participle,aorist,active,nominative,masculine,plural PAA.NMS=participle,aorist,active,nominative,masculine,singular PAP.NMP=participle,aorist,passive,nominative,masculine,plural PEA.DMP=participle,perfect,active,dative,masculine,plural PEA.DMS=participle,perfect,active,dative,masculine,singular PEA.NFS=participle,perfect,active,nominative,feminine,singular PEA.NMP=participle,perfect,active,nominative,masculine,plural PEA.NMS=participle,perfect,active,nominative,masculine,singular PEA.NNP=participle,perfect,active,nominative,neuter,plural PPP.NFS=participle,present,passive,nominative,feminine,singular SAP3..S=subjunctive,aorist,passive,3rd person singular SEA1..P=subjunctive,perfect,active,1st person plural SEA1..S=subjunctive,perfect,active,1st person singular SEA2..S=subjunctive,perfect,active,2nd person singular