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Index of sections for OEB JOB

Intro:0 JOB (Headers)

Intro:5 The Prologue

1:1 Job 1 (Start of chapter)

3:3 ACT 1

14:1 ACT II

21:1 ACT III

26:1 Job

27:7 Zophar

27:23a The Mystery of the Divine Wisdom

27:1 (As for Wisdom-whence cometh she? Understanding-where hath she her home?)

28:1 The Happy Past

29:9 The Awful Present

30:1 The Defence and Final Appeal

31:1 Elihu’s Interpretation of Suffering

33:13 God speaks to Men through Dreams and Visions

33:19 God speaks to Men through Pain and Sickness

34:10 God watches over the Moral Order

35:1 God’s Disciplinary Methods Illustrated in History

36:22 God’s Marvellous Ways in Nature

37:24a ACT IV

37:1 The wonders of the Inanimate World

39:2 The Rebuke

40:15 Two Wonderful Creatures of God (Main section)

42:7 The Epilogue