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Index of sections for LEB JER

Intro:0 JER (Headers)

1:1 Yahweh Appoints Jeremiah as a Prophet to the Nations

1:11 Yahweh Confirms Jeremiah’s Call

2:1 Yahweh Remembers Israel’s Faithfulness

2:4 The Unfaithfulness of Israel’s Ancestors

2:9 The Unfaithfulness of Contemporary Israel

3:6 Yahweh Gives Israel a Letter of Divorce

3:11 A Call for Repentance

4:5 An Invasion from the North

7:1 Jeremiah’s Proclamation at the Gate of the House of Yahweh

7:28 The Valley of the Slaughter

8:4 Yahweh Questions His People

8:14 The Nation Longs for Yahweh’s Help

8:21 Yahweh’s Lament

9:4 A Nation Characterized by Deceit

9:13 The Nation is Judged by Yahweh

9:23 The Things in Which Yahweh Delights

9:25 The Way of the Nations

10:19 The Nation Accepts Its Judgment

11:1 The Broken Covenant

11:18 A Warning for the People of Anathoth

12:0b Jeremiah’s Complaint

12:5 The Lord’s Reply

13:1 The Linen Loincloth

13:18 A Message for the King and the Queen Mother

14:1 The Severe Drought

14:11 Lying Prophets

14:17 The Nation Hopes in Yahweh

15:1 Four Types of Calamity

15:10 Jeremiah’s Lament and Yahweh’s Response

16:1 Jeremiah is Commanded Not to Marry

16:14 The Nation’s Return to the Land

17:0b The Sin of Judah

17:5 The One Who Trusts in Humankind Contrasted With the One Who Trusts in Yahweh

17:12 The Fountain of Living Water

17:19 The Sabbath Day

18:1 The Potter and the Clay

18:18 Jeremiah’s Imprecatory Prayer

19:1 The Valley of the Slaughter

20:1 A Message for Pashhur

20:7 Jeremiah’s Lament

21:1 A Message for Zedekiah

21:8 The Way of Life and the Way of Death

21:11 A Series of Messages for the House of the King of Judah

23:1 Woe to the Evil Shepherds

23:5 The Righteous Branch

23:9 The Unfaithful Prophets

24:1 Two Baskets of Figs

25:1 Seventy Years of Servitude

25:12 The Cup of Wrath

26:1 Jeremiah Escapes Death

27:1 Jeremiah Uses Fetters and Yokes to Illustrate His Message of Submission

27:16 The Vessels of the Temple

28:1 Hananiah, the False Prophet

29:1 Jeremiah’s Letter to the Exiles in Babylon

29:24 Shemaiah’s Letter to Zephaniah the Priest

29:30 Jeremiah’s Response to Shemaiah’s Letter

30:1 Israel and Judah Will Be Delivered from Their Distress

31:27 The New Covenant

32:1 Jeremiah Buys a Field

33:1 The Fortunes of Judah and Israel Will Be Restored

34:1 A Message for Zedekiah

34:8 Zedekiah’s Covenant Concerning Slaves

35:1 The Faithfulness of the Rechabites

36:1 Jehoiakim Burns the Scroll of Jeremiah’s Prophecies

37:1 The Babylonians Withdraw to Meet a Threat from Egypt

37:11 Jeremiah is Arrested and Put in Prison

38:1 Jeremiah is Thrown into the Pit of Malchiah

39:1 The Fall of Jerusalem

39:15 Ebed-melech is Rewarded for His Faith

40:1 Jeremiah Decides to Remain in the Land

40:7 The Assassination of Gedaliah

41:4 The Massacre of the Mourners

42:1 The Remnant Asks Jeremiah to Pray to Yahweh for Direction

42:7 The Remnant Rejects the Word of Yahweh

43:8 The Throne of Nebuchadnezzar Will be Set Up at Tahpanhes

44:1 A Message of Rebuke for the Rebellious Remnant

45:1 A Message for Baruch

46:1 Messages Concerning Egypt

47:1 A Message Concerning the Philistines

48:1 A Message Concerning Moab

49:1 A Message Concerning Ammon

49:7 A Message Concerning Edom

49:23 A Message Concerning Damascus

49:28 A Message Concerning Kedar and the Kingdoms of Hazor

49:34 A Message Concerning Elam

50:1 A Message Concerning Babylon

51:59 The Scroll Concerning Babylon is Thrown into the Euphrates

52:1 The Fall of Jerusalem

52:31 An Allowance for Jehoiachin