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Index of sections for NET 1COR

Intro:0 CO1 (Headers)

1:1 Salutation

1:4 Thanksgiving

1:10 Divisions in the Church

1:18 The Message of the Cross

2:6 Wisdom from God

4:14 A Father’s Warning

6:12 Flee Sexual Immorality

7:17 The Circumstances of Your Calling

7:25 Remaining Unmarried

10:14 Avoid Idol Feasts

10:23 Live to Glorify God

11:2 Women’s Head Coverings

11:17 The Lord’s Supper

12:12 Different Members in One Body

14:26 Church Order

15:12 No Resurrection?

15:35 The Resurrection Body

16:5 Paul’s Plans to Visit

16:13 Final Challenge and Blessing