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Index of sections for BSB ACTs

Intro:0 ACT (Headers)

1:1 Prologue

1:6 The Ascension

1:12 Matthias Replaces Judas

2:1 The Holy Spirit at Pentecost

2:14 Peter Addresses the Crowd

2:37 Three Thousand Believe

2:42 The Fellowship of Believers

3:1 A Lame Man Walks

3:11 Peter Speaks in Solomon’s Colonnade

4:1 Peter and John before the Sanhedrin

4:13 The Name Forbidden

4:23 The Believers’ Prayer

4:32 Sharing among Believers

5:1 Ananias and Sapphira

5:12 The Apostles Heal Many

5:17 The Apostles Arrested and Freed

5:24 The Apostles before the Sanhedrin

5:33 Gamaliel’s Advice

6:1 The Choosing of the Seven

6:8 The Arrest of Stephen

7:1 Stephen’s Address: The Call of Abraham

7:9 Joseph Sold into Egypt

7:15 Israel Oppressed in Egypt

7:20 The Birth and Adoption of Moses

7:23 The Rejection and Flight of Moses

7:30 The Call of Moses

7:39 The Rebellion of Israel

7:44 The Tabernacle of the Testimony

7:54 The Stoning of Stephen

8:1 Saul Persecutes the Church

8:4 Philip in Samaria

8:9 Simon the Sorcerer

8:26 Philip and the Ethiopian

9:1 The Road to Damascus

9:10 Ananias Baptizes Saul

9:20 Saul Preaches at Damascus

9:23 The Escape from Damascus

9:26 Saul in Jerusalem

9:31 The Healing of Aeneas

9:36 The Raising of Tabitha

10:1 Cornelius Sends for Peter

10:9 Peter’s Vision

10:17 Peter Called to Caesarea

10:24 Peter Visits Cornelius

10:34 Good News for the Gentiles

10:44 The Gentiles Receive the Holy Spirit

11:1 Peter’s Report at Jerusalem

11:19 The Church at Antioch

12:1 James Killed, Peter Imprisoned

12:5 The Rescue of Peter

12:20 The Death of Herod

13:1 Paul’s First Missionary Journey Begins

13:4 On Cyprus

13:13 In Pisidian Antioch

13:42 A Light for the Gentiles

14:1 Paul and Barnabas at Iconium

14:8 The Visit to Lystra and Derbe

14:21 Strengthening the Disciples

15:1 The Dispute over Circumcision

15:5 The Council at Jerusalem

15:22 The Letter to the Gentile Believers

15:30 The Believers at Antioch Rejoice

15:36 Paul’s Second Missionary Journey Begins

16:1 Timothy Joins Paul and Silas

16:6 Paul’s Vision of the Macedonian

16:11 Lydia’s Conversion in Philippi

16:16 Paul and Silas Imprisoned

16:25 The Conversion of the Jailer

16:35 An Official Apology

17:1 The Uproar in Thessalonica

17:10 The Character of the Bereans

17:16 Paul in Athens

17:22 Paul’s Address in the Areopagus

18:1 Paul Ministers in Corinth

18:12 Paul before Gallio

18:18 Paul Returns to Antioch

18:23 Paul’s Third Missionary Journey Begins

19:1 The Holy Spirit Received at Ephesus

19:8 Paul Ministers in Ephesus

19:13 Seven Sons of Sceva

19:21 The Riot in Ephesus

20:1 Paul in Macedonia and Greece

20:7 Eutychus Revived at Troas

20:13 From Troas to Miletus

20:17 Paul’s Farewell to the Ephesians

21:1 Paul’s Journey to Jerusalem

21:8 Paul Visits Philip the Evangelist

21:17 Paul’s Arrival at Jerusalem

21:27 Paul Seized at the Temple

21:37 Paul Addresses the Crowd

22:1 Paul’s Defense to the Crowd

22:22 Paul the Roman Citizen

23:1 Paul before the Sanhedrin

23:12 The Plot to Kill Paul

23:23 Paul Sent to Felix

24:1 Tertullus Prosecutes Paul

24:10 Paul’s Defense to Felix

24:22 The Verdict Postponed

25:1 Paul’s Trial before Festus

25:10 Paul Appeals to Caesar

25:13 Festus Consults Agrippa

25:23 Paul before Agrippa and Bernice

26:1 Paul’s Testimony to Agrippa

26:24 Festus Interrupts Paul’s Defense

27:1 Paul Sails for Rome

27:13 The Storm at Sea

27:27 The Shipwreck

28:1 Ashore on Malta

28:11 Paul Arrives in Italy

28:16 Paul Preaches at Rome