About Page

Picture of the FG Logo was started in late 2009 by Robert Hunt, currently based in Marton, New Zealand. Rob has a vision to make high-quality Bible and Christian materials more freely available to the world—both to assist Christians in their study and growth, and to assist seekers to find the Living Word for themselves.

The site is growing very slowly, because Rob is only able to work on it in his spare time, but he is hoping to focus on recruiting a team of volunteers as soon as the basic infrastructure is set in place. plans to begin with links to, and then reviews of, Christian resources on the Internet, but then to also move into providing a source of new materials ranging from discipleship resources to free music and songs, photos and clipart.

A special highlight of is that it hosts the forthcoming Open English Translation of the Bible (OET), the widely-used Bible Drop Box, and the Biblelator editor Bible translation editor (currently in alpha testing).