Privacy Policy

Picture of the FG Logo exists to make open-licenced Bibles and Bible resources available to the world.

No interest in your details or data

We are aware that the use of Bibles is dangerous in some parts of the world and we do not want to contribute to endangering any person or group. Although we cannot stop your government or Internet Service Provider (ISP) or others from monitoring your access to and use of our apps, we ourselves do not collect any of your data and have no plans to do so.

Secondly, we make no money from our apps. They are all free and have no advertisements or statistics gathering in them which could be used to track you. We create our apps as part of our service to God and have no interest in counting how many people use them.

Hence apps from are not programmed to collect any personal information.

Third parties does not sell or give any app or user data to other organisations.

App permissions

Our apps should ask for no extra permissions apart from writing to your local storage to save Bible data and then being able to read it again later.

Bible data from server

Please note that our Bible Door app can be instructed to fetch Bible Data from our server upon entry of a keycode. Apart from the code itself which is used to construct a simple URL (telling the server the particular Bible or resource to be fetched), none of your personal information is sent to our server.


This policy was created by RJH, February 2023.