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Index of sections for BSB NEH

Intro:0 NEH (Headers)

1:1 Nehemiah’s Prayer

2:1 Nehemiah Sent to Jerusalem

2:11 Nehemiah Inspects the Walls

3:1 The Builders of the Walls

4:1 The Work Ridiculed

4:9 Discouragement Overcome

5:1 Nehemiah Defends the Oppressed

5:14 Nehemiah’s Generosity

6:1 Sanballat’s Conspiracy

6:15 Completion of the Wall

7:1 Securing the City

7:4 The List of Returning Exiles

7:70 Offerings by the Exiles

8:1 Ezra Reads the Law

8:13 The Feast of Tabernacles

9:1 The People Confess Their Sins

10:1 Signers of the Covenant

10:28 The Vows of the Covenant

11:1 Jerusalem’s New Settlers

11:20 Residents Outside Jerusalem

12:1 The Priests and Levites Who Returned

12:27 The Dedication of the Wall

12:44 Provisions for Temple Worship

13:1 Foreigners Excluded

13:4 The Temple Cleansed

13:10 Tithes Restored

13:15 The Sabbath Restored

13:23 Intermarriage Forbidden