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Index of sections for T4T ZEC

Intro:0 ZEC (Headers)

1:1 Yahweh summons his people to return to him

1:7 The vision of the horses

1:18 The vision of the four horns

2:1 The man with a measuring line

3:1 The vision of the Supreme Priest

4:1 The vision of the lampstand

5:1 The vision of the flying scroll

5:5 The vision of the woman in a basket

6:1 The vision of four chariots

6:9 A crown was given to Joshua

7:1 The people must act justly and mercifully, not only habitually abstain from eating food

8:1 Yahweh promised to bless Jerusalem

9:1 Israel’s enemies will be punished

9:9 The coming King

9:14 Yahweh will protect his people

10:1 Yahweh’s promises for Judah and Israel

11:4 The parable of the two shepherds

12:1 Jerusalem will be rescued

12:10 Mourning for the one who will be stabbed

13:1 Getting rid of idols and false prophets

13:7 What will happen to the shepherd and the sheep

14:1 When Yahweh will rule