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Index of sections for UST GEN

Intro:0 GEN (Headers)

1:1 How God Created the Universe and Everything in It

2:4 How Yahweh Created the First Man and First Woman

3:1 Adam and Eve Sin against Yahweh, and He Judges Them

4:1 Cain Kills Abel — the First Murder

4:17 Cain’s Descendants

4:25 People Start to Worship God Using His Name Yahweh

5:1 The Descendants from Adam to Noah

6:0 God Destroys the World with a Flood

6:1 People on the Earth Become More and More Evil

6:9 Noah Prepares for the Flood

7:1 Yahweh Sends the Flood

7:24 God Causes the Flood to Go Away

8:20 Yahweh Makes a Covenant with Mankind and All Other Living Things

9:18 Noah and His Three Sons After the Flood

10:1 The Descendants of Noah’s Sons

10:2 Japheth’s Descendants

10:6 Ham’s Descendants

10:21 Shem’s Descendants

11:1 The Tower of Babel

11:9a The History about Abraham 11:10-25:18

11:10 Shem’s Descendants down to Abram

11:27 Terah’s Children, including Abram

12:1 God Tells Abram to Move to Canaan

12:10 Abram and Sarai Go to the Country of Egypt to Escape a Famine

13:1 Abram and Lot Go Separate Ways

13:14 God Promises to Give Abram the Land of Canaan and Many Descendants

14:1 Abram Rescues Lot from Four Kings

14:17 Melchizedek Blesses Abram

15:1 God Makes a Covenant with Abram

16:1 Abram and Sarai’s Servant Hagar Have a Son Named Ishmael

17:1 More Details about God’s Agreement with Abram, including Circumcision

18:1 Yahweh Promises to Abraham and Sarah That They Will Have a Son

18:16 Abraham Tries to Save the People of Sodom from Being Destroyed by Yahweh

19:1 Yahweh Destroys Sodom and Gomorrah

19:30 Lot’s Descendants from His Daughters

20:1 King Abimelech Takes Sarah to Be His Wife

21:1 Isaac’s Birth and Circumcision

21:8 Sarah Has Abraham Send Hagar and Ishmael Away

21:22 King Abimelech Makes a Treaty with Abraham

22:1 God Tests Abraham’s Trust in Him

22:20 Abraham’s Brother Nahor’s Twelve Sons

23:1 Sarah Dies and Abraham Buys Some Land to Bury Her Body

24:1 Abraham Finds a Wife for Isaac

25:1 Abraham and Keturah’s Descendants

25:7 Abraham Dies and Is Buried

25:12 Ishmael’s Descendants

25:19 The Birth of Isaac’s Twin Sons Jacob and Esau

25:27 Esau Sells His Rights as the Firstborn Son to Jacob

26:1 God Establishes His Covenant with Isaac

26:6 Isaac Lies about His Wife Rebekah to the Philistines

26:12 Isaac Has Conflict with the Philistines over His Wells

26:34 Esau’s Foreign Wives

27:1 Jacob Steals Esau’s Blessing from Their Father Isaac

27:30 Esau Gets “Blessed” Too by His Father Isaac

27:41 Jacob Flees from Esau

28:6 Esau Marries Another Wife

28:10 Jacob Dreams about a Stairway to Heaven

29:1 Jacob Meets Rachel and Laban in the City of Haran

29:14b Jacob Works for Laban to Marry Rachel and Leah

29:31 Jacob’s Children

30:25 Jacob Becomes Very Rich Working for Laban

31:1 Jacob and His Family Flee from Laban

31:22 Laban Chases After Jacob and His Family

31:43 Jacob and Laban Establish a Peace Treaty with Each Other

32:1 Jacob Prepares to Meet Esau

32:22 Jacob Wrestles with God, Who Names Him Israel

33:1 Jacob Reunites with Esau and Settles in the City of Shechem

34:1 Shechem Rapes Dinah, and Jacob’s Sons Take Revenge

35:1 God Blesses Jacob at the Town of Bethel

35:16 Rachel Dies Giving Birth to Benjamin

35:21 Jacob’s Twelve Sons

35:27 Isaac Dies

36:1 Esau’s Descendants

36:20 Seir’s Descendants

36:31 The Rulers over the Land of Edom

37:1 Joseph’s Dreams Anger His Brothers

37:12 Joseph’s Brothers Sell Him as a Slave and He Is Taken to the Country of Egypt

38:1 Judah and His Daughter-in-law Tamar

39:1 Potiphar’s Wife Tries to Seduce Joseph

40:1 The Head Wine-server’s and Head Baker’s Dreams

41:1 Joseph Explains the Meaning of Pharaoh’s Dreams

41:37 Joseph Becomes the Governor over the Country of Egypt and Stores Up Food

42:1 Joseph’s Brothers Come to Egypt to Buy Grain

43:1 Joseph’s Brothers, including Benjamin, Return to the Country of Egypt

44:1 Joseph Tests His Brothers

44:18 Judah Begs Joseph to Set Benjamin Free

45:1 Joseph Reveals Who He Is to His Brothers

46:1 Jacob and His Family Move to the Country of Egypt

46:28 Jacob Reunites with His Son Joseph and Meets King Pharaoh

47:13 How Joseph Ruled Egypt During the Rest of the Famine

47:27 Jacob Asks His Son Joseph to Bury His Body in the Land of Canaan

48:1 Jacob Blesses Joseph’s Sons Ephraim and Manasseh

49:1 Jacob’s Last Words to His Twelve Sons

49:29 Jacob Dies and Is Buried

50:15 Joseph Reassures His Brothers That He Has Forgiven Them

50:22 Joseph Dies in Egypt