Greek Christian Scriptures

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The Greek Christian scriptures are often better known as the New Testament. offers the Greek Scriptures as the Greek Scriptures (FGGS).

This was adapted from the unfoldingWord® Greek New Testament here. This is supplied as USFM files, and each Greek word is marked with its Strongs number, its base form (lemma), and its part of speech (morphology). A typical line might look something like this (from Matt 1:1):

\w Χριστοῦ|lemma="χριστός" strong="G55470" x-morph="Gr,N,,,,,GMS,"\w*,

This in turn was adapted from the Bunning Heuristic Prototype from the Center for New Testament Restoration (CNTR).

Note that plans to support and use the forthcoming CNTR Statistical Restoration (SR) Greek New Testament when it is released.