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ἄξιοςYhn (Jhn) 1 

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Other uses (16) of identical word form ἄξιος (S-NMS) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘ἄξιος’ (S-NMS) has 2 different glosses: ‘worthy’, ‘worthy is’.

MAT 10:10 ‘sandals nor staff worthy is for the worker’ SR GNT Mat 10:10 word 17

MAT 10:37 ‘not is of me worthy and the one loving’ SR GNT Mat 10:37 word 11

MAT 10:37 ‘not is of me worthy’ SR GNT Mat 10:37 word 23

MAT 10:38 ‘not is of me worthy’ SR GNT Mat 10:38 word 15

LUKE 10:7 ‘the things from them worthy is for the worker’ SR GNT Luke 10:7 word 16

LUKE 15:19 ‘no_longer I am worthy to_be called the son of you’ SR GNT Luke 15:19 word 4

LUKE 15:21 ‘you no_longer I am worthy to_be called a son of you’ SR GNT Luke 15:21 word 20

ACTs 13:25 ‘of whom not I am worthy the sandal of his’ SR GNT Acts 13:25 word 28

1TIM 1:15 ‘and of all acceptance worthy chosen_one/messiah Yaʸsous/(Yəhōshūˊa) came’ SR GNT 1Tim 1:15 word 7

1TIM 4:9 ‘and of all acceptance worthy’ SR GNT 1Tim 4:9 word 7

1TIM 5:18 ‘not you will_be muzzling and worthy is the worker of the’ SR GNT 1Tim 5:18 word 12

HEB 11:38 ‘of whom not was worthy the world in’ SR GNT Heb 11:38 word 4

REV 4:11 ‘worthy you are master and’ SR GNT Rev 4:11 word 1

REV 5:2 ‘in a voice loud who worthy to open_up the scroll’ SR GNT Rev 5:2 word 12

REV 5:4 ‘much because no_one worthy will_be_being found to open_up the’ SR GNT Rev 5:4 word 8

REV 5:9 ‘a song new saying worthy you are to take the’ SR GNT Rev 5:9 word 7

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘axios’ have 5 different glosses: ‘worthy’, ‘worthy are’, ‘worthy is’, ‘worthy thing’, ‘worthy things’.

Greek words (34) other than ἄξιος (S-NMS) with a gloss related to ‘worthy’

Have 14 other words (ἄξια, ἱκανοί, ἄξιόν, ἄξιοι, ἄξιοί, ἱκανός, ἀξία, ἄξιός, ἱκανὸς, ἀξίους, ἱκανὸν, ἱκανοὶ, ἱκανὸς, ἄξιον) with 2 lemmas altogether (axios, ikanos)

MARK 1:7ἱκανὸς (hikanos) S-NMS Lemma=ikanos ‘of whom not I am worthy having bent_down to untie the’ SR GNT Mark 1:7 word 25

MAT 3:8ἄξιον (axion) A-AMS ‘produce therefore fruit worthy of repentance’ SR GNT Mat 3:8 word 5

MAT 3:11ἱκανὸς (hikanos) S-NMS Lemma=ikanos ‘of whom not I am worthy the sandals to bear’ SR GNT Mat 3:11 word 23

MAT 8:8ἱκανὸς (hikanos) S-NMS Lemma=ikanos ‘master not I am worthy that of me under’ SR GNT Mat 8:8 word 12

MAT 10:11ἄξιός (axios) S-NMS ‘who in it worthy is and_there remain’ SR GNT Mat 10:11 word 18

MAT 10:13ἀξία (axia) S-NFS ‘may_be the house worthy let come the peace’ SR GNT Mat 10:13 word 8

MAT 10:13ἀξία (axia) S-NFS ‘on_the_other_hand not may_be worthy the peace of you_all’ SR GNT Mat 10:13 word 23

MAT 22:8ἄξιοι (axioi) S-NMP ‘having_been invited not were worthy’ SR GNT Mat 22:8 word 16

LUKE 3:8ἀξίους (axious) A-AMP ‘produce therefore fruits worthy of repentance and not’ SR GNT Luke 3:8 word 5

LUKE 3:16ἱκανὸς (hikanos) S-NMS Lemma=ikanos ‘of whom not I am worthy to untie the strap’ SR GNT Luke 3:16 word 34

LUKE 7:4ἄξιός (axios) S-NMS ‘him earnestly saying worthy he is to whom you will_be bringing_about’ SR GNT Luke 7:4 word 15

LUKE 7:6ἱκανός (hikanos) S-NMS Lemma=ikanos ‘be_being troubled not for worthy I am that under’ SR GNT Luke 7:6 word 42

LUKE 12:48ἄξια (axia) S-ANP ‘having known having done but worthy things of beatings will_be_being beat few blows’ SR GNT Luke 12:48 word 7

LUKE 23:15ἄξιον (axion) S-NNS ‘and see nothing worthy of death is having_been done’ SR GNT Luke 23:15 word 16

LUKE 23:41ἄξια (axia) S-ANP ‘we on_one_hand justly worthy things for of what we did’ SR GNT Luke 23:41 word 5

ACTs 13:46ἀξίους (axious) S-AMP ‘it and not worthy you_all are judging yourselves of eternal’ SR GNT Acts 13:46 word 31

ACTs 23:29ἄξιον (axion) S-ANS ‘of them nothing but worthy of death or of bonds’ SR GNT Acts 23:29 word 13

ACTs 25:11ἄξιον (axion) S-ANS ‘therefore I am doing_wrong and worthy of death I have done anything’ SR GNT Acts 25:11 word 7

ACTs 25:25ἄξιον (axion) S-ANS ‘but grasped nothing worthy him of death to_have done’ SR GNT Acts 25:25 word 6

ACTs 26:20ἄξια (axia) S-ANP ‘to_be turning_back to god worthy of repentance works doing’ SR GNT Acts 26:20 word 30

ACTs 26:31ἄξιον (axion) S-ANS ‘of death or of bonds worthy thing any is doing man’ SR GNT Acts 26:31 word 14

ROM 1:32ἄξιοι (axioi) S-NMP ‘the ones such things doing worthy of death are not’ SR GNT Rom 1:32 word 13

ROM 8:18ἄξια (axia) S-NNP ‘for that not worthy are the sufferings of the’ SR GNT Rom 8:18 word 6

1COR 15:9ἱκανὸς (hikanos) S-NMS Lemma=ikanos ‘who not am worthy to_be_being called an ambassador because’ SR GNT 1Cor 15:9 word 11

1COR 16:4ἄξιον (axion) S-NNS ‘if and worthy it may_be also_I to_be going’ SR GNT 1Cor 16:4 word 4

2COR 2:6ἱκανὸν (hikanon) S-NNS Lemma=ikanos ‘worthy is to such one punishment this’ SR GNT 2Cor 2:6 word 1

2COR 2:16ἱκανός (hikanos) S-NMS Lemma=ikanos ‘for these things who is worthy’ SR GNT 2Cor 2:16 word 21

2COR 3:5ἱκανοί (hikanoi) S-NMP Lemma=ikanos ‘that from ourselves worthy we are to count anything’ SR GNT 2Cor 3:5 word 5

2TH 1:3ἄξιόν (axion) S-NNS ‘you_all brothers as worthy it is because is growing_beyond’ SR GNT 2Th 1:3 word 10

1TIM 6:1ἀξίους (axious) S-AMP ‘masters of all honour worthy them let_be considering in_order_that not’ SR GNT 1Tim 6:1 word 12

2TIM 2:2ἱκανοὶ (hikanoi) S-NMP Lemma=ikanos ‘to faithful people who worthy will_be also others’ SR GNT 2Tim 2:2 word 14

REV 3:4ἄξιοί (axioi) S-NMP ‘in white garments because worthy they are’ SR GNT Rev 3:4 word 25

REV 5:12ἄξιόν (axion) S-NNS ‘saying with a voice loud worthy is the lamb’ SR GNT Rev 5:12 word 4

REV 16:6ἄξιοί (axioi) S-NMP ‘to them have given to drink worthy they are’ SR GNT Rev 16:6 word 18

Key: A=adjective S=substantive adjective AMP=accusative,masculine,plural AMS=accusative,masculine,singular ANP=accusative,neuter,plural ANS=accusative,neuter,singular NFS=nominative,feminine,singular NMP=nominative,masculine,plural NMS=nominative,masculine,singular NNP=nominative,neuter,plural NNS=nominative,neuter,singular