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Index of sections for BSB ZEC

Intro:0 ZEC (Headers)

1:1 A Call to Repentance

1:7 The Vision of the Horses

1:18 The Vision of the Horns and the Craftsmen

2:1 The Vision of the Measuring Line

2:6 The Redemption of Zion

3:1 The Vision of Joshua the High Priest

4:1 The Vision of the Lampstand and Olive Trees

5:1 The Vision of the Flying Scroll

5:5 The Vision of the Woman in a Basket

6:1 The Vision of the Four Chariots

6:9 The Crown and the Temple

7:1 A Call to Justice and Mercy

8:1 The Restoration of Jerusalem

9:1 The Burden against Israel’s Enemies

9:9 Zion’s Coming King

9:14 The LORD Will Save His People

10:1 Judah and Israel Will Be Restored

11:1 The Doomed Flock

11:10 Thirty Pieces of Silver

12:1 The Coming Deliverance of Jerusalem

12:10 Mourning the One They Pierced

13:1 An End to Idolatry

13:7 The Shepherd Struck, the Sheep Scattered

14:1 The Destroyers of Jerusalem Destroyed

14:16 All Nations Will Worship the King