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Index of sections for NET JOB

Intro:0 JOB (Headers)

Intro:10 I. The Prologue (1:1-2:13)Job’s Good Life (Main section)

1:1 Job 1 (Start of chapter)

1:6 Satan’s Accusation of Job

1:13 Job’s Integrity in Adversity

2:7 Job’s Integrity in Suffering

2:11 The Visit of Job’s Friends

3:11 Job Wishes He Had Died at Birth

3:20 Longing for Death

4:12 Ungodly Complainers Provoke God’s Wrath

5:8 Blessings for the One Who Seeks God

6:5 Complaints Reflect Suffering

6:8 A Cry for Death

6:14 Disappointing Friends

6:22 Friends’ Fears

6:24 No Sin Discovered

6:28 Other Explanation

7:11 Job Remonstrates with God

7:17 Insignificance of Humans

9:14 The Impossibility of Facing God in Court

9:22 Accusation of God’s Justice

9:25 Renewed Complaint

10:4 Motivations of God

10:8 Contradictions in God’s Dealings

10:18 An Appeal for Relief

12:7 Knowledge of God’s Wisdom

14:7 The Inevitability of Death

14:13 The Possibility of Another Life

14:16 The Present Condition

16:6 Abandonment by God and Man

16:18 An Appeal to God as Witness

17:10 Anticipation of Death

19:7 Job’s Abandonment and Affliction

19:13 Job’s Forsaken State

19:23 Job’s Assurance of Vindication

21:7 The Wicked Prosper

21:17 How Often Do the Wicked Suffer?

21:23 Death Levels Everything

21:27 Futile Words, Deceptive Answers

23:8 The Inaccessibility and Power of God

26:5 A Better Description of God’s Greatness

27:7 The Condition of the Wicked

28:12 No Price Can Buy Wisdom

28:20 God Alone Has Wisdom

29:11 Job’s Benevolence

29:18 Job’s Confidence

29:21 Job’s Reputation

30:9 Job’s Indignities

30:16 Job’s Despondency

30:24 The Contrast With the Past

31:35 Job’s Appeal

31:38 Job’s Final Solemn Oath

32:6 Elihu Claims Wisdom

32:15 Job’s Friends Failed to Answer

33:8 Elihu Rejects Job’s Plea of Innocence

33:14 Elihu Disagrees With Job’s View of God

33:29 Elihu’s Appeal to Job

34:10 God is Not Unjust

34:16 God Is Impartial and Omniscient

34:31 Job Is Foolish to Rebel

36:26 The Work and Wisdom of God

38:4 God’s questions to Job

40:6 The Lord’s Second Speech

40:15 The Description of Behemoth

42:7 VII. The Epilogue (42:7-17) (Main section)