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Welcome to this Open Bible Data site created to share God’s fantastic message with everyone, and with a special interest in helping Bible translators around the world.

Choose a version abbreviation above to view Bible ‘books’ by document or by section or by chapter.

The Related passage option shows OET-RV sections with any parallel or related content (especially in the ‘Messiah accounts’: John, Mark, Matthew, and Luke), as well as listing out all of the cross-references.

For individual ‘verses’ you can see the OET-RV with the OET-LV underneath it, plus many other different translations, plus some translation notes in the Parallel verse view.

The Interlinear verse view shows the OET-RV and OET-LV aligned with the original Hebrew or Greek words (including a ‘reverse interlinear’).

The Dictionary link takes you to the Tyndale Bible Dictionary, with UBS dictionaries also coming...

The Search link allows you to find English words (from a range of versions), or even Greek/Hebrew words, within the Bible text.

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