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ἐρχόμενοςYhn 1

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Other uses (25) of identical word form ἐρχόμενος (V-PPM.NMS) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘ἐρχόμενος’ (V-PPM.NMS) has 2 different glosses: ‘on coming’, ‘coming’.

YHN 1:15 ‘the one after me coming before of me has become’ SR GNT John 1:15 word 18

YHN 3:31 ‘the one from_above coming above all things is’ SR GNT John 3:31 word 3

YHN 3:31 ‘the one from heaven coming above all things is’ SR GNT John 3:31 word 29

YHN 6:14 ‘the prophet who coming into the world’ SR GNT John 6:14 word 21

YHN 6:35 ‘bread of life the one coming to me by_no_means’ SR GNT John 6:35 word 14

YHN 11:27 ‘into the world coming’ SR GNT John 11:27 word 25

YHN 12:13 ‘Honoured_saviour having_been blessed is the one coming in the name of the master’ SR GNT John 12:13 word 24

MARK 11:9 ‘Honoured_saviour having_been blessed is the one coming in name of the master’ SR GNT Mark 11:9 word 13

MAT 3:11 ‘on_the_other_hand after me coming mightier than me is’ SR GNT Mat 3:11 word 16

MAT 11:3 ‘you are the one coming or for another we are waiting’ SR GNT Mat 11:3 word 7

MAT 21:9 ‘of Dawid/(Dāvid) having_been blessed the one coming in the name of the master’ SR GNT Mat 21:9 word 19

MAT 23:39 ‘you_all may say having_been blessed the one coming in name of the master’ SR GNT Mat 23:39 word 16

LUKE 6:47 ‘everyone who coming to me and’ SR GNT Luke 6:47 word 3

LUKE 7:19 ‘you are the one coming or another we may_be waiting’ SR GNT Luke 7:19 word 14

LUKE 7:20 ‘you are the one coming or another we may_be waiting for’ SR GNT Luke 7:20 word 24

LUKE 13:35 ‘you_all may say having_been blessed is the one coming in the name of the master’ SR GNT Luke 13:35 word 28

LUKE 15:25 ‘the field and while coming he neared to the house’ SR GNT Luke 15:25 word 12

LUKE 19:38 ‘saying having_been blessed is the one coming the king in’ SR GNT Luke 19:38 word 4

ROM 15:29 ‘I have known and that coming to you_all in’ SR GNT Rom 15:29 word 5

2COR 11:4 ‘indeed for the one coming another Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) is proclaiming’ SR GNT 2Cor 11:4 word 5

2TIM 4:13 ‘Trōias with Karpos on coming be bringing and the’ SR GNT 2Tim 4:13 word 9

HEB 10:37 ‘as_much_as as_much_as the one coming will_be coming and not’ SR GNT Heb 10:37 word 7

REV 1:4 ‘was and who coming and from the’ SR GNT Rev 1:4 word 23

REV 1:8 ‘was and who coming the almighty’ SR GNT Rev 1:8 word 26

REV 4:8 ‘being and who coming’ SR GNT Rev 4:8 word 52

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘erχomai’ have 49 different glosses: ‘am coming’, ‘are coming’, ‘be coming’, ‘had come’, ‘has come’, ‘have come’, ‘having come’, ‘is coming’, ‘let come’, ‘let_be coming’, ‘may come’, ‘to come’, ‘to_be coming’, ‘was coming’, ‘were coming’, ‘will_be coming’, ‘I am coming’, ‘I have come’, ‘I may come’, ‘I will_be coming’, ‘I came’, ‘he had come’, ‘he is coming’, ‘he may come’, ‘he may_be coming’, ‘he will_be coming’, ‘he came’, ‘him let_be coming’, ‘it is coming’, ‘it may come’, ‘it came’, ‘of having come’, ‘on coming’, ‘she was coming’, ‘she came’, ‘they are coming’, ‘they may come’, ‘they were coming’, ‘they came’, ‘we will_be coming’, ‘we came’, ‘you have come’, ‘you may come’, ‘you were coming’, ‘you came’, ‘you_all may come’, ‘came’, ‘come’, ‘coming’.

Greek words (292) other than ἐρχόμενος (V-PPM.NMS) with a gloss related to ‘coming’

Have 292 other words with 6 lemmas altogether (agō, erχomai, mellō, pareimi, parousia, ēkō)

YHN 1:9ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘is enlightening every person coming into the world’ SR GNT John 1:9 word 10

YHN 1:29ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘of_next he is seeing Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) coming to him and’ SR GNT John 1:29 word 8

YHN 1:30ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘said after me is coming a man who before’ SR GNT John 1:30 word 12

YHN 1:39ἔρχεσθε (erⱪesthe) V-MPM2..P ‘he is saying to them be coming and you_all will_be seeing they came’ SR GNT John 1:39 word 3

YHN 1:46ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘is saying to him Filippos be coming and see’ SR GNT John 1:46 word 16

YHN 1:47ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘saw Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) Nathanaaʸl coming to him and’ SR GNT John 1:47 word 8

YHN 2:4ἥκει (haʸkei) V-IPA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘to you woman not_yet is coming the hour of me’ SR GNT John 2:4 word 13

YHN 3:8ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘not you have known from_where it is coming and where it is going’ SR GNT John 3:8 word 15

YHN 3:20ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘light and not is coming to the light’ SR GNT John 3:20 word 11

YHN 3:21ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘practicing the truth is coming to the light’ SR GNT John 3:21 word 6

YHN 3:26ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘is immersing and all are coming to him’ SR GNT John 3:26 word 30

YHN 4:5ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘he is coming therefore to a city’ SR GNT John 4:5 word 1

YHN 4:7ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘is coming a woman out_of Samareia/(Shomərōn)’ SR GNT John 4:7 word 2

YHN 4:21ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘in me woman because is coming an hour when neither’ SR GNT John 4:21 word 11

YHN 4:23ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘but is coming an hour and now’ SR GNT John 4:23 word 2

YHN 4:25ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘I have known that the chosen_one/messiah is coming who is being called the chosen_one/messiah’ SR GNT John 4:25 word 9

YHN 4:30ἤρχοντο (aʸrⱪonto) V-IIM3..P ‘the city and they were coming to him’ SR GNT John 4:30 word 8

YHN 4:35ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and the harvest is coming see I am saying to you_all’ SR GNT John 4:35 word 12

YHN 4:47ἥκει (haʸkei) V-IPA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘having heard that Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) is coming out_of Youdaia into’ SR GNT John 4:47 word 6

YHN 5:7ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘in which but am coming I another before’ SR GNT John 5:7 word 27

YHN 5:24ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘into judgment not is coming but has departed out_of’ SR GNT John 5:24 word 23

YHN 5:25ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘I am saying to you_all that is coming an hour and now’ SR GNT John 5:25 word 6

YHN 5:28ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘be marvelling at this because is coming an hour in which’ SR GNT John 5:28 word 5

YHN 6:5ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘that a great crowd is coming to him he is saying’ SR GNT John 6:5 word 15

YHN 6:15ἔρχεσθαι (erⱪesthai) V-NPM.... ‘having known that they are going to_be coming and to_be snatching him’ SR GNT John 6:15 word 6

YHN 6:17ἤρχοντο (aʸrⱪonto) V-IIM3..P ‘having boarded into the boat they were coming across the sea’ SR GNT John 6:17 word 7

YHN 6:37ἥξει (haʸxei) V-IFA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘father to me will_be coming and the one coming’ SR GNT John 6:37 word 9

YHN 6:37ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘will_be coming and the one coming to me by_no_means’ SR GNT John 6:37 word 12

YHN 6:45ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘father and having learned is coming to me’ SR GNT John 6:45 word 24

YHN 7:6πάρεστιν (parestin) V-IPA3..S Lemma=pareimi ‘time my not_yet is coming but time your’ SR GNT John 7:6 word 13

YHN 7:27ἔρχηται (erⱪaʸtai) V-SPM3..S ‘but chosen_one/messiah whenever he may_be coming no_one is knowing from_where’ SR GNT John 7:27 word 18

YHN 7:37ἐρχέσθω (erⱪesthō) V-MPM3..S ‘if anyone may_be thirsting him let_be coming to me and’ SR GNT John 7:37 word 25

YHN 7:41ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘Galilaia/(Gālīl) the chosen_one/messiah is coming’ SR GNT John 7:41 word 21

YHN 7:42ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘where was Dawid/(Dāvid) is coming the chosen_one/messiah’ SR GNT John 7:42 word 21

YHN 8:14ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘not have known from_where I am coming or where I am going’ SR GNT John 8:14 word 35

YHN 8:42ἥκω (haʸkō) V-IPA1..S Lemma=ēkō ‘god came_out and am coming and_not for of’ SR GNT John 8:42 word 27

YHN 9:4ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘until day it is is coming night when no_one’ SR GNT John 9:4 word 17

YHN 10:10ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘the thief not is coming except in_order_that he may steal’ SR GNT John 10:10 word 5

YHN 10:12ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘is observing the wolf coming and is leaving the’ SR GNT John 10:12 word 22

YHN 11:20ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘she heard that Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) is coming met with him Maria/(Mirəyām)’ SR GNT John 11:20 word 9

YHN 11:28πάρεστιν (parestin) V-IPA3..S Lemma=pareimi ‘having said the teacher is coming and he is calling you’ SR GNT John 11:28 word 20

YHN 11:29ἤρχετο (aʸrⱪeto) V-IIM3..S ‘she was raised quickly and was coming to him’ SR GNT John 11:29 word 11

YHN 11:34ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘they are saying to him master be coming and see’ SR GNT John 11:34 word 10

YHN 11:38ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘groaning in himself is coming to the tomb’ SR GNT John 11:38 word 10

YHN 11:48ἐλεύσονται (eleusontai) V-IFM3..P ‘in him and will_be coming the Ɽōmaios and’ SR GNT John 11:48 word 13

YHN 12:12ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘feast having heard that is coming Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) into Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim)’ SR GNT John 12:12 word 14

YHN 12:15ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘the king of you is coming sitting on a colt’ SR GNT John 12:15 word 11

YHN 12:22ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘is coming Filippos and he is telling’ SR GNT John 12:22 word 1

YHN 12:22ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and he is telling to Andreas is coming Andreas and Filippos’ SR GNT John 12:22 word 10

YHN 13:6ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘he is coming therefore to Simōn’ SR GNT John 13:6 word 1

YHN 14:3ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘you_all a place again I am coming and I will_be receiving you_all’ SR GNT John 14:3 word 12

YHN 14:6ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘the life no_one is coming to the father’ SR GNT John 14:6 word 16

YHN 14:18ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘I will_be leaving you_all orphans I am coming to you_all’ SR GNT John 14:18 word 5

YHN 14:23ἐλευσόμεθα (eleusometha) V-IFM1..P ‘and to him we will_be coming and a dwelling with’ SR GNT John 14:23 word 26

YHN 14:28ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘to you_all I am going_away and I am coming to you_all if’ SR GNT John 14:28 word 8

YHN 14:30ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘I will_be speaking with you_all is coming for the of the’ SR GNT John 14:30 word 6

YHN 16:2ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘they will_be making you_all but is coming an hour that everyone’ SR GNT John 16:2 word 7

YHN 16:7ἐλεύσεται (eleusetai) V-IFM3..S ‘the advocate not he will_be coming to you_all if’ SR GNT John 16:7 word 21

YHN 16:13ἐρχόμενα (erⱪomena) V-PPM.ANP ‘he will_be speaking and the things coming he will_be declaring to you_all’ SR GNT John 16:13 word 37

YHN 16:25ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘allegories I have spoken to you_all is coming an hour when no_longer’ SR GNT John 16:25 word 7

YHN 16:32ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘see is coming an hour and has come’ SR GNT John 16:32 word 3

YHN 17:11ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘and_I to you am coming father holy keep’ SR GNT John 17:11 word 22

YHN 17:13ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘but to you I am coming and these things I am speaking’ SR GNT John 17:13 word 5

YHN 18:3ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and Farisaios_\add party\add* attendants is coming there with lanterns’ SR GNT John 18:3 word 16

YHN 18:4ἐρχόμενα (erⱪomena) V-PPM.ANP ‘having known all the things coming on him having come_out’ SR GNT John 18:4 word 8

YHN 19:3ἤρχοντο (aʸrⱪonto) V-IIM3..P ‘and they were coming to him and’ SR GNT John 19:3 word 2

YHN 20:1ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘Maria/(Mirəyām) the from_Magdala is coming early darkness still’ SR GNT John 20:1 word 10

YHN 20:2ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘she is running therefore and is coming to Simōn Petros’ SR GNT John 20:2 word 4

YHN 20:3ἤρχοντο (aʸrⱪonto) V-IIM3..P ‘other apprentice/follower and they were coming to the tomb’ SR GNT John 20:3 word 10

YHN 20:6ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘is coming therefore also Simōn’ SR GNT John 20:6 word 1

YHN 20:18ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘is coming Maria/(Mirəyām) the from_Magdala’ SR GNT John 20:18 word 1

YHN 20:26ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘Thōmas with them is coming Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) the doors’ SR GNT John 20:26 word 16

YHN 21:3ἐρχόμεθα (erⱪometha) V-IPM1..P ‘to_be fishing they are saying to him are coming also we with’ SR GNT John 21:3 word 10

YHN 21:13ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘is coming Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) and is taking’ SR GNT John 21:13 word 1

YHN 21:22ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘I may_be wanting to_be remaining until I am coming what is_it to you’ SR GNT John 21:22 word 11

YHN 21:23ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘I may_be wanting to_be remaining until I am coming what is_it to you’ SR GNT John 21:23 word 37

MARK 1:7ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and he was proclaiming saying is coming the one mightier than me’ SR GNT Mark 1:7 word 12

MARK 1:40ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and is coming to him a leper’ SR GNT Mark 1:40 word 2

MARK 1:45ἤρχοντο (aʸrⱪonto) V-IIM3..P ‘places he was and they were coming to him on_every_side’ SR GNT Mark 1:45 word 31

MARK 2:3ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘and they are coming bringing to him’ SR GNT Mark 2:3 word 4

MARK 2:13ἤρχετο (aʸrⱪeto) V-IIM3..S ‘all the crowd was coming to him and’ SR GNT Mark 2:13 word 13

MARK 2:18ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘Farisaios_\add party\add* fasting and they are coming and they are saying to him’ SR GNT Mark 2:18 word 14

MARK 2:20ἐλεύσονται (eleusontai) V-IFM3..P ‘will_be coming but days whenever’ SR GNT Mark 2:20 word 1

MARK 3:20ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and he is coming to a house and’ SR GNT Mark 3:20 word 3

MARK 3:31ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘and are coming the mother of him’ SR GNT Mark 3:31 word 7

MARK 4:15ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘whenever they may hear immediately is coming Satan/(Sāţān) and is carrying’ SR GNT Mark 4:15 word 20

MARK 4:21ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘he was saying to them surely_not is coming the lamp in_order_that’ SR GNT Mark 4:21 word 8

MARK 5:15ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘and they are coming to Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) and’ SR GNT Mark 5:15 word 2

MARK 5:22ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and see is coming one of the synagogue_leaders’ SR GNT Mark 5:22 word 3

MARK 5:35ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘still of him speaking they are coming from the synagogue_leader’ SR GNT Mark 5:35 word 4

MARK 5:38ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘and they are coming to the house’ SR GNT Mark 5:38 word 2

MARK 6:1ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘he came_out from_there and he is coming into the hometown’ SR GNT Mark 6:1 word 6

MARK 6:31ἐρχόμενοι (erⱪomenoi) V-PPM.NMP ‘were for the ones coming and the ones going’ SR GNT Mark 6:31 word 25

MARK 6:48ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘watch of the night he is coming to them walking’ SR GNT Mark 6:48 word 25

MARK 8:22ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘and they are coming to Baʸthsaida and’ SR GNT Mark 8:22 word 2

MARK 10:1ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and from_there having risen_up he is coming into the regions’ SR GNT Mark 10:1 word 5

MARK 10:14ἔρχεσθαι (erⱪesthai) V-NPM.... ‘allow the little_children to_be coming to me and’ SR GNT Mark 10:14 word 15

MARK 10:30ἐρχομένῳ (erⱪomenōi) V-PPM.DMS ‘the age which coming life eternal’ SR GNT Mark 10:30 word 39

MARK 10:46ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘and they are coming to Yeriⱪō/(Yərīḩō) and’ SR GNT Mark 10:46 word 2

MARK 11:10ἐρχομένη (erⱪomenaʸ) V-PPM.NFS ‘having_been blessed is the coming kingdom of the father’ SR GNT Mark 11:10 word 4

MARK 11:15ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘and they are coming to Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim) and’ SR GNT Mark 11:15 word 3

MARK 11:27ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘and they are coming again to Hierousalaʸm/(Yərūshālayim)’ SR GNT Mark 11:27 word 2

MARK 11:27ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘temple walking him are coming to him the’ SR GNT Mark 11:27 word 13

MARK 12:9ἐλεύσεται (eleusetai) V-IFM3..S ‘master of the vineyard he will_be coming and will_be destroying the’ SR GNT Mark 12:9 word 8

MARK 12:18ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘and are coming the Saddoukaios_\add sect\add* to him’ SR GNT Mark 12:18 word 2

MARK 13:6ἐλεύσονται (eleusontai) V-IFM3..P ‘many will_be coming in the name’ SR GNT Mark 13:6 word 3

MARK 13:26ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘the son of Man coming in the clouds with’ SR GNT Mark 13:26 word 8

MARK 13:35ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘master of the house is coming either evening or’ SR GNT Mark 13:35 word 11

MARK 14:17ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and of evening having become he is coming with the twelve’ SR GNT Mark 14:17 word 6

MARK 14:32ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘and they are coming to a property of which’ SR GNT Mark 14:32 word 3

MARK 14:37ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and he is coming and is finding them’ SR GNT Mark 14:37 word 2

MARK 14:41ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and he is coming the third time and’ SR GNT Mark 14:41 word 2

MARK 14:62ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘of the power and coming with the clouds’ SR GNT Mark 14:62 word 23

MARK 14:66ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘in the courtyard is coming one of the servant_girls’ SR GNT Mark 14:66 word 10

MARK 15:21ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘a certain man Simōn from_Kuraʸnaʸ coming from the country the’ SR GNT Mark 15:21 word 11

MARK 15:36ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘leave it we may see if is coming Aʸlias/(ʼĒliyyāh) to take_down him’ SR GNT Mark 15:36 word 23

MARK 16:2ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘first of the of the week they are coming to the tomb’ SR GNT Mark 16:2 word 12

MAT 3:7ἐρχομένους (erⱪomenous) V-PPM.AMP ‘Farisaios_\add party\add* and Saddoukaios_\add sect\add* coming to the immersion’ SR GNT Mat 3:7 word 8

MAT 3:7μελλούσης (mellousaʸs) V-PPA.GFS Lemma=mellō ‘to flee from the coming severe_anger’ SR GNT Mat 3:7 word 23

MAT 3:14ἔρχῃ (erⱪaʸ) V-IPM2..S ‘to_be immersed and you are coming to me’ SR GNT Mat 3:14 word 15

MAT 3:16ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.ANS ‘as_if a dove and coming on him’ SR GNT Mat 3:16 word 34

MAT 7:15ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘the false_prophets who are coming to you_all in’ SR GNT Mat 7:15 word 7

MAT 8:9ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘he is going and to another be coming and he is coming and’ SR GNT Mat 8:9 word 21

MAT 8:9ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘to another be coming and he is coming and to the slave’ SR GNT Mat 8:9 word 23

MAT 8:11ἥξουσιν (haʸxousin) V-IFA3..P Lemma=ēkō ‘east and west will_be coming and will_be_being reclined with’ SR GNT Mat 8:11 word 10

MAT 9:15ἐλεύσονται (eleusontai) V-IFM3..P ‘is the bridegroom will_be coming but days whenever’ SR GNT Mat 9:15 word 24

MAT 11:14ἔρχεσθαι (erⱪesthai) V-NPM.... ‘Aʸlias/(ʼĒliyyāh) the one going to_be coming’ SR GNT Mat 11:14 word 10

MAT 12:32μέλλοντι (mellonti) V-PPA.DMS Lemma=mellō ‘nor in the one coming’ SR GNT Mat 12:32 word 39

MAT 13:19ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and not understanding is coming the evil one and’ SR GNT Mat 13:19 word 11

MAT 16:27ἔρχεσθαι (erⱪesthai) V-NPM.... ‘the son of Man to_be coming in the glory’ SR GNT Mat 16:27 word 7

MAT 16:28ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘the son of Man coming in the kingdom’ SR GNT Mat 16:28 word 24

MAT 17:11ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘said Aʸlias/(ʼĒliyyāh) on_one_hand is coming and will_be restoring all things’ SR GNT Mat 17:11 word 10

MAT 18:7ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘whom the temptation is coming’ SR GNT Mat 18:7 word 24

MAT 21:5ἔρχεταί (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘the king of you is coming to you gentle and’ SR GNT Mat 21:5 word 10

MAT 23:36ἥξει (haʸxei) V-IFA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘truly I am saying to you_all will_be coming all these things on’ SR GNT Mat 23:36 word 5

MAT 24:3παρουσίας (parousias) N-GFS Lemma=parousia ‘sign of the your coming and the completion of the’ SR GNT Mat 24:3 word 33

MAT 24:5ἐλεύσονται (eleusontai) V-IFM3..P ‘many for will_be coming in the name’ SR GNT Mat 24:5 word 3

MAT 24:14ἥξει (haʸxei) V-IFA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘nations and then will_be coming the end’ SR GNT Mat 24:14 word 24

MAT 24:27παρουσία (parousia) N-NFS Lemma=parousia ‘thus will_be the coming of the son of Man’ SR GNT Mat 24:27 word 17

MAT 24:30ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘the son of Man coming on the clouds’ SR GNT Mat 24:30 word 30

MAT 24:37παρουσία (parousia) N-NFS Lemma=parousia ‘thus will_be the coming of the son of Man’ SR GNT Mat 24:37 word 12

MAT 24:39παρουσία (parousia) N-NFS Lemma=parousia ‘thus will_be the coming of the son of Man’ SR GNT Mat 24:39 word 18

MAT 24:42ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘the master of you_all is coming’ SR GNT Mat 24:42 word 12

MAT 24:43ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘watch the thief is coming he watched would and’ SR GNT Mat 24:43 word 15

MAT 24:44ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘the son of Man is coming’ SR GNT Mat 24:44 word 17

MAT 24:50ἥξει (haʸxei) V-IFA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘will_be coming the master of slave’ SR GNT Mat 24:50 word 1

MAT 25:11ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘later and are coming also the other’ SR GNT Mat 25:11 word 3

MAT 25:19ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and much time is coming the master of slaves’ SR GNT Mat 25:19 word 7

MAT 26:36ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘then is coming with them Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa)’ SR GNT Mat 26:36 word 2

MAT 26:40ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and he is coming to the apprentices/followers’ SR GNT Mat 26:40 word 2

MAT 26:45ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘then he is coming to the apprentices/followers’ SR GNT Mat 26:45 word 2

MAT 26:50πάρει (parei) V-IPA2..S Lemma=pareimi ‘friend for what you are coming then having approached they laid_on’ SR GNT Mat 26:50 word 13

MAT 26:64ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘the right of power and coming in the clouds’ SR GNT Mat 26:64 word 24

MAT 27:49ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘leave it we may see whether is coming Aʸlias/(ʼĒliyyāh) going_to save him’ SR GNT Mat 27:49 word 11

LUKE 3:7μελλούσης (mellousaʸs) V-PPA.GFS Lemma=mellō ‘to flee from the coming severe_anger’ SR GNT Luke 3:7 word 21

LUKE 3:16ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘in water am immersing you_all is coming on_the_other_hand the one mightier than’ SR GNT Luke 3:16 word 23

LUKE 5:35ἐλεύσονται (eleusontai) V-IFM3..P ‘will_be coming but days also’ SR GNT Luke 5:35 word 1

LUKE 7:8ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘he is going and to other be coming and he is coming and’ SR GNT Luke 7:8 word 22

LUKE 7:8ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘to other be coming and he is coming and to the slave’ SR GNT Luke 7:8 word 24

LUKE 8:12ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘the ones having heard thereafter is coming the devil and’ SR GNT Luke 8:12 word 13

LUKE 8:49ἔρχεταί (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘still of him speaking is coming someone from the’ SR GNT Luke 8:49 word 4

LUKE 9:23ἔρχεσθαι (erⱪesthai) V-NPM.... ‘is wanting after me to_be coming him let renounce himself and’ SR GNT Luke 9:23 word 11

LUKE 10:1ἔρχεσθαι (erⱪesthai) V-NPM.... ‘where was going he to_be coming’ SR GNT Luke 10:1 word 35

LUKE 12:39ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘hour the thief is coming he watched would and’ SR GNT Luke 12:39 word 15

LUKE 12:40ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘the son of Man is coming’ SR GNT Luke 12:40 word 17

LUKE 12:45ἔρχεσθαι (erⱪesthai) V-NPM.... ‘the master of me to_be coming and may begin to_be striking’ SR GNT Luke 12:45 word 17

LUKE 12:46ἥξει (haʸxei) V-IFA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘will_be coming the master of slave’ SR GNT Luke 12:46 word 1

LUKE 12:54ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘immediately you_all are saying a rainstorm is coming and it is becoming thus’ SR GNT Luke 12:54 word 20

LUKE 13:7ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘years from that I am coming seeking fruit on’ SR GNT Luke 13:7 word 12

LUKE 13:9μέλλον (mellon) V-PPA.ANS Lemma=mellō ‘fruit in the time coming if on_the_other_hand not’ SR GNT Luke 13:9 word 9

LUKE 13:14ἐρχόμενοι (erⱪomenoi) V-PPM.NMP ‘in them therefore coming be_being healed and not’ SR GNT Luke 13:14 word 32

LUKE 13:29ἥξουσιν (haʸxousin) V-IFA3..P Lemma=ēkō ‘and they will_be coming from the east and’ SR GNT Luke 13:29 word 2

LUKE 14:17ἔρχεσθε (erⱪesthe) V-MPM2..P ‘to say to the ones having_been invited be coming because now ready’ SR GNT Luke 14:17 word 13

LUKE 14:26ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘if anyone is coming to me and’ SR GNT Luke 14:26 word 3

LUKE 14:27ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘stake of him and is coming after me not’ SR GNT Luke 14:27 word 12

LUKE 14:31ἐρχομένῳ (erⱪomenōi) V-PPM.DMS ‘with twenty thousands coming against him’ SR GNT Luke 14:31 word 32

LUKE 15:27ἥκει (haʸkei) V-IPA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘the brother of you is coming and sacrificed the’ SR GNT Luke 15:27 word 9

LUKE 16:21ἐρχόμενοι (erⱪomenoi) V-PPM.NMP ‘even the dogs coming were licking_up the ulcers’ SR GNT Luke 16:21 word 22

LUKE 17:1ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘woe to_him by whom it is coming’ SR GNT Luke 17:1 word 22

LUKE 17:20ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘the Farisaios_\add party\add* when is coming the kingdom of god’ SR GNT Luke 17:20 word 7

LUKE 17:20ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘and said not is coming the kingdom of god’ SR GNT Luke 17:20 word 18

LUKE 17:22ἐλεύσονται (eleusontai) V-IFM3..P ‘to the apprentices/followers will_be coming days when you_all will_be desiring’ SR GNT Luke 17:22 word 8

LUKE 18:3ἤρχετο (aʸrⱪeto) V-IIM3..S ‘city that and she was coming to him saying’ SR GNT Luke 18:3 word 9

LUKE 18:5ἐρχομένη (erⱪomenaʸ) V-PPM.NFS ‘not to the end coming she may_be harassing me’ SR GNT Luke 18:5 word 19

LUKE 18:16ἔρχεσθαι (erⱪesthai) V-NPM.... ‘allow the little_children to_be coming to me and’ SR GNT Luke 18:16 word 13

LUKE 18:30ἐρχομένῳ (erⱪomenōi) V-PPM.DMS ‘in the age coming life eternal’ SR GNT Luke 18:30 word 19

LUKE 19:13ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘to do_business at the time I am coming’ SR GNT Luke 19:13 word 21

LUKE 19:43ἥξουσιν (haʸxousin) V-IFA3..P Lemma=ēkō ‘because will_be coming days on you’ SR GNT Luke 19:43 word 2

LUKE 20:16ἐλεύσεται (eleusetai) V-IFM3..S ‘he will_be coming and will_be destroying the’ SR GNT Luke 20:16 word 1

LUKE 21:6ἐλεύσονται (eleusontai) V-IFM3..P ‘these things which you_all are observing will_be coming days in which’ SR GNT Luke 21:6 word 4

LUKE 21:8ἐλεύσονται (eleusontai) V-IFM3..P ‘you_all may_be strayed many for will_be coming in the name’ SR GNT Luke 21:8 word 9

LUKE 21:27ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘the son of Man coming in a cloud with’ SR GNT Luke 21:27 word 8

LUKE 23:26ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘Simōn a certain from_Kuraʸnaʸ coming from the country they put_on’ SR GNT Luke 23:26 word 18

LUKE 23:29ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘because see are coming days in which’ SR GNT Luke 23:29 word 3

LUKE 24:21ἄγει (agei) V-IPA3..S Lemma=agō ‘third this day it is coming from which these things’ SR GNT Luke 24:21 word 25

ACTs 1:11ἐλεύσεται (eleusetai) V-IFM3..S ‘into heaven thus will_be coming which manner you_all saw’ SR GNT Acts 1:11 word 25

ACTs 5:15ἐρχομένου (erⱪomenou) V-PPM.GMS ‘and pallets in_order_that coming of Petros even_if the’ SR GNT Acts 5:15 word 20

ACTs 9:17ἤρχου (aʸrⱪou) V-IIM2..S ‘the road in which you were coming so_that you may receive_sight and’ SR GNT Acts 9:17 word 33

ACTs 10:21πάρεστε (pareste) V-IPA2..P Lemma=pareimi ‘cause for which you_all are coming’ SR GNT Acts 10:21 word 31

ACTs 12:20παρῆσαν (paraʸsan) V-IIA3..P Lemma=pareimi ‘Sidōn/(Tsīdōn)ians with_one_accord and they were coming to him and’ SR GNT Acts 12:20 word 19

ACTs 13:25ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘I but see he is coming after me of whom’ SR GNT Acts 13:25 word 21

ACTs 13:44ἐρχομένῳ (erⱪomenōi) V-PPM.DNS ‘on the and coming day_of_rest almost all’ SR GNT Acts 13:44 word 5

ACTs 17:6πάρεισιν (pareisin) V-IPA3..P Lemma=pareimi ‘these also here are coming’ SR GNT Acts 17:6 word 31

ACTs 19:4ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘saying in the one coming after him that’ SR GNT Acts 19:4 word 15

ACTs 19:18ἤρχοντο (aʸrⱪonto) V-IIM3..P ‘and of the ones having believed were coming confessing and declaring’ SR GNT Acts 19:18 word 7

ACTs 24:25μέλλοντος (mellontos) V-PPA.GNS Lemma=mellō ‘and the judgment coming frightened having become Faʸlix’ SR GNT Acts 24:25 word 14

ROM 5:14μέλλοντος (mellontos) V-PPA.GMS Lemma=mellō ‘is a pattern of the one coming’ SR GNT Rom 5:14 word 25

ROM 8:38μέλλοντα (mellonta) V-PPA.NNP Lemma=mellō ‘nor having presented things nor coming things nor powers’ SR GNT Rom 8:38 word 20

ROM 9:9ἐλεύσομαι (eleusomai) V-IFM1..S ‘concerning time this I will_be coming and there will_be to Sarra/(Sārāh)’ SR GNT Rom 9:9 word 10

ROM 11:26ἥξει (haʸxei) V-IFA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘will_be_being saved as it has_been written will_be coming out_of Siōn/(Tsiuōn) the one’ SR GNT Rom 11:26 word 8

ROM 15:29ἐλεύσομαι (eleusomai) V-IFM1..S ‘the fullness of the blessing of chosen_one/messiah I will_be coming’ SR GNT Rom 15:29 word 15

1COR 3:22μέλλοντα (mellonta) V-PPA.NNP Lemma=mellō ‘or having presented or coming all things of you_all are’ SR GNT 1Cor 3:22 word 16

1COR 4:18ἐρχομένου (erⱪomenou) V-PPM.GMS ‘when not coming and of me to’ SR GNT 1Cor 4:18 word 3

1COR 4:19ἐλεύσομαι (eleusomai) V-IFM1..S ‘I will_be coming but quickly to’ SR GNT 1Cor 4:19 word 1

1COR 15:23παρουσίᾳ (parousia) N-DFS Lemma=parousia ‘chosen_one/messiah at the coming of him’ SR GNT 1Cor 15:23 word 15

1COR 15:35ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘with what and body they are coming’ SR GNT 1Cor 15:35 word 11

1COR 16:5ἐλεύσομαι (eleusomai) V-IFM1..S ‘I will_be coming but to you_all’ SR GNT 1Cor 16:5 word 1

1COR 16:12ἐλεύσεται (eleusetai) V-IFM3..S ‘that now he may come he will_be coming but whenever he may have_opportunity’ SR GNT 1Cor 16:12 word 27

1COR 16:17παρουσίᾳ (parousia) N-DFS Lemma=parousia ‘but at the coming of Stefanas and Fortounatos’ SR GNT 1Cor 16:17 word 5

2COR 7:6παρουσίᾳ (parousia) N-DFS Lemma=parousia ‘god by the coming of Titos’ SR GNT 2Cor 7:6 word 13

2COR 7:7παρουσίᾳ (parousia) N-DFS Lemma=parousia ‘and by the coming of him but also’ SR GNT 2Cor 7:7 word 6

2COR 12:1ἐλεύσομαι (eleusomai) V-IFM1..S ‘not benefitting indeed I will_be coming and to visions’ SR GNT 2Cor 12:1 word 10

2COR 13:1ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘third time this I am coming to you_all in’ SR GNT 2Cor 13:1 word 6

EPH 1:21μέλλοντι (mellonti) V-PPA.DMS Lemma=mellō ‘also in the one coming’ SR GNT Eph 1:21 word 26

EPH 5:6ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘because_of these things for is coming the severe_anger of god’ SR GNT Eph 5:6 word 10

PHP 1:26παρουσίας (parousias) N-GFS Lemma=parousia ‘me through my coming again to you_all’ SR GNT Php 1:26 word 14

PHP 2:24ἐλεύσομαι (eleusomai) V-IFM1..S ‘also myself quickly I will_be coming’ SR GNT Php 2:24 word 10

COL 2:17μελλόντων (mellontōn) V-PPA.GNP Lemma=mellō ‘is a shadow of the things coming the but body is’ SR GNT Col 2:17 word 6

COL 3:6ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘because_of which things is coming the severe_anger of god’ SR GNT Col 3:6 word 6

1TH 1:10ἐρχομένης (erⱪomenaʸs) V-PPM.GFS ‘from the severe_anger coming’ SR GNT 1Th 1:10 word 24

1TH 2:19παρουσίᾳ (parousia) N-DFS Lemma=parousia ‘at the of him coming’ SR GNT 1Th 2:19 word 24

1TH 3:13παρουσίᾳ (parousia) N-DFS Lemma=parousia ‘of us at the coming of the master of us’ SR GNT 1Th 3:13 word 20

1TH 4:15παρουσίαν (parousian) N-AFS Lemma=parousia ‘being remaining to the coming of the master by_no_means’ SR GNT 1Th 4:15 word 16

1TH 5:2ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘by night thus is coming’ SR GNT 1Th 5:2 word 14

1TH 5:23παρουσίᾳ (parousia) N-DFS Lemma=parousia ‘blamelessly at the coming of the master of us’ SR GNT 1Th 5:23 word 25

2TH 2:1παρουσίας (parousias) N-GFS Lemma=parousia ‘brothers concerning the coming of the master of us’ SR GNT 2Th 2:1 word 7

2TH 2:8παρουσίας (parousias) N-GFS Lemma=parousia ‘by the appearing of the coming of him’ SR GNT 2Th 2:8 word 23

2TH 2:9παρουσία (parousia) N-NFS Lemma=parousia ‘of whom is coming according_to the working of Satan/(Sāţān)’ SR GNT 2Th 2:9 word 4

1TIM 4:8μελλούσης (mellousaʸs) V-PPA.GFS Lemma=mellō ‘present and of the life coming’ SR GNT 1Tim 4:8 word 24

1TIM 4:13ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘until I am coming be giving_heed to the public_reading’ SR GNT 1Tim 4:13 word 2

1TIM 6:19μέλλον (mellon) V-PPA.ANS Lemma=mellō ‘good for the time coming in_order_that they may take_hold of the’ SR GNT 1Tim 6:19 word 7

HEB 2:5μέλλουσαν (mellousan) V-PPA.AFS Lemma=mellō ‘he subjected the inhabited_world coming for which we are speaking’ SR GNT Heb 2:5 word 10

HEB 6:5μέλλοντος (mellontos) V-PPA.GMS Lemma=mellō ‘the message the powers and of the coming age’ SR GNT Heb 6:5 word 9

HEB 6:7ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘the on it coming often rain and’ SR GNT Heb 6:7 word 10

HEB 8:8ἔρχονται (erⱪontai) V-IPM3..P ‘he is saying see the days are coming is saying the master and’ SR GNT Heb 8:8 word 8

HEB 10:1μελλόντων (mellontōn) V-PPA.GNP Lemma=mellō ‘the law of the coming good things not itself’ SR GNT Heb 10:1 word 7

HEB 10:7ἥκω (haʸkō) V-IPA1..S Lemma=ēkō ‘then I said see I am coming in the scroll of the scroll’ SR GNT Heb 10:7 word 4

HEB 10:9ἥκω (haʸkō) V-IPA1..S Lemma=ēkō ‘then he has said see I am coming to do the will’ SR GNT Heb 10:9 word 4

HEB 10:37ἥξει (haʸxei) V-IFA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘as_much_as the one coming will_be coming and not will_be delaying’ SR GNT Heb 10:37 word 8

HEB 11:8ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘not knowing where he is coming’ SR GNT Heb 11:8 word 21

HEB 11:20μελλόντων (mellontōn) V-PPA.GNP Lemma=mellō ‘by faith also concerning coming things blessed Isaʼak/(Yiʦəḩāq) Yakōb/(Yaˊaqov)’ SR GNT Heb 11:20 word 4

HEB 13:14μέλλουσαν (mellousan) V-PPA.AFS Lemma=mellō ‘a city but the city coming we are seeking_after’ SR GNT Heb 13:14 word 9

HEB 13:23ἔρχηται (erⱪaʸtai) V-SPM3..S ‘whom if more_quickly he may_be coming I will_be seeing you_all’ SR GNT Heb 13:23 word 11

YAC 5:7παρουσίας (parousias) N-GFS Lemma=parousia ‘brothers until the coming of the master see’ SR GNT Jam 5:7 word 6

YAC 5:8παρουσία (parousia) N-NFS Lemma=parousia ‘of you_all because the coming of the master has neared’ SR GNT Jam 5:8 word 11

2PET 1:16παρουσίαν (parousian) N-AFS Lemma=parousia ‘chosen_one/messiah power and coming but eyewitnesses having_been become’ SR GNT 2Pet 1:16 word 16

2PET 3:3ἐλεύσονται (eleusontai) V-IFM3..P ‘first knowing that will_be coming in the last of the’ SR GNT 2Pet 3:3 word 7

2PET 3:4παρουσίας (parousias) N-GFS Lemma=parousia ‘the promise of the coming of him from that time’ SR GNT 2Pet 3:4 word 8

2PET 3:10ἥξει (haʸxei) V-IFA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘will_be coming but the day of the master’ SR GNT 2Pet 3:10 word 1

2PET 3:12παρουσίαν (parousian) N-AFS Lemma=parousia ‘and hurrying the coming of the of god day’ SR GNT 2Pet 3:12 word 5

1YHN 2:18ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘you_all heard that the anti-messiah is coming even now anti-messiahs’ SR GNT 1Jhn 2:18 word 14

1YHN 2:28παρουσίᾳ (parousia) N-DFS Lemma=parousia ‘him at the coming of him’ SR GNT 1Jhn 2:28 word 21

1YHN 4:3ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘which you_all have heard that it is coming and now in’ SR GNT 1Jhn 4:3 word 30

1YHN 5:20ἥκει (haʸkei) V-IPA3..S Lemma=ēkō ‘the son of god is coming and has given to us’ SR GNT 1Jhn 5:20 word 9

2YHN 1:7ἐρχόμενον (erⱪomenon) V-PPM.AMS ‘confessing Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) chosen_one/messiah coming in flesh this one’ SR GNT 2Jhn 1:7 word 15

2YHN 1:10ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘if anyone is coming to you_all and’ SR GNT 2Jhn 1:10 word 3

2YHN 1:3ἐρχομένων (erⱪomenōn) V-PPM.GMP ‘I was elated for exceedingly coming the brothers and testifying’ SR GNT 2Jhn 1:3 word 4

REV 1:7ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘see he is coming with the clouds’ SR GNT Rev 1:7 word 2

REV 2:5ἔρχομαί (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘if and not I am coming to you and will_be removing’ SR GNT Rev 2:5 word 17

REV 2:16ἔρχομαί (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘if and not I am coming to you quickly and’ SR GNT Rev 2:16 word 6

REV 3:3ἥξω (haʸxō) V-IFA1..S Lemma=ēkō ‘therefore not you may watch I will_be coming like a thief and’ SR GNT Rev 3:3 word 17

REV 3:3ἥξω (haʸxō) V-IFA1..S Lemma=ēkō ‘you may know what hour I will_be coming on you’ SR GNT Rev 3:3 word 30

REV 3:9ἥξουσιν (haʸxousin) V-IFA3..P Lemma=ēkō ‘I will_be making them that they will_be coming and will_be prostrating before’ SR GNT Rev 3:9 word 25

REV 3:10ἔρχεσθαι (erⱪesthai) V-NPM.... ‘of the of trial going to_be coming on the inhabited_world’ SR GNT Rev 3:10 word 20

REV 3:11ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘I am coming quickly be taking_hold_of what’ SR GNT Rev 3:11 word 2

REV 6:1ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘as with a voice of thunder be coming’ SR GNT Rev 6:1 word 28

REV 6:3ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘second living_creature saying be coming’ SR GNT Rev 6:3 word 14

REV 6:5ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘third living_creature saying be coming and I looked and’ SR GNT Rev 6:5 word 14

REV 6:7ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘fourth living_creature saying be coming’ SR GNT Rev 6:7 word 19

REV 7:14ἐρχόμενοι (erⱪomenoi) V-PPM.NMP ‘these are the ones coming out_of the tribulation’ SR GNT Rev 7:14 word 16

REV 9:12ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘one went_away see is coming still two woes’ SR GNT Rev 9:12 word 7

REV 11:14ἔρχεται (erⱪetai) V-IPM3..S ‘the woe third is coming quickly’ SR GNT Rev 11:14 word 14

REV 15:4ἥξουσιν (haʸxousin) V-IFA3..P Lemma=ēkō ‘all the nations will_be coming and they will_be prostrating before’ SR GNT Rev 15:4 word 23

REV 16:15ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘see I am coming like a thief blessed is’ SR GNT Rev 16:15 word 2

REV 18:8ἥξουσιν (haʸxousin) V-IFA3..P Lemma=ēkō ‘in one day will_be coming the plagues of her’ SR GNT Rev 18:8 word 6

REV 22:7ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘and see I am coming quickly blessed is the one’ SR GNT Rev 22:7 word 3

REV 22:12ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘see I am coming quickly and the’ SR GNT Rev 22:12 word 3

REV 22:17ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘the bride are saying be coming and the one hearing’ SR GNT Rev 22:17 word 8

REV 22:17ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘the one hearing him let say be coming and the one thirsting’ SR GNT Rev 22:17 word 14

REV 22:17ἐρχέσθω (erⱪesthō) V-MPM3..S ‘and the one thirsting let_be coming the one wanting him let take’ SR GNT Rev 22:17 word 19

REV 22:20ἔρχομαι (erⱪomai) V-IPM1..S ‘testifying these things yes I am coming quickly Truly be coming’ SR GNT Rev 22:20 word 7

REV 22:20ἔρχου (erⱪou) V-MPM2..S ‘I am coming quickly Truly be coming master Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa)’ SR GNT Rev 22:20 word 11

Key: N=noun V=verb AFS=accusative,feminine,singular DFS=dative,feminine,singular GFS=genitive,feminine,singular IFA1..S=indicative,future,active,1st person singular IFA3..P=indicative,future,active,3rd person plural IFA3..S=indicative,future,active,3rd person singular IFM1..P=indicative,future,middle,1st person plural IFM1..S=indicative,future,middle,1st person singular IFM3..P=indicative,future,middle,3rd person plural IFM3..S=indicative,future,middle,3rd person singular IIA3..P=indicative,imperfect,active,3rd person plural IIM2..S=indicative,imperfect,middle,2nd person singular IIM3..P=indicative,imperfect,middle,3rd person plural IIM3..S=indicative,imperfect,middle,3rd person singular IPA1..S=indicative,present,active,1st person singular IPA2..P=indicative,present,active,2nd person plural IPA2..S=indicative,present,active,2nd person singular IPA3..P=indicative,present,active,3rd person plural IPA3..S=indicative,present,active,3rd person singular IPM1..P=indicative,present,middle,1st person plural IPM1..S=indicative,present,middle,1st person singular IPM2..S=indicative,present,middle,2nd person singular IPM3..P=indicative,present,middle,3rd person plural IPM3..S=indicative,present,middle,3rd person singular MPM2..P=imperative,present,middle,2nd person plural MPM2..S=imperative,present,middle,2nd person singular MPM3..S=imperative,present,middle,3rd person singular NFS=nominative,feminine,singular NPM....=infinitive,present,middle PPA.AFS=participle,present,active,accusative,feminine,singular PPA.ANS=participle,present,active,accusative,neuter,singular PPA.DMS=participle,present,active,dative,masculine,singular PPA.GFS=participle,present,active,genitive,feminine,singular PPA.GMS=participle,present,active,genitive,masculine,singular PPA.GNP=participle,present,active,genitive,neuter,plural PPA.GNS=participle,present,active,genitive,neuter,singular PPA.NNP=participle,present,active,nominative,neuter,plural PPM.AMP=participle,present,middle,accusative,masculine,plural PPM.AMS=participle,present,middle,accusative,masculine,singular PPM.ANP=participle,present,middle,accusative,neuter,plural PPM.ANS=participle,present,middle,accusative,neuter,singular PPM.DMS=participle,present,middle,dative,masculine,singular PPM.DNS=participle,present,middle,dative,neuter,singular PPM.GFS=participle,present,middle,genitive,feminine,singular PPM.GMP=participle,present,middle,genitive,masculine,plural PPM.GMS=participle,present,middle,genitive,masculine,singular PPM.NFS=participle,present,middle,nominative,feminine,singular PPM.NMP=participle,present,middle,nominative,masculine,plural PPM.NMS=participle,present,middle,nominative,masculine,singular SPM3..S=subjunctive,present,middle,3rd person singular