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Index of sections for LEB 1COR

Intro:0 CO1 (Headers)

1:1 Greeting

1:4 Thanksgiving for the Corinthian Believers

1:10 Divisions in the Church at Corinth

1:18 Christ Crucified, the Power and Wisdom of God

1:26 Boast in the Lord

2:1 Paul’s Approach to Ministry in Corinth

2:6 The Wisdom Revealed by the Spirit

3:1 Divisiveness and Immaturity

4:1 Christ’s Servant, God’s Steward

4:6 The Apostles’ Humility

4:14 Paul’s Concern for the Corinthian Believers

5:1 Immoral Behavior and Church Discipline

6:1 Lawsuits between Believers

6:12 Avoid Sexual Immorality

7:1 Concerning Christian Marriage

7:25 Concerning the Unmarried

8:1 Concerning Food Sacrificed to Idols

9:1 Paul Gives Up His Rights as an Apostle

10:1 A History Lesson from Israel

10:14 Warning Against Idolatry

10:23 Freedom in Christ

11:1 Concerning Head Coverings in Worship

11:17 Improper Conduct at the Lord’s Supper

12:1 Varieties of Spiritual Gifts

12:12 Unity in the Midst of Diversity

13:1 Love, the More Excellent Way

14:1 Appropriate Use of Prophecy and Tongues

14:26 Specific Instructions for Orderly Worship Services

15:1 Paul’s Gospel and the Resurrection of Christ

15:12 Concerning the Resurrection of the Dead

15:35 Questions Concerning the Resurrection Body

16:1 Concerning the Collection for the Saints

16:5 Travel Plans for Paul and Associates

16:13 Concluding Exhortations

16:19 Final Greetings and Benediction