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Index of sections for T4T JER

Intro:0 JER (Headers)

1:1 Introduction

1:4 Yahweh chose Jeremiah to be his prophet

2:1 The Israelis sinned in spite of God’s care for them

2:9 Yahweh accused the Israeli people

3:6 Israel’s idolatry

4:1 What Yahweh says about returning to him

4:5 Disaster from the north

4:23 Jeremiah’s vision of the coming disaster

4:27 The coming destruction of Jerusalem/Judah

5:1 No one in Judah is honest

6:1 Jeremiah warned the people of Jerusalem

6:6 Yahweh predicts what will happen to Jerusalem

7:1 Jeremiah spoke at the temple

7:16 The warning from Yahweh

7:30 The Valley of Slaughter

8:4 The people will not admit their sins

8:18 Jeremiah mourned for the people

9:3 Yahweh replied to Jeremiah

10:1 Worthless idols

10:6 Hymn of praise to Yahweh

10:17 The coming destruction

10:23 Jeremiah’s prayer

11:1 The people of Judah did not keep the agreement with Yahweh

11:18 Jeremiah’s enemies planned to kill him

12:1 Jeremiah complained to Yahweh

12:5 Yahweh replied to Jeremiah

13:1 Jeremiah’s linen waistcloth

13:12 The warning regarding wine bags

13:15 A warning that the people of Judah will be exiled

14:1 The terrible drought

14:19 Jeremiah’s prayer

15:1 Yahweh said what would happen to the people of Judah

15:10 Jeremiah’s complaint and Yahweh’s reply

15:15 Another complaint by Jeremiah, and Yahweh’s reply

16:1 Jeremiah was warned about the coming disaster

16:19 Jeremiah prayed again, and Yahweh replied

17:1 Yahweh’s promise to punish Judah

17:19 Keeping the Sabbath day holy

18:1 The potter and the clay

18:18 Jeremiah complained to Yahweh again when the people planned to attack him

19:1 Judah will be like a smashed jar

20:1 Pashhur arrested Jeremiah

20:7 Jeremiah complained to Yahweh again

21:1 God rejected King Zedekiah’s request

21:11 Yahweh will punish Judah’s kings

22:1 A message about punishing the evil kings of Judah

22:13 A message about King Jehoiakim

22:24 God will punish King Jehoiachin

23:1 God will punish the evil leaders

23:9 The false prophets will be punished

23:33 Messages from false prophets

24:1 Good figs and bad figs

25:1 A prediction about being exiled for 70 years

25:15 The wine that symbolized God’s punishment

26:1 Jeremiah escaped being killed

27:1 Jeremiah urged them to surrender to Nebuchadnezzar

28:1 Jeremiah condemned Hananiah

29:1 The letter Jeremiah sent to the people of Judah who had been exiled to Babylonia

29:24 A message for Shemaiah

30:1 Yahweh promised to bring his people back

31:1 Israel will be restored

32:1 Jeremiah bought some land

32:16 Jeremiah’s query about buying the land

32:26 Yahweh’s reply about buying the land

32:36 The promise to restore Judah and Israel

33:1 The promise that God will enable the Israeli people to prosper again

34:1 Jeremiah warned King Zedekiah

34:8 Jeremiah warned them they would be punished for not freeing their slaves

35:1 The lesson from the Rechabites

36:1 They read Jeremiah’s scroll

36:21 The king burned Jeremiah’s scroll

36:27 Jeremiah had another scroll written

37:1 King Zedekiah summoned Jeremiah

37:11 Jeremiah was put into a prison

38:1 Jeremiah was put in a dry well

38:14 Zedekiah questioned Jeremiah

39:1 Jerusalem was captured

39:11 Jeremiah stayed in Judah

40:1 Jeremiah decided to stay with Gedaliah

40:7 Many people returned to Judah

40:13 The plot to kill Gedaliah

41:1 Gedaliah was murdered

42:1 Jeremiah warned them to not go to Egypt

43:1 Jeremiah was taken to Egypt

44:1 Jeremiah predicted disaster would come because of their idolatry

45:1 A message for Baruch

46:1 Messages about other nations

46:2 Messages about Egypt

47:1 A message about Philistia

48:1 A message about Moab

49:1 A message about Ammon

49:7 Messages about Edom

49:23 A message about Damascus

49:28 A message about Kedar and Hazor

49:34 A message about Elam

50:1 A message about Babylon

50:4 The people of Israel will return from Babylon

50:11 The conquest of Babylon

50:17 God’s people will return to Israel

50:21 God’s punishment on Babylon

51:1 Babylon will be destroyed

51:15 A song to praise Yahweh

51:36 Yahweh will get revenge on Babylon

51:45 A message for the Israeli people

51:54 Babylon will be completely destroyed

51:59 Jeremiah’s message was taken to Babylon

52:1 Zedekiah tried to flee from Jerusalem

52:31 Jehoiachin was released from prison