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Index of sections for BSB JOB

Intro:0 JOB (Headers)

1:1 Job’s Character and Wealth

1:6 Satan’s First Attack

1:13 Job Loses His Children and Possessions

2:1 Job Loses His Health

2:11 Job’s Three Friends

3:1 Job Laments His Birth

4:1 Eliphaz: The Innocent Prosper

5:1 Eliphaz Continues: God Blesses those Who Seek Him

6:1 Job Replies: My Complaint Is Just

7:1 Job Continues: Life Seems Futile

8:1 Bildad: Job Should Repent

9:1 Job: How Can I Contend with God?

10:1 Job’s Plea to God

11:1 Zophar Rebukes Job

12:1 Job Presents His Case

13:1 Job Prepares His Case

14:1 Job Laments the Finality of Death

15:1 Eliphaz: Job Does Not Fear God

16:1 Job Decries His Comforters

17:1 Job Prepares for Death

18:1 Bildad: God Punishes the Wicked

19:1 Job: My Redeemer Lives

20:1 Zophar: Destruction Awaits the Wicked

21:1 Job: God Will Punish the Wicked

22:1 Eliphaz: Can a Man Be of Use to God?

23:1 Job Longs for God

24:1 Job: Judgment for the Wicked

25:1 Bildad: Man Cannot Be Righteous

26:1 Job: Who Can Understand God’s Majesty?

27:1 Job Affirms His Integrity

27:7 The Wicked Man’s Portion

28:1 Where Can Wisdom Be Found?

29:1 Job’s Former Blessings

30:1 Job’s Honor Turned to Contempt

30:15 Job’s Prosperity Becomes Calamity

31:1 Job’s Final Appeal

32:1 Elihu Rebukes Job’s Friends

33:1 Elihu Rebukes Job

34:1 Elihu Confirms God’s Justice

35:1 Elihu Recalls God’s Justice

36:1 Elihu Describes God’s Power

37:1 Elihu Proclaims God’s Majesty

38:1 The LORD Challenges Job

39:1 The LORD Speaks of His Creation

40:1 Job Humbles Himself before the LORD

40:6 The LORD Challenges Job Again

41:1 The LORD’s Power Shown in Leviathan

42:1 Job Submits Himself to the LORD

42:7 The LORD Rebukes Job’s Friends

42:10 The LORD Blesses Job