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Are you interested in using your unique talents to help make Biblical and Christian resources freely available. We could use so much help with this that it’s crazy!!! (Sorry though, it’s a 100% volunteer effort.)

Can you help with resources in a different language? We want to be multilingual.

This year (2022), we are planning a number of new, exciting things for We’d love to see more people involved.

For like-minded software developers, our stack is Python, Rust, JS, Flutter/Dart, NextJS, PostgreSQL and Django. For typesetting, SILE. You can see some of our code and data repos at GitHub.

We’re looking for:

We’re also very interested in:

and so much more. Even if you can submit links to alert us to free resources available on other places on the Internet, that would help.

If you’re interested in volunteering or submitting links, please use the contact page. If you’re interested in assisting financially, please use the donate page.