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Index of sections for LEB GEN

Intro:0 GEN (Headers)

1:1 The Creation

2:4 The Generations of Heaven and Earth

3:1 The Fall

4:1 Cain and Abel

5:1 Adam’s Descendants to Noah

6:1 Prelude to the Flood

7:6 The Flood

8:1 The Flood Subsides

9:1 God’s Covenant with Noah and Humankind

9:18 Noah’s Descendants

10:1 The Descendants of the Sons of Noah

11:1 The Tower of Babel

11:10 The Descendants of Shem

11:27 The Descendants of Terah

12:1 The Call of Abram

12:4 Abram’s Journey

13:1 The Parting of Abram and Lot

14:1 Abram Rescues Lot

14:17 Abram Meets Melchizedek

15:1 Yahweh’s Covenant with Abram

16:1 Sarai and Hagar

16:7 Hagar and the Angel of Yahweh

17:1 Abram and Circumcision, the Sign of the Covenant

18:1 Yahweh Appears to Abraham as a Man

18:22 Abraham Intercedes for Sodom

19:1 The Rescue of Lot from Sodom

19:23 The Destruction of Sodom

19:30 Lot and His Daughters

20:1 Abraham and Abimelech

21:1 The Birth of Isaac

21:8 Hagar and Ishmael

21:22 The Covenant Between Abraham and Abimelech

22:1 God Tests Abraham

23:1 Sarah’s Death and Burial

24:1 Isaac and Rebekah

25:1 The Death and Descendants of Abraham

25:19 Jacob and Esau

26:1 Isaac and Abimelech

27:1 Jacob Steals Esau’s Blessing

28:1 Jacob Flees to Haran

28:10 Jacob’s Dream

29:1 Jacob Flees to Haran

29:15 Jacob’s Marriages

29:31 Jacob’s Children

30:1 Jacob’s Children

30:25 Jacob’s Prosperity

31:1 Jacob Flees from Laban

32:1 Jacob Fears Esau

32:22 Jacob Wrestles with God

33:1 Jacob Meets Esau and Settles at Shechem

34:1 The Rape of Dinah and the Massacre at Shechem

35:1 Jacob Goes Back to Bethel

35:16 The Death of Rachel

35:22b The Twelve Sons of Jacob

35:27 The Death of Isaac

36:1 The Descendants of Esau

36:31 The Kings of Edom

37:1 The Dreams of Joseph

37:12 Joseph Sold Into Slavery by his Brothers

38:1 Judah and Tamar

39:1 Joseph in Potiphar’s House

40:1 Joseph Interprets Dreams in Prison

41:1 Joseph Interprets Pharaoh’s Dreams

41:37 Joseph Rises to Power

42:1 Joseph’s Brothers Go to Egypt for Food

43:1 Joseph’s Brothers Return to Egypt

44:1 Joseph Tests His Brothers

45:1 Joseph Reveals His Identity

46:1 Jacob and His Offspring Go to Egypt

47:1 Jacob Settles in Goshen

47:13 The Famine in Egypt Continues

48:1 Jacob Blesses Ephraim and Manasseh

49:1 Jacob Blesses His Twelve Sons

49:28 The Death and Burial of Jacob

50:1 Jacob’s Funeral and Joseph’s Remaining Time in Egypt

50:22 The Death of Joseph