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Index of sections for OEB ZEC

Intro:0 ZEC (Headers)

1:1 The Lesson from the Past

1:7 The Lord’s Jealous Love for Zion

1:18 Destruction of the Heathen Powers

2:1 Promise that Jerusalem Will be Gloriously Restored

3:1 Purification of the Priesthood and Nation

4:1 The Supporters of the Temple Service

5:1 The Flying Scroll

5:5 The Woman in an Ephah

6:1 The War-Chariots of the Lord

6:9 Preparations for the Crowning of Zerubbabel

7:1 The Lord’s Real Demands

8:1 Promises that the Scattered Exiles Will Return and the Lord’s Rule be Widely Acknowledged

9:1 The Conquest of Israel’s Foes

10:1 Victory and Restoration for the Lord’s Betrayed but Loyal People

11:1 Fate of Judah’s Traitorous Rulers and the Ultimate Deliverance

12:1 Jerusalem’s Deliverance from Heathen Attack

14:1 The Judgment upon the Heathen and the Exaltation of the Lord