Bible Statistics


American Standard Version (1901)

Number of books included68
Partly done6 ['MAT', 'MRK', 'LUK', 'JHN', 'ACT', 'ROM']
Seems finished60
Chapter count1,189
Verse count31,102
Word count790,260
% progress by book97%
% progress by verse100%


(outside of the 66 books Genesis→Revelation)

Number of books included68
Word count790,260

Individual Books

BookStatusWord CountHas IntroSection HeadsSection RefsCross RefsFootnotes
INTNot started5,699Yes
GENSeems finished38,095No
EXOSeems finished32,185No
LEVSeems finished23,834No
NUMSeems finished32,039No
DEUSeems finished27,960No
JOSSeems finished18,689No
JDGSeems finished18,844No
RUTSeems finished2,527No
SA1Seems finished24,835No
SA2Seems finished20,578No
KI1Seems finished24,292No
KI2Seems finished23,327No
CH1Seems finished20,151No
CH2Seems finished25,812No
EZRSeems finished7,381No
NEHSeems finished10,488No
ESTSeems finished5,711No
JOBSeems finished18,267No
PSASeems finished42,348No
PROSeems finished15,126No
ECCSeems finished5,604No
SNGSeems finished2,681No
ISASeems finished36,646No
JERSeems finished42,255No
LAMSeems finished3,425No
EZESeems finished39,302No
DANSeems finished11,689No
HOSSeems finished5,183No
JOLSeems finished1,986No
AMOSeems finished4,169No
OBASeems finished651No
JNASeems finished1,317No
MICSeems finished3,120No
NAHSeems finished1,236No
HABSeems finished1,444No
ZEPSeems finished1,602No
HAGSeems finished1,095No
ZECSeems finished6,326No
MALSeems finished1,733No
MATIn progress 100%23,479No3
MRKIn progress 99%14,949No5
LUKIn progress 100%25,712No2
JHNIn progress 100%19,063No1
ACTIn progress 100%24,286No4
ROMIn progress 100%9,504No1
CO1Seems finished9,423No
CO2Seems finished6,177No
GALSeems finished3,134No
EPHSeems finished3,076No
PHPSeems finished2,238No
COLSeems finished2,008No
TH1Seems finished1,845No
TH2Seems finished1,059No
TI1Seems finished2,289No
TI2Seems finished1,618No
TITSeems finished905No
PHMSeems finished444No
HEBSeems finished7,035No
JAMSeems finished2,306No
PE1Seems finished2,431No
PE2Seems finished1,546No
JN1Seems finished2,485No
JN2Seems finished304No
JN3Seems finished304No
JDESeems finished634No
REVSeems finished12,158No


DivisionSeems FinishedWord CountHas IntroSection HeadsSection RefsCross RefsFootnotes

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