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Congratulations, you have reached the home page—the home of the well-known Bible Drop Box with its companion Bible Door Android app, and the Biblelator Bible editor, as well as the forthcoming totally free Open English Translation of the Bible. Welcome to our site!

A couple of thousand years ago, Jesus told his disciples to freely give to others because they had already been freely given so much. (See Matthew 10:7-8 in the WEB or BSB.) Everything on this site is given freely and openly without charge.

However, back in the book age (the 19th and 20th centuries), copyright controls gradually crept into printed Christian publications such as Bibles, and then on into songs & music, evangelistic, teaching & discipleship resources, videos & DVDs, etc. Now in the digital age (the Internet age), these same copyrights restrict the downloading and distribution, adaptation, translation, and other uses of Christian materials even though they could now, in fact, be distributed digitally by the owners for a very negligible cost. (There’s more free pornography downloads online than Bible file downloads!) And like the frog in the pot, most “Western” Christians have become so accustomed to this monetisation model now, that sadly it even feels almost “Biblical” (when words like “stewardship” get tossed around).

You see, it’s not just the monetary cost that’s restrictive—in fact sometimes that can be the smaller problem! If you want to publish some Bible studies online and display the Biblical text alongside, you will find it very difficult, if not impossible to get the required permissions. Or if you want to translate a Christian song into an African or Asian language, you will find it very hard to track down where to get permission to do that legally. This is a major impediment to international evangelism and discipleship in the digital age.

This doesn’t affect the “Western” world quite so much where most people have resources (including computers and bank accounts and credit cards) for researching and buying online, but rather it mostly hampers the spread and use of good Christian resources in the developing world, which is sometimes where the church is growing the most.

While most of us live in countries with laws where everyone is entitled to copyright and restrict the use of their work if they want (including the Bible which ironically most Christians think of as “God’s Word”), this site is dedicated to promoting and linking to Christian and other related or useful materials which are freely given to all to use as they see fit.

Just ask this question: Does your favourite Christian ministry sell a product? If so, they’re a trader or a business (not just a ministry). True, they might also solicit donations, but donations are just one of their multiple income streams. True, they might do good things with their profits. But if they’re a business, would they sue another Christian ministry that used one of their products that was created with your donations? Sadly, the answer is often, “Yes.” Do they actually employ a team of programmers to create systems to ensure that it’s extremely difficult to access their Bible-related products (paid for with your donations)? Sadly again, the answer is often, “Yes.” Is this really a Biblical way of doing ministry? Sadly, the answer is often, “No.” (Remember some upstart a while back overturning the tables of well-established, Scripture-based, temple ministries that were helping the people with their worship?)

For those who are already getting warm under the collar reading this, please just pause and ponder and pray and ask: Could there be a more godly way to provide Biblical resources, especially in this internet age? On these pages, we’ll give examples of both individual and corporate generosity to those interested in seeking for The Truth.

Does the power of God also flow from His Word? If so, what about Acts 8:20: But Peter replied, “May your silver perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! (BSB)? What would Peter think about Christians selling it for money? Paul wrote: For we are not like so many others, who peddle the word of God for profit. (2 Cor. 2:17 BSB)

On the other hand for the many who are inspired and excited by this philosophy of Christian generosity, please consider how you personally can contribute to sharing the Good Message with a thirsty world that can’t drink of the Living Water until they first hear about and learn about Him.

Enjoy exploring this site based on radical Christian generosity...