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Index of sections for OEB JER

Intro:0 JER (Headers)

Intro:5 Jeremiah’s Call and Early Visions

1:1 The Earlier Messages of Jeremiah

2:4 Her Ingratitude and Unparalleled Apostasy

2:14 The Consequences of Israel’s Apostasy

2:20 Israel’s Devotion to Idolatry

2:26 The Impotence of the Gods solicited by Israel

2:1 Judah the Faithless

6:1 Messages from the Middle Period of Jeremiah’s Career

11:18 The plot

11:1 Jeremiah’s Perplexity and Prayer for Vengeance

12:5 The Divine Answer

12:7 The Havoc

13:1 The Distress of the Drought

14:7 The Prophet’s Supplication

14:10 The Divine Answer

14:13 The Prophet’s Remonstrance

14:14 The Divine Answer

14:17 The Prophet’s Lament and Confession

14:1 The Divine Answer – Rejection and Doom

15:10 The Prophet’s Passionate Lament

15:19 The Divine Answer

15:1 The Prophet’s Unutterable Loneliness

16:5 The National Doom

16:10 The Infidelity which Justifies the Doom

16:16 The Doom

16:19 Ultimate Recognition by the Heathen of Jehovah as the True God

16:1 The Doom

18:18 The Plots

18:19 Jeremiah’s Prayer

19:1 The Breaking of the Flask Symbolical of the Shattering of the Nation

19:14 Jeremiah Put in the Stocks for his Preaching

20:7 What it Cost

20:11 The Prophet’s Sense of Divine Support

20:14 The Prophet’s Despair

21:1 Solemn Warning

22:10 On Jehoahaz

22:13 On Jehoiakim

22:20 On Jehoiachin

22:1 Unfaithful Rulers to be Succeeded by those that are Faithful

23:5 Promise of the Ideal King, or Messiah

23:9 The Character and Fate of the False Prophets

23:16 The Promises are False, because the Prophets are not Divinely Inspired

23:23 Inescapable Doom of the False Prophets

23:33 The "Burden" of the Lord No More

24:1 Prophetic Warning Disregarded by the People

25:8 Judgment upon Judah and Her Neighbours

25:15 The Cup of Jehovah’s Fury to be Drunk by all Nations

26:20 The Fate of Urijah

26:1 No Hope of Speedy Release from Babylon

29:32a The Glorious Future

29:1 Promise of Deliverance in the Day of Distress

30:12 Promise of Healing

30:18 The Happy City, with her Native Prince

30:23 Judgment shall Break upon the Wicked

30:1 Israel’s Happy Return from Exile

31:15 Mother Rachel’s Sorrow for her Exiled Children

31:18 Israel’s Penitence, Return and Welcome Home

31:23 The Restoration of Judah

31:35 Perpetuity of Israel

31:38 Expansion of Jerusalem’s Ancient Boundary

31:1 The Purchase

32:16 The Prophet’s Prayer

32:26 The Divine Answer: First, Judgment for Sin

32:36 Thereafter, Promise of Restoration

32:1 Jerusalem and Judah will be Pardoned, Restored, Made Glad and Renowned

33:14 Promise of the Ideal King or Messiah

33:17 Promise of the Perpetuity of the Davidic Dynasty and the Levitical Priesthood

33:1 Jeremiah Warns Zedekiah of the Folly of Resisting Babylon

34:8 Dishonest Attitude of the Jews to the Liberation of their Slaves: To be Punished by the Liberation of Disaster upon Themselves

36:1 Experiences of Jeremiah During the Siege and at the Capture of Jerusalem

39:1 Experiences of Jeremiah After the Capture of Jerusalem

45:1 Oracles Against Foreign Nations