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Index of sections for T4T EZE

Intro:0 EZE (Headers)

1:1 Ezekiel saw Yahweh’s glory

2:1 Ezekiel was called to be a prophet

3:16 The warning to the Israeli people

4:1 Ezekiel symbolized the coming destruction of Jerusalem

6:1 A prophecy against the mountains

7:1 Israel will soon be destroyed

8:1 Idol worship in the temple

9:1 The command to punish Jerusalem

10:1 Yahweh’s glory leaves the temple

11:1 Israel’s wicked leaders are condemned

11:16 God’s promise that the exiles will return

12:1 Ezekiel symbolizes what will happen when they are exiled

13:1 Ezekiel condemned the false prophets

14:1 Ezekiel condemned the idol worshipers

14:12 Yahweh will punish Jerusalem

15:1 The people of Jerusalem are like useless grapevines

16:1 An illustration about Jerusalem being unfaithful

17:1 An illustration about two eagles and a vine

18:1 It is those who sin who will be punished

19:1 A funeral song for Israel’s leaders

20:1 The people of Israel continued to rebel

20:30 Punishment and restoration

20:45 Prophecy against the southern part of Israel

21:1 Yahweh will punish Israel

21:18 The sword of the King of Babylonia

21:28 A prophecy about Ammon

22:1 The sins of the people of Jerusalem

22:17 The people of Jerusalem must be purified

22:23 The sins of the leaders in Jerusalem

23:1 A parable about Jerusalem and Samaria

23:22 Yahweh will punish Jerusalem

23:36 God will punish Samaria and Jerusalem

24:1 A parable about meat cooking in a pot

24:15 Ezekiel’s wife died

25:1 A prophecy about the people of Ammon

25:8 A prophecy about the people of Moab

25:12 A prophecy about the people of Edom

25:15 A prophecy about the people of Philistia

26:1 A prophecy about the people of Tyre

27:1 The trade with Tyre

27:26 The destruction of Tyre

28:1 A message about the king of Tyre

28:20 A message about Sidon

28:25 Restoration for Israel

29:1 A message about Egypt

29:17 Yahweh promises that the Babylonians will conquer Egypt

30:1 Yahweh will punish Egypt

30:20 The king of Egypt will be defeated by Nebuchadnezzar’s army

31:1 Egypt is compared to defeated Assyria

32:1 A funeral song for the king of Egypt

32:17 Egypt will be destroyed

33:1 Ezekiel was appointed to be a watchman

33:21 What will happen to those who remained in Israel

34:1 A parable about the leaders of Israel

35:1 A prophecy about the destruction of Edom

36:1 A prophecy about Yahweh bringing his people back to Israel

37:1 The vision about the valley of dry bones

37:15 A prophecy about being one nation with one king

38:1 A prophecy about Gog

40:1 In a vision, Ezekiel was taken to Jerusalem

40:5 The east entryway to the outer courtyard

40:17 The outer courtyard

40:20 The north entryway

40:24 The south entryway

40:28 Entryways to the inner courtyard

40:38 The rooms for preparing sacrifices

40:44 Rooms for the priests

40:48 The temple

42:1 Rooms for the priests

43:1 Yahweh’s glory returned to the temple

43:13 The altar

44:1 The king, the Levites, and the priests.

45:1 The division of the land

45:13 Special offerings and holy days

47:1 The stream that flowed from the temple

47:13 The division of the land

48:1 The division of the land

48:30 The gates of the city