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Index of sections for LEB EZE

Intro:0 EZE (Headers)

1:1 Date of Vision of Living Creatures and Glory of the Throne of Yahweh

2:1 The Call of Ezekiel to Speak God’s Words

4:1 Siege of Jerusalem Illustrated on a Brick

4:9 Ezekiel’s Strange Defiled Meal

6:1 Idolatrous Worship and Idolatrous Objects Denounced

7:1 Punishment for Abominations Throughout the Land

7:20 Judgment for the Profanation of the Temple and Sanctuary

8:1 Abominations in the Temple and in Jerusalem

9:1 Yahweh’s Avenging Messenger Destroys the Wicked in the City

10:1 God’s Presence Leaves the Temple

11:1 Judgment On Evil Rulers

12:1 The Announcement of the Imminent Coming of the Exile

13:1 Condemnation of False Prophets

14:1 Condemnation of Israel’s Idolatrous Elders

14:12 Jerusalem will not be Spared

15:1 Jerusalem a Useless Vine

16:1 God’s Covenant Grace to Unfaithful and Rebellious Israel

17:1 Parable of Two Eagles and a Vine

18:1 God’s Just Treatment of Individuals, Both Righteous and Wicked

19:1 Lament for the Leaders of Israel

20:1 God’s Dealings with Israel for His Name’s Sake

21:1 A Vision of the Avenging Sword of Yahweh

22:1 Highlighting the Sins and the Judgments of Israel

23:1 Oholah and Oholibah as Symbols of God’s Corrupt People

24:1 The Boiling Pot and the Death of Ezekiel’s Wife

25:1 Judgment upon Various Gentile Nations

26:1 Ezekiel Prophesies Against Tyre

27:1 A Lament for Doomed Tyre

28:1 A Prophesy Aimed at the King of Tyre

29:1 Yahweh’s Judgment upon Egypt

30:1 A Lament over the Nation and Land of Egypt

31:1 Pharaoh Is Warned Through Assyria’s Destruction

32:1 A Lament for Pharaoh, King of Egypt

33:1 Ezekiel Appointed as a Watchman and His Responsibility

34:1 Prophecy Concerning Israel’s Shepherds and Sheep

35:1 Prophecy Directed at Edom

36:1 Prophecy to the Mountains of Israel and of Israel’s Restoration

37:1 A Valley of Dried Bones; A Renewed Nation of Israel

38:1 God’s Message to Gog

39:1 God’s Destruction of Gog and His Hordes

40:1 A Vision of the New Temple

40:5 The Eastern Gate

40:17 The Outer Courtyard

40:20 Measurement of the North Gate

40:24 The Gate to the South

40:28 Gates to the Inner Courtyard

40:38 Rooms for Sacrificial Preparations

40:44 Rooms for Priests and Other Worship Leaders

40:47 Inner Courtyard and Temple Measurements

41:1 Sanctuary and Temple

42:1 Description of Rooms for the Priests

43:1 Return of the Lord’s Glory and Description of Sacrifices and Worship

44:1 The Prince, the Levites, and the Priests Described

45:1 Instructions about Divisions of the Renewed Land

47:1 River of the Temple, Division of the Land and Its Boundaries

48:1 The Allotment of the Land and the Gates of the City