PTX Bible Drop Box Output

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Scan through the folder(s) below for your converted Matigsalug Test files (from PTX) and/or error logs. This private page will remain valid for fourteen days. (Contact us if you need an extension.)


Settings information (shows submitted metadata, etc.)

Statistics page (for 68 books)

Results and discovered info (text file)

Bible checks (using our own Python3 code)

Various data lists (in plain text, csv, html, and xml formats)
Note: main_text in these lists refers to the text without footnotes and cross-references

Sword Bible modules

Note: See here for help on using the Sword modules below.

Using the OSIS file produced from the USFM by the Python code (most recommended for Sword modules):
  Uncompressed Sword module files (using osis2mod program)
  Compressed Sword module files (using osis2mod program)

Using the OSIS file produced by our own Python3 code (still experimental):
  Uncompressed Sword module files (using osis2mod program)
  Compressed Sword module files (using osis2mod program)

Note: You maybe wonder why there are so many options. Unfortunately, converting and creating these files is not an exact science with only one solution. Different software has different strengths and weaknesses (and different bugs). We suggest that you keep testing the various results here until you find a solution that works well for your specific needs. We put the most-recommended results at the top of the above list.

Other Bible modules

Bible module export for theWord (on Windows)

Bible module export for MySword (on Android)

Bible module export for MyBible (on Android)

Our Bible module export for e-Sword (on Windows)

GoBible module output failed, sorry. (See log files.)


Static HTML files (from Haiola export)

Raw HTML5 files (using our own Python3 code)

Sample Matigsalug Test website (xHTML 1.0) created by (the no-longer-being-developed) SFM2Web (Contact us if you’re interested in taking this further.)
   SFM2Web website control files (used to create the above) and logs


Epub file (from Haiola export)

Mobi (Kindle) file (from Amazon KindleGen export)

Typeset output

Our own TeX→PDF results.

SILE→PDF (failed) results (from the still-being-developed SILE typesetter).

PhotoBible Export

PhotoBible (jpeg) export (using our own Python3 code)

XML Bible export formats


NOTE: These are the files that the above Sword modules were created from.

Single OSIS XML file (using Python code—recommended)

Single OSIS XML file (using u2o Python3 code—recommended)

Single OSIS XML file (using our own Python3 code—experimental)

Single OSIS XML file (from Haiola export)

Single OSIS XML file (using Perl code—deprecated)
(Unfortunately it seems that this code doesn’t handle multipart cross-references properly.)

Other XML formats

USX XML export files (using our own Python3 code)

USFX XML export file (from Haiola export)

Zefania XML module file (using our own Python3 code)
Haggai XML module file (using our own Python3 code)

Individual Bible book OSIS exports

These can be convenient for tracking errors in the input files and/or debugging and comparing the various export routines. However, there’s no attempt to fix cross-references in these files.

Individual OSIS XML files (using Python code from Crosswire)
Individual OSIS XML files (using our own Python3 code)
Individual OSIS XML files (using deprecated Perl code from Crosswire)
Individual OSIS XML files (using old Python code from Virtual Storehouse)


Your source files (i.e., the files that you uploaded)

Log file (shows versions of tools used)

Error log file (mostly for programmers)

File listing (mostly for explorers)

CustomBible (for Android) link code is motorcycle-516-907.

Note: The address of this private page is not easily guessed or easily discoverable from the Internet. You may share it with others, but has not and does not.

Open Source: However, all of the software that we have written to create these files is freely available. Some of the XML data files and basic Python3 modules can be found at OpenScriptures (and also see the blog). We also use Crosswire module tools. The Bible website is produced with SFM2Web downloadable from here. Any of our code which is still in alpha stage and unreleased can be requested using the Contact Page.