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Index of sections for TCNT 1COR

Intro:0 CO1 (Headers)

1:1 Greeting

1:4 Thanksgiving

1:10 Divisions in the Church

1:18 Christ the Power and Wisdom of God

2:1 Proclaiming Christ Crucified

2:6 Spiritual Wisdom

3:1 Division Is of the Flesh

4:1 The Ministry of the Apostles

5:1 Fornication Rebuked

6:1 Lawsuits Among Believers

6:12 Flee Fornication

7:1 Principles of Marriage

7:17 Live as You Are Called

7:25 The Unmarried and the Widowed

8:1 Food Sacrificed to Idols

9:1 The Rights of an Apostle

10:1 Warning Against Idolatry

10:23 Do Everything for the Glory of God

11:2 Head Coverings

11:17 The Lord's Supper

12:1 Spiritual Gifts

12:12 One Body with Many Members

13:1 The Way of Love

14:1 Prophecy and Tongues

14:26 Orderly Worship

15:1 The Resurrection of Christ

15:12 The Resurrection of the Dead

15:35 The Resurrection Body

16:1 The Collection for the Saints

16:5 Paul's Travel Plans

16:13 Final Exhortations