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Index of sections for T4T GEN

Intro:0 GEN (Headers)

1:1 God made the earth and the sky

2:4b God made the garden of Eden

3:1 Those first people sinned by disobeying God

4:1 God punished Adam and Eve’s oldest son Cain for killing his younger brother Abel

4:17 The descendants of Cain

4:25 Adam and Eve had another son, Seth

5:1 The descendants of Adam

6:1 People became very evil and did many evil things

6:8 Noah pleased God, so God planned to spare him

7:1 God sent a flood to cover the earth

8:1 God caused the water to recede and then told Noah to leave the boat

8:20 God promised to never again destroy all the people with a flood

9:1 God made an agreement with Noah

9:20 What happened after Noah got drunk

10:1 The descendants of Noah’s sons

11:1 Yahweh caused people to speak many different languages after they started to build a tower at Babel

11:10 Shem’s descendants

11:27 Terah’s descendants

12:1 Yahweh told Abram to go to Canaan and promised to bless him

12:10 Abram and Sarai went to Egypt for a while

13:1 Abram and Lot separated

13:14 Abram moved to Hebron

14:1 Abram rescued Lot

14:17 Melchizedek blessed Abram

15:1 Yahweh made a solemn promise to Abram

16:1 Sarai gave Abram a slave woman to be another wife, and that woman gave birth to Ishmael

17:1 Yahweh changed Abram’s name to Abraham and made an agreement with him

17:9 God told Abraham that all the males must be circumcised as part of that agreement

17:15 God changed Sarai’s name to Sarah

17:17 God promised Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son

18:1 Yahweh appeared to them and promised again that they would have a son

18:16 Abraham tried to intercede for the wicked people of Sodom

19:1 Angels warned Lot that Sodom would be destroyed because of the people’s wickedness

19:23 God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah cities

19:30 Lot’s daughters tricked him into making them pregnant

20:1 Abraham deceived King Abimelech about Sarah

21:1 Sarah gave birth to Isaac

21:8 Abraham sent Hagar and her son Ishmael away

22:1 Yahweh told Abraham to offer Isaac as a sacrifice

23:1 After Sarah died, Abraham bought a burial place for her

24:1 Abraham sent a servant to Mesopotamia to find a wife for Isaac

24:10 Abraham’s servant found a wife for Isaac

25:1 Abraham died and was buried near Sarah

25:12 The descendants of Ishmael

25:19 The birth of Esau and Jacob

25:27 Esau sold his rights as the oldest son

26:1 Isaac deceived King Abimelech

26:12 The Philistines argued with Isaac about wells

26:26 Isaac made a peace treaty with King Abimelech

26:34 Esau married foreign women

27:1 Jacob received a blessing from Isaac by trickery

27:41 Jacob fled from Esau

28:1 Isaac gave instructions to Jacob

28:6 Esau married Ishmael’s daughter

28:10 God made a promise to Jacob in a dream

29:1 Jacob met Laban’s daughter Rachel at Haran

29:14b Jacob married Leah and Rachel

29:31 Leah gave birth to four sons

30:1 Jacob had more sons and a daughter

30:25 Jacob tricked Laban and became very wealthy

31:1 Jacob’s family fled from Laban

31:22 Jacob rebuked Laban after Laban caught up with him

31:43 Jacob and Laban made a solemn promise not to harm each other

32:1 Jacob sent gifts to Esau as he prepared to meet him

32:22 Jacob wrestled with Yahweh

33:1 Jacob and Esau met peacefully

34:1 Hamor’s son Shechem raped Jacob’s daughter Dinah

34:13 Dinah’s brothers got revenge

35:1 Jacob and his family returned to Bethel

35:16 Rachel died as Benjamin was born

35:27 Isaac died

36:1 The descendants of Esau

37:1 Joseph had two dreams about himself and his brothers

37:17b Joseph was taken to Egypt after his brothers sold him.

38:1 Judah’s daughter-in-law Tamar tricked Judah into making her pregnant

39:1 In Egypt, Joseph refused to have sex with Potiphar’s wife

39:11 To get revenge, Potiphar’s wife lied, and Potiphar had Joseph thrown into prison

40:1 Joseph told two other prisoners the meaning of their dreams

41:1 Joseph told the king that the meaning of his dreams was that there would be a big famine

41:37 The king made Joseph the governor of all of Egypt, to handle the problem of the famine

42:1 Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt to buy grain, but didn’t realize they were buying it from their brother

42:27 Joseph’s brothers returned home, frightened because the money they paid was in their sacks

43:1 Joseph’s brothers returned to Egypt with Benjamin, to buy more grain

43:19 Joseph made a feast for his brothers, but they still did not recognize him

44:1 Joseph tricked his brothers by having his cup put in Benjamin’s sack

44:14 Back in Egypt, Joseph said that only the one who stole his cup would be his slave

44:18 Judah pleaded that he be allowed to become Joseph’s slave instead of Benjamin

45:1 Joseph told his brothers who he was

45:16 The king invited Joseph’s family to come and live in Egypt

46:1 Jacob and his family moved to Egypt

46:31 Joseph arranged for his family to settle in Goshen

47:1 Jacob blessed the king of Egypt

47:13 Joseph arranged for people to buy grain from him during the famine

47:28 Jacob made Joseph promise to not bury him in Egypt after he died.

48:1 Jacob blessed Ephraim and Manasseh

48:12 Jacob blessed Joseph’s two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, in a way contrary to what Joseph expected

49:1 Jacob prophesied what would happen to his sons and their descendants

49:29 Jacob died

50:1 Jacob’s body was taken to Canaan and buried there

50:15 Joseph told his brothers that he would not get revenge for what they did to him

50:22 Joseph died in Egypt