Bible Statistics

WEB Test (World English Bible)

Number of books included85
Partly done7 ['SIR', 'PAZ', 'MA1', 'GES', 'LUK', 'ACT', 'ROM']
Seems finished76
Word count940,351
% progress by book98%
% progress by verse100%

“Old Testament”

(39 books Genesis→Malachi)

Number of books included39
Seems finished39
Word count582,060
% progress by book100%
% progress by verse100%

“New Testament”

(27 books Matthew→Revelation)

Number of books included27
Partly done3 ['LUK', 'ACT', 'ROM']
Seems finished24
Word count181,342
% progress by book100%
% progress by verse100%


(15 books Tobit→Prayer of Manasseh)

Number of books included14
Partly done4 ['SIR', 'PAZ', 'MA1', 'GES']
Seems finished10
Word count155,438
% progress by book93%
% progress by verse99%


(outside of the 66 books Genesis→Revelation)

Number of books included5 ['FRT', 'PS2', 'MA3', 'MA4', 'GLS']
Word count21,511

Individual Books

BookStatusWord CountHas IntroSection HeadsSection RefsCross RefsFootnotes
GENSeems finished36,026No44
EXOSeems finished31,214No51
LEVSeems finished23,405No27
NUMSeems finished31,166No38
DEUSeems finished27,105No17
JOSSeems finished17,734No9
JDGSeems finished17,928No16
RUTSeems finished2,486No7
SA1Seems finished23,664No26
SA2Seems finished19,465No13
KI1Seems finished23,150No29
KI2Seems finished22,271No122
CH1Seems finished19,316No18
CH2Seems finished24,821No32
EZRSeems finished7,238No12
NEHSeems finished10,129No13
ESTSeems finished5,506No6
JOBSeems finished17,793No18
PSASeems finished40,700No48
PS2Seems finished122Yes1
PROSeems finished14,583No14
ECCSeems finished5,535No3
SNGSeems finished2,598No4
ISASeems finished35,486No30
JERSeems finished40,615No11
LAMSeems finished3,401No3
EZESeems finished38,060No35
DANSeems finished11,413No8
HOSSeems finished5,087No10
JOLSeems finished1,949No3
AMOSeems finished4,090No7
OBASeems finished658No3
JNASeems finished1,286No5
MICSeems finished3,038No6
NAHSeems finished1,238No4
HABSeems finished1,426No5
ZEPSeems finished1,575No4
HAGSeems finished1,059No3
ZECSeems finished6,118No11
MALSeems finished1,728No5
TOBSeems finished6,819Yes116
JDTSeems finished11,077Yes11
ESGSeems finished7,512Yes36
WISSeems finished11,281Yes160
SIRIn progress 98%29,254Yes207
BARSeems finished5,312Yes124
PAZIn progress 97%1,491Yes12
SUSSeems finished1,496Yes
BELSeems finished1,133Yes2
MA1In progress 100%24,228Yes128
MA2Seems finished18,818Yes265
MA3Seems finished6,716Yes
MA4Seems finished10,315Yes
GESIn progress 100%12,481Yes18201
LESSeems finished24,018Yes158
MANSeems finished518Yes8
MATSeems finished24,096No5588
MRKSeems finished14,872No2440
LUKIn progress 100%24,940No2544
JHNSeems finished19,268No3337
ACTIn progress 100%23,927No2759
ROMIn progress 100%10,052No5818
CO1Seems finished9,586No1814
CO2Seems finished6,197No103
GALSeems finished3,251No106
EPHSeems finished3,138No45
PHPSeems finished2,260No5
COLSeems finished2,022No3
TH1Seems finished1,872No3
TH2Seems finished1,070No3
TI1Seems finished2,401No210
TI2Seems finished1,642No13
TITSeems finished909No
PHMSeems finished449No1
HEBSeems finished7,270No509
JAMSeems finished2,359No57
PE1Seems finished2,543No104
PE2Seems finished1,574No23
JN1Seems finished2,565No5
JN2Seems finished299No
JN3Seems finished296No
JDESeems finished637No3
REVSeems finished11,847No549


DivisionSeems FinishedWord CountHas IntroSection HeadsSection RefsCross RefsFootnotes
Old Testament39582,060No1620
New Testament24181,342No339422

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