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Index of sections for OEB EZE

Intro:0 EZE (Headers)

1:1 The Prophet’s Commission

3:12 Ezekiel’s Appointment as a Watchman

3:22 The Prophet’s Period of Silence

3:1 Symbolic Representations of the Fate Awaiting Jerusalem

5:1 The Judgment upon Guilty Judah

6:1 Jerusalem’s Guilt and Punishment

11:13 Promise of Restoration to the Faithful Exiles

11:1 The Certain Exile of King and People

12:21 Condemnation of the False Prophets

13:1 Judah Sinful Beyond All Pardon

14:1 Jerusalem the Worthless Vine

15:1 Jerusalem’s Shameful Moral Record

16:1 Zedekiah’s Breach of Faith

17:1 The Methods of Divine Judgment

18:1 Lament over Judah’s Rulers

19:1 Jehovah’s Past Dealings with His People

20:45 Jehovah’s Vengeance upon Jerusalem and Ammon

21:1 The Charge Against Jerusalem

22:1 Faithless Samaria and Jerusalem

23:1 Reception of the News that Jerusalem was Besieged

24:1 The Judgment against Israel”s Malignant Foes

28:17 Nebuchadnezzar”s Conquest of Egypt

29:1 The New Epoch in Ezekiel”s Work

33:1 Israel”s Traitorous Rulers and the Future Restoration

34:1 Edom”s Desolation

35:1 Restoration of the Land of Judah

36:1 The Resurrection of the Nation

37:1 Jehovah”s Ultimate Victory over the Hostile Heathen Powers

39:1 The Temple Plan