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Index of sections for BSB EZRA

Intro:0 EZR (Headers)

1:1 The Proclamation of Cyrus

1:7 Cyrus Restores the Holy Vessels

2:1 The List of Returning Exiles

2:68 Offerings by the Exiles

3:1 Sacrifices Restored

3:8 Temple Restoration Begins

4:1 Adversaries Hinder the Work

4:6 Opposition under Xerxes and Artaxerxes

4:17 The Decree of Artaxerxes

5:1 Temple Rebuilding Resumes

5:6 Tattenai’s Letter to Darius

6:1 The Decree of Darius

6:13 The Temple Completed

6:16 Dedication of the Temple

6:19 The Returned Exiles Keep the Passover

7:1 Ezra Arrives in Jerusalem

7:11 Artaxerxes’ Letter for Ezra

7:27 Ezra Blesses God

8:1 The Exiles Who Returned with Ezra

8:15 Ezra Sends for the Levites

8:21 Fasting for Protection

8:24 Priests to Guard the Offerings

8:32 Arrival in Jerusalem

9:1 Intermarriage with Neighboring Peoples

9:5 Ezra’s Prayer of Confession

10:1 Shecaniah’s Encouragement

10:6 The People’s Confession of Sin

10:18 Those Guilty of Intermarriage