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Errors entries give lists of possible errors and warnings. Priority Errors is our attempt for the program to pick out the more serious errors in your work—the same information is also available in the other lists of Errors.

Lines entries list all lines in certain categories (such as titles or headings) so that you can visually check through the lists in order to see how consistent you have been throughout your work.

List entries also list similar items for you to scan through. The Modified Marker List gives you a quick way to scan through all of the main markers used in your file—if a marker occurs several times in a row, it only lists it once.

Counts entries list counts of characters and words, etc. and are usually provided sorted in different ways. It’s often helpful to look at items that only occur one or two times in your work as they might indicate possible mistakes.

We are still working on improving error detection, removing false alarms, and better prioritising the errors and warnings. If you have any suggestions, use the Contact Page to let us know. Thanks.