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Index of sections for TCNT ROM

Intro:0 ROM (Headers)

1:1 Greeting

1:8 Paul's Desire to Visit Rome

1:16 The Power of the Gospel

1:18 God's Wrath Against Unrighteousness

2:1 The Righteous Judgment of God

2:17 The Jews and the Law

3:9 No One is Righteous

3:21 Justification by Faith

4:1 The Example of Abraham

4:13 The Promise Granted Through Faith

5:1 Peace with God Through Faith

5:12 Death Through Adam, Life Through Christ

6:1 Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ

6:15 Slaves to Righteousness

7:1 Released from the Law

7:7 The Law and Sin

8:1 Life in the Spirit

8:18 Future Glory

8:31 God's Love in Christ Jesus

9:1 God's Choice of Israel

9:19 God's Wrath and Mercy

9:30 Israel's Unbelief

10:5 Salvation for All Who Believe

11:1 God Has Not Rejected Israel

11:11 The Salvation of the Gentiles

11:25 God's Mercy for All

12:1 Living Sacrifices to God

13:1 Be Subject to the Governing Authorities

13:8 Love One Another

14:1 Do Not Judge Yoʋr Brother

14:13 Do Not Cause Yoʋr Brother to Stumble

14:24 Doxology

15:1 Please Your Neighbors, Not Yourselves

15:7 Receive One Another

15:14 Paul's Ministry to the Gentiles

15:22 Paul's Plan to Visit Rome

16:1 Personal Greetings