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Here we will be posting short snippets praising those who have inspired in the field of open-licensed materials generously given as a gift to the world.

(Most recent entries first)

Linus Torvalds and Linux

Linux is the computer operating system that is installed on the most computers in the world—all the way from tiny micro-controllers to supercomputers, and the basis for Android used on mobile devices. The first versions developed in the early 1990’s were created by Linus, and against the trend at the time, he did not rush to trademark the name and prevent distribution of his work—rather he strove to keep it free and open (despite later attempts by others to limit and control it). As it developed, Linux inspired the founder of as we discovered it in our quest to avoid the viruses that frequently infected Microsoft-Windows systems. Then as we learnt more, we came to admire the creator and his more than thirty years of leadership in the project. We find it regrettable that so many Christian authors and content creators rush to exert copyright and monetarise their work online, when the notion of the world-wide-web could not exist as it is without the generous and insightful work of Linus Torvalds being given freely. May many other developers be inspired to be so generous, especially in the Bible world where one might think actively sharing “God’s Word” to be a priority. (May 2022)