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Intro:0 ISA (Headers)

Intro:27 The Book of Judgment/Jerusalem: her present sin and punishment; her future redemption and glory (Main section with section heading)

1:1 Isaiah 1 (Start of chapter)

2:6 Judgment upon the wealth and pride of Judah

4:1 The vineyard with the wild grapes

5:1 The prophet’s call

6:1 The crisis Created by the menace to Judah in 735 B.C.

9:8 The doom of Israel

10:5 The doom of Assyria

10:1 The bliss of Israel in the latter days

12:1 Prophecy concerning Babylon

14:24 The Lord’s invincible world-plan

14:28 Warning to Philistia

14:1 Lament over Moab

16:1 Prophecy concerning Damascus and Northern Israel

17:12 The speedy doom of the Assyrians

18:7b The destiny of Egypt

19:1 Warning against the folly of an alliance with Egypt

20:1 The fall of Babylon

21:1 Judah’s unpardonable sin

22:15 Personal threats and promises

22:1 The fate of Phoenicia

23:1 The judgment: the rebels punished

24:6 The banquet of the nations on Mount Zion.

25:20 Israel’s security in the great world-judgment

27:1 Woe to Samaria

25:9 Song over the anticipated destruction of Moab

25:1 Song of gratitude and hope

26:2 Song of the vineyard

27:7 The Lord’s mercy to Israel

28:7 The scoffers of Jerusalem threatened

28:23 The patience and considerateness of the divine purpose

28:1 The character and fate of Jerusalem

29:16 Doubters rebuked by a vision of Israel’s welfare in the latter days

29:1 The Egyptian alliance a ruinous policy

30:18 The final triumph and prosperity of Jerusalem

30:1 The folly of the Egyptian alliance

31:6 The enemy’s downfall

31:1 Rulers and people in the coming days

32:9 Warning to the women

32:15 The security and prosperity of the coming days

32:1 The present distress and the future glory of Jerusalem

33:1 The day of vengeance

34:1 The joy of the redeemed

35:1 Isaiah encourages Hezekiah to resist Sennacheirb’s summons to surrender Jerusalem

37:1 Hezekiah’s sickness, recovery, and song of thanksgiving

38:1 Hezekiah’s vanity and Isaiah’s rebuke

39:1 The Exiles’ Book of Consolation/The glorious news – redemption is nigh (Main section with section heading)

40:12 The sovereignty and omnipotence of God as seen in nature

40:1 The sovereignty of God as seen in history, and especially in the rise of Cyrus

41:1 The servant’s task

42:10 The new song

42:14 The Lord at last bestirs himself

42:18 A call for repentance on Israel’s part

42:1 The Lord will show his love for Israel by gathering her exiles home

43:8 Israel is the Lord’s witness to the world

43:14 The deliverance from Babylon more wonderful than the deliverance from Egypt

43:22 Israel’s restoration is due, not to her own merits, but to the Lord’s free grace

44:6 Israel’s God is sovereign and eternal

44:9 The folly of idolatry

44:21 Let the world rejoice over Israel’s redemption

44:24 The Lord calls Cyrus and bestows upon him a career of victory, for Israel and the world’s sake

45:9 Murmurs against Cyrus rebuked

45:14 The heathen acknowledge the uniqueness of Israel and her God

45:18 The Lord desires the salvation of the whole world

45:1 The downfall of Babylon’s gods

46:1 The downfall of Babylon

47:1 The summons to depart from Babylon

48:1 The servant discouraged, but at last triumphant

49:14 The consolation of Zion

49:22 Three words of consolation

50:4 The servant tried but trusting

50:1 Words of encouragement and promise

52:13 The humiliation and exaltation of the servant

53:1 The future glory of Jerusalem

54:1 Invitation to embrace the impending salvation

55:1 Later Voices of Rebuke, Threat, and Promise/A word of cheer to those who are in danger of being excluded from the church (Main section with section heading)

56:9 The demoralization of leaders and people

57:14 Blessings in store for the faithful

57:1 The true and the false worship

58:1 The sinful people and the devine deliverance

59:1 The glory of the new Jerusalem

60:1 The proclamation of Zion’s redemption

62:1 The destruction of the foes of Zion

63:7 Passionate prayer for the divine favour

64:1 The blessedness of the faithful and the doom of the apostates