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αὐτοῦYhn 1

Note: With the help of a companion website, these word pages enable you to click through all the way back to photographs of the original manuscripts that the Open English Translation New Testament is translated from. If you go to the Statistical Restoration Greek page (by clicking on the SR Bible reference above), from there you can click on the original manuscript numbers (e.g., 𝔓1, 01, 02, etc.) in the Witness column there, to see their transcription of the original Greek page. From there, you can click on the 🔍 magnifying glass icon to view a photograph of the actual leaf of the codex. This is all part of the commitment of the Open English Translation team to be transparent about all levels of the Bible translation process right back to the original manuscripts.

Showing the first 50 out of (1,354) uses of identical word form αὐτοῦ (R-...3GMS) in the Greek originals

The word form ‘αὐτοῦ’ (R-...3GMS) has 17 different glosses: ‘about him’, ‘against him’, ‘for him’, ‘from him’, ‘in him’, ‘of him’, ‘of him are’, ‘of him is’, ‘of himself’, ‘of it’, ‘on it’, ‘over it’, ‘with him’, ‘he’, ‘him’, ‘himself’, ‘it’.

YHN 1:3 ‘all things through him became and without’ SR GNT John 1:3 word 3

YHN 1:3 ‘became and without him became not_even one thing’ SR GNT John 1:3 word 7

YHN 1:7 ‘all may believe through him’ SR GNT John 1:7 word 16

YHN 1:10 ‘the world through him became and the’ SR GNT John 1:10 word 10

YHN 1:12 ‘in the name of him’ SR GNT John 1:12 word 19

YHN 1:14 ‘we saw the glory of him a glory as of an only_birthed’ SR GNT John 1:14 word 14

YHN 1:15 ‘Yōannaʸs is testifying concerning him and he has cried_out saying’ SR GNT John 1:15 word 4

YHN 1:16 ‘of the fullness of him we all received’ SR GNT John 1:16 word 6

YHN 1:35 ‘of the apprentices/followers of him two’ SR GNT John 1:35 word 11

YHN 1:37 ‘heard the two of him apprentices/followers speaking and’ SR GNT John 1:37 word 7

YHN 1:47 ‘and he is saying concerning him see truly an Israelite’ SR GNT John 1:47 word 14

YHN 2:2 ‘and the apprentices/followers of him to the wedding’ SR GNT John 2:2 word 10

YHN 2:5 ‘is saying the mother of him to the servants whatever’ SR GNT John 2:5 word 4

YHN 2:11 ‘revealed the glory of him and believed in’ SR GNT John 2:11 word 21

YHN 2:11 ‘him the apprentices/followers of him’ SR GNT John 2:11 word 29

YHN 2:12 ‘and the mother of him and the brothers’ SR GNT John 2:12 word 15

YHN 2:12 ‘and the apprentices/followers of him and there they remained’ SR GNT John 2:12 word 23

YHN 2:17 ‘were reminded the apprentices/followers of him that having_been written it is’ SR GNT John 2:17 word 6

YHN 2:21 ‘temple of the body of him’ SR GNT John 2:21 word 10

YHN 2:22 ‘were reminded the apprentices/followers of him that this he was saying’ SR GNT John 2:22 word 10

YHN 2:23 ‘on the name of him observing of him the’ SR GNT John 2:23 word 18

YHN 2:23 ‘name of him observing of him the signs which’ SR GNT John 2:23 word 20

YHN 3:2 ‘may_be god with him’ SR GNT John 3:2 word 39

YHN 3:4 ‘womb of the mother of him secondly to come_in and’ SR GNT John 3:4 word 22

YHN 3:17 ‘the world through him’ SR GNT John 3:17 word 23

YHN 3:20 ‘may_be rebuked the works of him’ SR GNT John 3:20 word 21

YHN 3:21 ‘light in_order_that may_be revealed of him the works that’ SR GNT John 3:21 word 12

YHN 3:22 ‘and the apprentices/followers of him into the Judean’ SR GNT John 3:22 word 13

YHN 3:29 ‘having stood and hearing from him with joy is rejoicing because_of’ SR GNT John 3:29 word 19

YHN 3:32 ‘but the testimony of him no_one is receiving’ SR GNT John 3:32 word 12

YHN 3:33 ‘the one having received of him the testimony he sealed’ SR GNT John 3:33 word 3

YHN 3:35 ‘in the hand of him’ SR GNT John 3:35 word 13

YHN 4:2 ‘but the apprentices/followers of him’ SR GNT John 4:2 word 11

YHN 4:5 ‘to Yōsaʸf/(Yōşēf) the son of him’ SR GNT John 4:5 word 20

YHN 4:8 ‘the for/because apprentices/followers of him had gone_away into the’ SR GNT John 4:8 word 4

YHN 4:12 ‘and the sons of him and the livestock’ SR GNT John 4:12 word 28

YHN 4:12 ‘and the livestock of him’ SR GNT John 4:12 word 32

YHN 4:27 ‘came the apprentices/followers of him and they were marvelling that’ SR GNT John 4:27 word 10

YHN 4:34 ‘me and I may complete of him the work’ SR GNT John 4:34 word 18

YHN 4:41 ‘because_of the message of him’ SR GNT John 4:41 word 9

YHN 4:47 ‘he may come_downhill and may heal of him the son he was going’ SR GNT John 4:47 word 27

YHN 4:51 ‘already and of him coming_downhill the slaves’ SR GNT John 4:51 word 3

YHN 4:51 ‘coming_downhill the slaves of him met with him and’ SR GNT John 4:51 word 9

YHN 4:51 ‘that the boy of him is living’ SR GNT John 4:51 word 23

YHN 4:53 ‘and the house of him whole’ SR GNT John 4:53 word 28

YHN 5:5 ‘in the sicknesses of him’ SR GNT John 5:5 word 17

YHN 5:9 ‘took_up the pallet of him and was walking it was’ SR GNT John 5:9 word 17

YHN 5:28 ‘will_be hearing of the voice of him’ SR GNT John 5:28 word 23

YHN 5:35 ‘in the light of him’ SR GNT John 5:35 word 19

YHN 5:37 ‘me neither the voice of him ever you_all have heard nor’ SR GNT John 5:37 word 14

The various word forms of the root word (lemma) ‘autos’ have 96 different glosses: ‘the same’, ‘the same thing’, ‘the same things’, ‘about him’, ‘about them’, ‘after her’, ‘after him’, ‘after them’, ‘against him’, ‘against it’, ‘against them’, ‘at him’, ‘at them’, ‘before him’, ‘before them’, ‘by her’, ‘by him’, ‘by them’, ‘for her’, ‘for him’, ‘for them’, ‘from him’, ‘from it’, ‘from them’, ‘in him’, ‘in it’, ‘in them’, ‘of her’, ‘of her was’, ‘of him’, ‘of him are’, ‘of him is’, ‘of himself’, ‘of it’, ‘of it is’, ‘of it was’, ‘of them’, ‘of them are’, ‘of them he_is’, ‘of them is’, ‘of them were’, ‘of them will_be’, ‘of yourself’, ‘on her’, ‘on him’, ‘on it’, ‘on them’, ‘over it’, ‘over them’, ‘to the same’, ‘to her’, ‘to her something’, ‘to him’, ‘to him be’, ‘to him something’, ‘to him was’, ‘to it’, ‘to same’, ‘to them’, ‘unto him’, ‘unto them’, ‘with her’, ‘with him’, ‘with them’, ‘he’, ‘he is’, ‘he was’, ‘her’, ‘herself’, ‘him’, ‘him are’, ‘him is’, ‘himself’, ‘it’, ‘itself’, ‘myself’, ‘ourselves’, ‘same’, ‘same is’, ‘same place’, ‘same purpose’, ‘same reason’, ‘same thing’, ‘same things’, ‘same way’, ‘she’, ‘she was’, ‘them’, ‘them is’, ‘them there_is’, ‘them yourself’, ‘themselves’, ‘they’, ‘they did’, ‘yourself’, ‘yourselves’.

Key: R=pronoun ...3GMS=3rd person,genitive,masculine,singular