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Index of sections for LEB NEH

Intro:0 NEH (Headers)

1:1 Nehemiah’s Prayer for the People

2:1 Nehemiah Sent

2:11 Nehemiah Inspects the Walls and Decides to Restore Them

3:1 Organization of the Work

4:1 Opposition Begins

4:7 Opposition Stopped

5:1 Nehemiah Deals with Strife

5:14 Nehemiah Denies His Allotment

6:1 Enemies Foiled

6:15 The Wall is Completed

7:5 Lists of the Exiles Who Returned

8:1 Ezra Reads the Law to the People

8:13 Festival of Booths

9:1 The Nation Confesses

10:1 The Names of Those Who Signed the Covenant

10:28 A Summary of the Covenant

11:1 The Leaders and Servants in Jerusalem

11:25 Villages Outside of Jerusalem

12:1 The Leaders and Servants in Jerusalem

12:27 Dedication of the Wall of Jerusalem

12:44 Celebration at the Temple

13:1 Israel Separates Itself

13:4 Nehemiah Brings Reform

13:15 Nehemiah Begins Sabbath Reforms

13:23 Mixed Marriages are Condemned